Online Love and Romance

People fall in love -- it happens. You could even say that it is natural and "human" for people to feel attraction to one another when they communicate over a period of time. Online love and romance takes place all of the time, and usually begins as a … [Read more...]

Romantic Poems

Come Slowly by Emily Dickinson Come slowly, Eden! Lips unused to thee, Bashful, sip thy jasmines, As the fainting bee, Reaching late his flower, Round her chamber hums, Counts his nectars - enters, And is lost in balms! More Romantic Poems Below A Charm … [Read more...]

Famous Love Quotes

There is no instinct like that of the heart. - Lord Byron Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. - Robert Frost Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. - Franklin P. Jones Love is a canvas … [Read more...]

Online Dating Success Stories

Internet Dating Successes Let's focus on some online dating success stories. We featured "Bad Dating Stories" the other day, which focused on the dark side of the singles scene. There are good dating stories to focus on, though. We only have two love … [Read more...]

How To Date a Swedish Girl

Dating a Swedish Female So you want to know how to date a Swedish girl. Maybe you have a Swedish exchange student in your high school or college class. Maybe you're thinking about spending a year in Sweden. Maybe you've become online friends with a … [Read more...]

How To Plan a Valentine's Date

Valentine's Date Tips Planning a great Valentine's Date requires coming up with a date plan that's going to be romantic and fresh, while paying attention to the details that are going to make your Valentine's Day special. Romantic days deserve to be … [Read more...]

How To Hold Hands on a Date

Tips for Hand Holding on a Date Learning how to hold hands on a date can be a scary process, because you're dealing with the stark difference between romance and rejection. Between those two is a chasm that many young men are afraid to fall into. Holding … [Read more...]

How To Date a Friend

How To Start Dating a Friend Watch any movie and it makes the subject of how to date a friend look pretty easy. All you do is establish a friendship with a hot member of the opposite sex, become trusting best friends while you discuss sex and … [Read more...]

Cute Dating Stories

Cute Date Stories Cute date stories can take just about any form, but the cutest date stories to me tend to involve humor on some level. I'm not talking about mean-spirited humor or humor at someones expense: I'm just talking about a date which both … [Read more...]

Dating Success Stories

Date Success Stories People love dating success stories, because they want to be encouraged in their own search for love. People hearing about successful date hookups can enjoy feelgood stories, while enjoying the escapist aspect of thinking what it … [Read more...]