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Online Dating Frequently Asked Questions

When people want to know about online dating, it’s hard to know where to start searching for answers. Some of the most basic questions are hard to find the answers to, when you’re brand new to the online dating scene.

With that in mind, I wanted to answer some of the most common online dating questions, so here’s an Internet dating FAQ for the readers out there.

How Many Poeple Use Online Dating Services?

According to “Online Dating Magazine“, approximately 20,000,000 people visit Internet dating websites every month.

When you consider that those aren’t necessarily the same 20 million people from month to month, consider how many people use online dating resources to enrich their lives every year.

If you meet someone online and start dating, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Just about anyone you talk to is going to know someone else who found love the same way.

Can You Find a Husband or Wife Online?


Over 120,000 couples who met through dating online get married every year. You have as good of a chance of finding love online as you do finding it in your local bar – I suggest you’ll have a better selection of people.

Increase the scope of your love search exponentially by going online. There are more people, more options and more tools for finding romance than anywhere else. At a bar, you’re only sending out bait when you’re sitting on a stool. When dating online, your lures are out there 24/7.

Why Don’t People on Dating Sites Respond to My Emails?

There are several things to keep in mind. One, if you send an email to a non-paying customer, they might not be able to send a reply to you without paying. You might be charming, but you have to be pretty darned charming to get people to whip out their credit cards.

Two, you might not project a positive image. When I say “positive”, I mean it. People are more attracted to pleasant, positive people. Studies show that, time and again, people respond to positivity and optimism. That’s who people want to be around.

So when you fill out your profile or choose your online dating name, don’t use words like “lonely”, “sad”, “black”, “cynic”. Don’t talk about your divorce or how you aren’t that sure about Internet dating. Talk about the good, positive things in your life. Everybody has them.

Three, you might be asking questions or sending emails that are too generic. People get a lot of emails, so you want yours to stand out. Ask a person a question about something they said on their profile. Don’t make some random comment you could have made to anybody.

In fact, ask the other person questions, instead of talking about yourself. One thing you can depend on people being interested in is themselves, so don’t try to impress them with how brilliant you are, but how brilliantly incisive you are about them.

Besides, statistics show that people only get a reply on 1 out of 20 emails sent out to unique singles on online dating chats and IM’s. Even if you cut that in half with great communication skills, you’re not going to get a reply most of the time. So be specific, but be persistent, too.

What’s the Best Online Dating Website?

That depends on what you’re looking for: someone who likes to dance, a marriage partner, a swinging good time, Christians, cowboys, Jewish people, G&L, lots of different types. Niche singles websites exist to cater to a variety of different needs.

If you want a good all-purpose website where you have a good chance of getting people to reply to your emails and chats, try Lavalife. Lavalife lets non-premium customers (those that don’t pay) to respond to your messages, so that’s a site where you probably have the best chance of getting replies to your love shouts and emoticons.

Does Online Dating Still Have a Stigma?

Not really anymore. Change hits people in weird ways, socomputer dating was stigmatized back in the 1990’s as a place for computer nerds, social misfits and people who couldn’t get a date anywhere else.

That perception has completely changed in just over 10 years. Today, everybody has a computer. Everybody has Internet access, and probably high speed connections. Everyone in the world uses their pc for social networking and finding old friends, so why not use it for love?

The Internet was mainstream by about ’97 or ’98, which is when online dating started to become more accepted. 12 years later, nobody but the most antiquarian of people looks strangely at online dating. We’re the mainstream now, and they’re the fringe.

Am I Too Old to Date Online?

Never, never, never. In fact, seniors dating has never been robust. Not that I’m calling the 50+ crowd seniors, but the segment of the online dating population between 50 and 64 is the fastest-growing demographic, according to Lehman Brothers Equity Research.

In fact, if you’re getting into the gray years, the best place to find companionship is on the Web. Two-thirds of all seniors who start looking for a new partner look on the Internet. If you’re a little older and looking for a love or friendship, the Internet is your best friend.

Remember, there are sites specifically for your age bracket, no matter how old you are. Most of the bigger online dating websites have sections for senior dating, while every dating website online allows you to set age parameters for your dating interests.

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