Bad Dating Stories

Bad Date Stories

To show it’s not all wine and flowers, I’ve deciced to post a few “Bad Dating Stories” from readers of ours. I don’t want anyone thinking out there that people reading out how to guides, tutorials and good dating story posts that we’re trying to tell you that dating is easy.

In fact, singles life and dating can be excrutiating at times. That’s why we’re here with “Dating Online”, because we recognize how hard it can be. Just remember to keep a good sense of humor about you and maintain your perspective.

Sure, it hurts your feelings when someone rejects you. It might frustrate or even anger you when a first date you had big expectations for turns disastrous. But that’s just the way life in the romance jungle is.

Note: I’ll leave out the name signed at the end, to protect the innocent.

Bad Date Story #1

A boy in my school named Jacob asked me out for dinner and a movie. It was my first date. We went out and watched a scary movie (Paranormal Activities). I got scared and held his hand and thought we were going to kiss!

I waited for another date the next weekend, but nothing. Then he wouldn’t talk to me at school. Then I found out he was dating another girl at school (Jamie, ugh!). He was just using me to make another girl jealous. I’m so heartbroken!

Bad Date Story #2

I go out on a date with Brad. He has money and he talks about taking my kids to the zoo the next week. We have a nice dinner and a trip to a so-so concert, but it was nice.

We get home and I make the mistake of sleeping with him on the first date (hadn’t dated in a while). Next thing I know, Brad won’t answer my calls. I ask around and it turns out Brad isn’t interested in relationships – that he wanted another notch on the bedpost. That’s fine, but don’t drag my kids into it.

Bad Date Story #3

This guy (Blake) asks me out and I’m not sure, because he has a reputation. My girl friend (Amy) told me I should, because he was cute and other guys would notice. So we decide to double date.

On the date, the whole time, Blake is flirting with Amy and Amy is flirting with Blake. We have a good time, but I feel weird the whole time. The next week, I find out Amy has broken up with her boyfriend and Blake has asked her out.

Now, the two of them are dating and I lost one of my best girlfriends. I’m not speaking to Blake or Amy.

Bad Date Story #4

I get set up on a date with a woman (Becky) who was just coming out of a relationship. I knew it was a bad idea to start with, but I figured ‘why not’?

We go out dancing. We get drunk. Go home and have sex, so we start dating for a while.

A month in, she suddenly mentions one day that her ex called her. I knew what was coming. The next thing I knew, she was “confused” and “had feelings” and all that stuff. Only a matter of time, but she and her ex were together again in two weeks.

Word to the wise to the guys out there: if she mentions her ex, say goodbye. At least go out on your own terms. When their old boyfriend or husband comes into the picture, that means she already has a long history and she never wanted to be out of the relationship in the first place.

Bad Date Story #5

So I asked out a guy at school. He wasn’t that cute, but he was friends with my bf’s boyfriend and kinda cute. He said no and to leave him alone. My friend asked him why he said “no” and he told her I was ugly and he didn’t know me and he hated me.

Worse, he ended up asking out this other girl that I know I’m prettier than. They dated six weeks, but she went back to her ex. When they were dating, he told everyone I liked him and he turned me down. Then he told guys he thought I was ugly.

After they broke up, he had his friend ask me out for him. I said no. Gotta half “respec”.

Bad Date Story Reviews

As you can see, we get readers from all age groups and genders. There was another submission by another guy, but it ended with “but we had sex, so it can’t be all that bad”. Not sure if that qualifies, though the rest of the date sounded horrific.

Anyway, not sure if this was fun, but it was cathartic. Keep sending us your bad dating stories and we’ll post the ones that are appropriate.

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