Breaking Up

50 Websites With Tips For Getting Over a Breakup It’s never easy when a relationship ends, and people will often seek breaking up advice to help ease the pain. Below, I’ve assembled 50 websites with tips for getting over a breakup. Hopefully, this will pr … [Read more...]

How to Breakup

Ah, love. Everyone loves to be in love. You’ve found that right person that makes you feel content, happy, and fulfilled. But what if Mr. or Ms. Right turns out not to be right? It may take a few weeks or a few months. No matter when it occurs, eventually … [Read more...]

How to Move On After a Breakup

Chances are you have experienced at least one breakup in your life. If so, then you know how painful and devastating they can be. Once you realize that it is over, you can lose all motivation to do anything but dwell on what went wrong and what you lost. … [Read more...]

Christian Breakup Tips

Eventually, we will all have to go through a breakup. Even a very solid relationship grounded in Christian values can fall apart. Believe it or not, God offers guidance to the Christian preparing to break off a romantic partnership. Here are some … [Read more...]

Breakup Quotes and Quotations

If you’ve just been dumped, you’re probably feeling like dirt. Your boyfriend or girlfriend has just called the relationship off, and you’re wondering why you have been so deeply impacted by the grief. You may even feel sick or weak after a bad break … [Read more...]

How to Get Through a Break Up

How to Get Through a Break Up We know that "breaking up is hard to do" -- and no matter if you called the relationship off or if you got dumped, leaving a relationship is taxing. Everything hurts after a break up, from the empty space in the bed where … [Read more...]

How to Start Dating Again After a Divorce

How to Start Dating Again After a Divorce Your divorce is a fact of life. Your marriage has ended, despite any attempts you made to save it, and whether it was a terrible event or a blessing in disguise, you have to deal with the various consequences. … [Read more...]

Bad Dating Stories

Bad Date Stories To show it's not all wine and flowers, I've deciced to post a few "Bad Dating Stories" from readers of ours. I don't want anyone thinking out there that people reading out how to guides, tutorials and good dating story posts that we're … [Read more...]

How to Start Dating Again

Dating Tips for the New Singles If you've been in a long relationship or marriage, the singles scene probably seems surreal to you. In many ways, you have to relearn how to start dating again. That's okay, though, because you have plenty of online friends … [Read more...]

Getting Over a Breakup? Just Say Om

A couple weeks ago, College Candy posted an article called "You Might Be Crazy If You...", a humorous tome about the actions of love-sick young women that hit eerily close to home. Love douchebags? Love the chase? Pine for someone you can't have? Oy. By … [Read more...]