Best Travel Destinations for Eco Friendly Singles

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Summer is nearly here and thousands of green singles are taking to the air and road, seeking out the world’s best eco travel destinations. From the jungles of Costa Rica to the ancient ruins of Cambodia, eco-travel opens up a mind-blowing world of culture and natural beauty to green singles looking for adventure.

Here are our favorite eco-travel destinations for eco friendly singles, with a fair balance of budgets.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has benefited from a strict conservation policy that has preserved huge swaths of pristine jungle, filled with amazingly diverse wildlife and awesome natural sights. Ecotourism was born in Costa Rica with its two coasts, a rugged interior mountain range, and thriving ecological systems in between.

Costa Rica Eco-Activities for Green Singles

Visit the Monteverde cloud forest, one of Costa Rica’s world-class gems. Walk along suspension bridges high in the forest canopy and absorb the incredible energy of nature all around. Take a boat trip along the canals of Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast, Monteverde’s swampy equivalent in terms of biodiversity. Stay in one of the eco-lodges along the Sarapiqui River and see what true natural conservation can achieve.

New Zealand

Long associated with eco adventure, New Zealand has thoroughly developed its ecotourism industry and now offers arriving green singles with a huge array of activities. The benefit of traveling to New Zealand is that it also offers a vibrant urban option for singles who want to take in some nightlife along with trekking and beachcombing. Wellington on the North Island and Christchurch on the South Island are both hopping with bars, restaurants and clubs.

New Zealand Eco-Activities for Green Singles

No eco-trip to New Zealand is complete without a visit to Queenstown, a world capital for outdoor adventure. Go rafting down the Shotover River, or cruise along Milford Sound and watch for dolphins, seals and penguins. Spend a week or a month working at one of many of the country’s organic farms and mingle with green singles from all over the world. Strap on a backpack and go hostelling around the country, walking along a network of beautiful nature trails.


It’s too bad that most Americans will never see this phenomenally beautiful state… but maybe the latter couldn’t happen without the former. From the pearl-string Aleutian Islands to the endless Bush that dominates most of the state, it’s easy to get lost in Alaska’s rugged wilderness. Ecotourism development has opened up a wide range of eco-travel activities to almost anyone with a reasonable physical fitness level.

Alaska Eco-Activities for Green Singles

Hike along one of the state’s majestic glaciers and feel time stand still. Venture into Denali National Park, the eponymous home of the continent’s highest peak. Explore the famous Inside Passage by canoe or cruise ship, and keep an eye out for grizzly bears and whales. Take a kayak out on Kachemak Bay, with one of the richest marine ecosystems in North America.


With magnificent Incan ruins, untouched jungle preserves, fascinating local culture and the world-famous Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is a popular eco-travel destination. More adventurous green singles are attracted to Ecuador eco-travel since its tourism infrastructure is not as developed as say, Costa Rica’s. Ecuador’s three main regions – La Costa, La Sierra, and La Amazonia – each offer a unique palette of eco-travel options and each demonstrate the natural beauty of this ancient land.

Ecuador Eco-Activities for Green Singles

The Galapagos Islands are where Darwin sprang his theory of evolution and is home to one of the most diverse ecological systems on earth – well worth a visit. On land, visit Yasuni National Park and its huge range of floral species and stay with the Huaorani, the warm indigenous people of this region. Visit a local shaman and partake in a healing session, the practice of which has been going on for centuries.


While Africa offers some of the pristine and timeless ecological environments anywhere in the world, access to most of them remain very undeveloped and are the domain of only experienced eco-adventurers. Kenya has come the furthest in establishing a proper eco-friendly system for accessing its awesome natural highlights. A number of ecotourism organizations operating in Kenya succeed by enlisting the involvement of the indigenous population to provide access and improvements for visitors.

Kenya Eco-Activities for Green Singles

Go on safari with an eco-friendly tour operator who will ensure that you experience the animals on their terms. Stay in a Masai village and experience tribal culture the way it’s been for many hundreds of years. Join the flocks of birdwatchers who come here for the largest variety of bird life anywhere on earth. Work with a conservation organization in the seaside city of Diani to preserve Kenya’s Colobus monkey population.


Arguably the most eco-friendly island of the Hawaiian chain, Maui has a thriving eco-tourism industry that attracts green singles in droves. Whether hiking high mountainous terrain or reef diving off the coast, eco-travelers to Maui enjoy a full complement of eco-travel activities with a number of responsible eco-tour operators.

Maui Eco-Activities for Green Singles

Visit Haleakala National Park and hike up to the desolate summit crater with its incomparable views, or descend toward the ocean and find a tropical waterfall or two. Visit the “forbidden” Kahakuloa Valley and check out the ancient village and spectacular scenery that surrounds it. Dive off the coast and look for Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, abundant in these Maui waters.


While still emerging as a top eco-travel destination, Cambodia is rapidly getting attention for its spectacular ruins, diverse wildlife and beautiful natural scenery. Travel and accommodation remains very cheap in Cambodia, making it ideal for green singles on a budget. It is also near many other exciting destinations in Southeast Asia, making it easy to spend a long time in this part of the world.

Cambodia Eco-Activities for Green Singles

Birdwatching is huge is Cambodia, and whether or not you’re a birdwatcher yourself, there is a lot of volunteer preservation effort going on that could use your involvement. Visit Angkor Wat of course, but stay with a local family in a traditional wooden house and come to appreciate the pace of Cambodian rural life. Stay with a community development program along the Mekong and get a chance to see local wildlife up close, like the rare Irawaddy River Dolphin.

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