Advice For Men Dating Older Women

Dating young women have a lot of good points. They are full of energy, are more vibrant, and have the physical attraction of youth. But if you are looking for someone who is experienced and mature, you can’t go wrong with dating an older woman. Hey, look at Madonna and Demi Moore. They’ve both caught younger guys and there is nothing wrong with that. Older women can bring a lot to the dating table, so to speak. In fact, the trend is becoming more popular. You see guys all the time now who are going out with women who are more than just a couple of years older than them. Why? Simple chemistry. As long as the two of you make a connection, there is nothing wrong with a gap in your age. So if you are looking at dating older women, here is some advice for you.

Confidence And Maturity

Older women are going to have much more confidence in themselves than a younger woman. The reason is that they have more experience to draw on and have likely been on more dates than you. They simply know how to handle themselves on a date. Their age brings about a level of maturity that you don’t find in younger women. Older women tend to be less flighty and flakey and they know what they want out of life. Women in their 30’s, 40’s , and up have already been through that stage in their life of finding out who they are as a person. Now they firmly have their feet set on their road of life and are determined to walk it.

No Mind Games

Advice for Men Dating Older WomenYoung women can excel at social mind games, especially with guys. They give mixed signals because they want to seem attractive but not too forward or aggressive. They can spend more time on their looks in order to make the right statement about themselves. They also want guys to know, without telling them, what they are thinking. These mind games can become quickly tiresome and are one fo the drawbacks of dating younger women.

Older women, however, rarely play these types of games and neither should you. These women are far too experienced for those high school and college dating games. An older woman is very likely to come right out and tell you what is on her mind. She is not going to keep you guessing. If you want to impress her, then quit thinking about being ‘a cool guy’ and just be yourself. Don’t make the mistake of going out on a date and then waiting three or four days before you call her, just so you feel like you are in control. Chances are, she won’t wait around for that phone call and you will have missed out on a good opportunity.

More Sense of Responsibility

Older women tend to have more of a sense of responsibility. While young women are out there charging everything on their credit card with no clue how to pay it all back, older women have been taking care of themselves for awhile. Chances are they have been running their household for a few years now. If she is a professional, then she has had some time to develop good work ethics and have career goals. If you are the type of guy who sneaks into concerts or has low motivation for keeping a job or paying their bills, then you are going to have difficulties dating older women.

Broader Outlook on Life

Young women tend to focus more on themselves and what they are doing ‘right now’. They may look far enough ahead to plan their Spring Break vacation but that is about it. Their outlook on life tends to be very narrow. Most of them show no interest in politics, local news, or important world events.

Older women tend to be the exact opposite. They may still be centered on themselves but they can have a more far-reaching vision. They can create plans for a few years down the road. They tend to appreciate simpler things in life. Older women may also show more interest in what is going on in the world around her and these things could influence her life.

Don’t Be Concerned Because You Are Less Experienced

As a younger guy, you are likely going to have less experience than she does but don’t let that bother you. If she is dating you then there is obviously some quality about you that she finds attractive. If your lack of experience and younger age bothered her at all, you wouldn’t be dating her. And speaking of age, do not ever bring it up. An older woman may be more mature and she may even be quite beautiful, but any older woman will be sensitive about her age. They want to look good, to feel attractive, and like to think that they can compete with the younger demographic. If you keep bringing up the age issue, then she will eventually think that it must bother you and that could jeopardize the relationship.

Be Prepared To Accept Negative Comments

You know it is going to happen sooner or later. If you date an older woman, especially one who is quite a few years your senior, eventually someone is going to make a negative comment about it. It may go something like “She is robbing the cradle” or “You now have a sugarmomma”. You may even hear something like “Can’t she find someone her own age”. You can’t control what people think and say. If you are determined to date and carry on a relationship with an older woman, then get prepared for these kinds of comments. A good way to handle them is just to let them roll off of you like you don’t care what people say (and you shouldn’t). This let’s the older woman know that you are mature enough to handle these types of comments without punching someone’s light out.

Be Complimentary And Treat Her Right

It is a good bet that an older woman has had her share of bad dates and really immature men. If she is divorced, then she has already gone through enough time being hurt. If you want to impress your date, then treat her like a gentleman. Open doors for her. Pick up the tab at the restaurant. Hold her hand, even when she doesn’t ask you to. Treat her with courtesy. It is all of these little things that can make a difference. Sure, an older woman may want to pay the tab at restaurants in order to show you that she is independent and doesn’t need a guy to take care of her financially. And it is okay to let them do this occasionally. But you also shouldn’t let her feel that she has to take care of you. You are her date, not her child.

And lastly, despite an older woman’s maturity and confidence, she probably has the same amount of insecurities about herself as everybody else. If she is dating you, a younger guy, then she may have a few more. A good way to reassure her and put her at ease is to give her compliments, especially about her looks such as what she is wearing or her hair. She may be older than you but try to make her feel like she is just as desirable as any of the younger competition.

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