A Dozen Surprising Aphrodisiacs

For centuries people have been on a quest for the perfect aphrodisiac. History has given us some really interesting medicinal concoctions and brews. Over time, we have seen snake blood, leeches, animal organs, rhino horn, and various drinks that contained anything from mandrake to an old pair of shoes. Every civilization has some type of folklore concerning what makes a good aphrodisiac.

Types of Aphrodisiacs

An aphrodisiac, by definition, is an element, either natural or chemical, that stimulates a sexual desire. Despite all the years of tested methods, there has yet to be discovered a reliable aphrodisiac that works a 100% of the time on both males and females. Now that is not to say people haven’t tried. There has been research done and the market is full of pills and herbal remedies that claim to increase sexual desire. Most of these are misleading. A true aphrodisiac is supposed to create desire, not just enhance it.

There are several types of aphrodisiacs:

A Dozen Surprising AphrodisiacsHerbal – Herbal aphrodisiacs are found in plants such as ginseng, basil, cocoa, and other natural forms. Sometimes these herbs can be taken directly while others must go through a process such as drying and/or mixing with other ingredients before they can be taken.

Chemical Supplements – Drugs, both legal and illegal can create desire in a person. One of the most common chemical types is alcohol. How many times have you been to a party and been hit on by someone who had a few drinks in them? OF course, the problem with chemical enhancement is that they can be over-indulged which then leads to the opposite reaction which is lack of sexual interest.

Food – Everyone has heard of the magical sexual powers of oysters. The oyster got its start as an aphrodisiac because it resembles a woman’s vagina. Many foods contain vitamins and stimulants that can help in the sexual department. The old myth is that if a food resembles a sexual organ, like oysters and bananas, then they are an excellent aphrodisiac.

How Aphrodisiacs Work

How Aphrodisiacs WorkAccording to the experts, aphrodisiacs can work in two different ways. Some aphrodisiacs work by affecting the brain while other aphrodisiacs work by how they affect different parts of our body. For example, there may be an aphrodisiac that increases blood flow in the sex organs might which simulates the creation of desire. There are also types of aphrodisiacs that can make our bodies produce more of the natural chemicals associated with sexual desire.

Through research over the years, results have found that some foods, herbs and other supplements increase production of hormones or other natural chemicals that affect our libidos. However, it is not known if these supplements create enough natural chemicals in our bodies for us to really notice a change. What makes research difficult is that the libido and desire is difficult to study. Everyone has different levels of desire and are stimulated by different things.

It’s interesting to note that the FDA claim that aphrodisiacs have no scientific basis and are nothing more than society’s folklore. Despite this claim, no matter what culture you happen to visit, there will always be someone claiming to know of a tried and true aphrodisiac.

A Dozen Aphrodisiacs

So you know about oysters and chocolate and their apparent aphrodisiac qualities. But after a little research we were surprised to find a dozen other aphrodisiacs that you might not be aware of. Below is the list.

  1. Music as an AphrodisiacMusic has been known to act as an aphrodisiac. People tend to forget that human senses are powerful reactors and can trigger emotions. Imagine the last sad song you heard and how it made you want to cry. You probably felt depressed afterwards. That is because music can affect human emotion. Music can create moods of sadness and depression (what did you listen to after a bad break-up?), happiness, manic energy, and even love and desire. Try sitting on a couch with your loved one with the lights turned down and a romantic song playing on the stereo. Just wait and see if the mood doesn’t turn romantic.
  2. Bananas can be aphrodisiacs. And it’s not just because of their suggestive shape. Bananas actually contain high amounts of potassium and vitamin B, which are necessary for production of a person’s sexual hormones. Now don’t get carried away and eat a dozen bananas a day. Bananas are also high in calories and can cause constipation.
  3. Massages and other forms of sensual touching are a great form of aphrodisiac. Touching another person is very intimate, whether based on friendship or something more, it creates a personal bond between two people. Holding hands or laying your hand on a loved one’s leg are forms of intimate touching. Now just putting you hand on your lover’s leg is not likely to get them instantly turned on. But something like a massage can relax both parties and help create the right mood.
  4. Scents are one of the most powerful of human senses. A particular smell can trigger a long-forgotten memory from years ago. This is why perfumes are so important. If a person smells good, it makes you want to get closer to them.
  5. Coffee is already known as the drug of choice for early morning risers. But did you know that coffee has been known to be an aphrodisiac? The caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulate on a person’s body and it can be argued that as it heightens our awareness, it also enhances sexual desire
  6. Strawberries are a little known aphrodisiac. They have been used as a form of romance for a long time. Chocolate-covered strawberries are popular at Valentine’s. But strawberries, like many other berries, contain vitamins that are good for hormone production.
  7. Romantic movies are a quick way to create desire in your special someone. If you want to create the ideal mood for a hot evening of love, rent a romantic movie and cuddle up on the couch. As the movie progresses, make sure that you stay in physical contact with the person. The visual stimulus is likely to act as an aphrodisiac.
  8. Exercising as an AphrodisiacExercising is not normally associated as an aphrodisiac. But truth is, exercise is related to the endorphins that are released in the brain during strenuous activity. Plus, exercise keeps you in shape and a good physical body can be a real turn-on.
  9. Ginseng is an herb normally found in popular teas but the root has been thought to be an aphrodisiac for centuries because it helps to stimulate a person’s circulatory system.
  10. Chili peppers can create physical reactions in our bodies such as increased heart rate and sweating that is normally associated with sex. Also, eating large quantities of chili peppers can cause irritation in the genitals which could also be associated with sexual stimulation.
  11. Nuts have been used for years in aphrodisiac serums and potions. Walnuts and pine nuts have been used since the time of the Romans to increase fertility. Gingko nuts are widely used throughout China because they contain high amount of antioxidants which helps in stimulating blood circulation.
  12. Diamonds and jewelry. Really, I am not kidding. If you are a guy and you want an excellent way to turn your partner on, buy her diamonds and jewelry. Yes, it is expensive and not something you can do every time you want to put them in the mood. However, even after you have bought her an item, the high she gets from wearing it should last for awhile.

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