How to Become a Better Lover (for Men)

Since nobody else has ever put together a complete guide to becoming a better lover for men, I decided to do it myself. These 75 sex resources for men will allow you to improve your lovemaking techniques, find a lover in your area and explore new and … [Read more...]

How to Be a Better Lover

Who couldn't improve their sex life? Almost everyone wants to be a better lover, have more sex, have better sex, whatever. This guide tries to cover all aspects of becoming a better lover, including what to do about boredom in the bedroom, where to find … [Read more...]

Sex Retreats for Couples

At some point in every long term relationship, sex becomes . . . tricky. I was with a woman for almost 6 years. After months of little or no sexual interest, I decided it was time to talk about it. Turned out we both felt the same way: “I still want to … [Read more...]

A Dozen Surprising Aphrodisiacs

For centuries people have been on a quest for the perfect aphrodisiac. History has given us some really interesting medicinal concoctions and brews. Over time, we have seen snake blood, leeches, animal organs, rhino horn, and various drinks that contained … [Read more...]

Bedroom Advice For Married Couples

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Celibacy Awareness Month

National Celibacy Awareness Month It was suggested to me recently that I make a post about "Celibacy Awareness Month". It's still a long time until we get back to the celibacy month, but I decided to go ahead and cover the topic some 9 months … [Read more...]

How to Boost Your Libido

How to Boost Your Libido The ominously titled Sexual Dysfunction Association made a big splash in the 90s by announcing that February 14th would be "National Impotence Day". There's another little holiday we celebrate on that day -- maybe you've heard … [Read more...]

40 Ways to Get Laid More Often

Nobody's a "smooth player" all the time.  If your game is off, here are some tips to help you get laid more often. For Singles - 10 Ways To Get Laid More Often Find out what the other person is into. You'll succeed more often at getting laid if you … [Read more...]