Christian Dating Tips

Christian Dating Tips are often a whole different story than dating tips for most online singles. Christians dating online want to find someone who shares similar morals as them, creating a dating atmosphere where they can either meet other Christian friends or find a mate for life who shares your beliefs and honors God in their life.

But internet dating can be tough on the Christian soul, given that relationships often go at a rapid pace and you meet a lot of people who might not be comfortable talking about their belief system – or might have no beliefs at all. That being said, online dating can be productive and fulfilling for Christian singles, if you follow certain guidelines, find dating sites with a better moral atmosphere and let your actions be guides by honoring your God – not feeding your lust.

With that in mind, I’ve put together some basic Christian dating tips and suggestions to help Christian singles maintain their faith while searching for the perfect Christian help-mate. Here’s praying this guide to Christian dating helps a few internet singles out there.

7 Tips For Online Christian Dating

1. Try Christian Dating Sites – If you want to find a moral online dating community, it’s best if you use the Christian dating services instead of general online dating websites. Christian dating sites online are usually owned by fellow Christians who are interested in providing a Christian-friendly dating community, because they know how tough online dating can be in the 21st century. Give either “Christian Cafe” or “Single Christian Network”, also known as “SingleC” or “Single C”, a try. These are Christians-only relationship websites.

If you don’t have any luck with either Christian Cafe or Single Christian Network, then try expanding to the larger online dating services, but narrow your search on these sites by denomination. You’ll be able to place “Christian” in your profile and select “Christian” to browse through profiles of others who call themselves Christian. Try eHarmony, known as a Christian-friendly website for many years. E-Harmony has a “Christian Dating” link that is specifically designed for followers of Christ. Let me warn you, though, that eHarmony costs about twice as much as Christian Cafe or SingleC per month.

2. Be Straightforward About Your Faith – Don’t push discussions of religion, faith and morals to the side when you are meeting other singles online. Mention to your potential friends and dates that you are Christian and you live by a certain set of morals.

3. Don’t Preach About Your Faith – While you should be up front about your Christian faith, now is not the time to convert others to your faith. If you meet someone who is trying to make a love connection and they aren’t interested in the Christian faith, they will simply disengage and look somewhere else for a partner if you start preaching to them. There’s a time for everything, and a non-believer isn’t going to be converted when their intentions are trying to date other non-spiritual singles.

So remember you are trying to meet a date or relationship partner and act accordingly. If you know they don’t fit your moral standards, then move on to someone who does. That’s why being straightforward is the right idea, since you don’t waste your time and theirs. But let them know without trying to convert, because now is not the time.

4. Don’t Date a Non-Christian – As I stated before, there is an appropriate time and place for everything. Only date Christians. Don’t start dating a person you are attracted to who isn’t a person of faith, and then try to convert them after you start dating. You’re likely to be disappointed, and you’re also likely to be influenced by your attraction to this unbeliever. You might convert him or her, but he or she might cause you to backslide. When you are around someone a lot of the time and you are physically and emotionally attracted, that person is likely to have an influence on your actions.

That’s why you should use a Christian-only dating site, because everyone should be a believer. If you date a few times and you get the idea this person is not a believer, then end the relationship.

5. Be Honest About the Relationship – You should ask yourself whether your dating partner is someone you would feel comfortable taking to your local church or introducing to your Christian family members. If there’s something about this person’s behavior that seems out-of-place in a Christian setting, then you need to reevaluate the romance. Your attraction can lead you astray, if you aren’t truly honest with your moral assessments.

6. Avoid Temptation – One good way to date and avoid temptation is to go in groups. Group dating and couples dating means the two of you aren’t alone together all the time, and therefore you won’t be tempted to share physical intimacy together. If you don’t have a group to go with, then date only in public places. There are plenty of public dating ideas on this website. Maintain a relationship about love and respect and not lust.

When you are alone together or the two of you kiss throughout your date, this can lead to more intimate physical situations. Even kissing stimulates one sexually, so try to avoid placing yourself in sexually arousing encounters as much as possible.

7. Pray For Guidance – Maintain your daily prayers, even before you go on a date. Pray at the meal. If you’re date isn’t comfortable praying in public, then you probably are dating the wrong person. Praying maintains your relationship with God, which is the most important thing a Christian single can do.

Dating Online For Christians

Hopefully, these Christian dating tips will remind you of some of the basics of dating other Christian singles. Remember that it’s just as hard to find a compatible Christian as it is for non-believers. Even though the two of you believe in Christ’s teachings, that doesn’t mean the two of you are meant to be together or the two of you are compatible with one another. So maintain respect for your date, understand this person may one day be some other Christian’s mate and enjoy the glory of friendship with a fellow Christian.


  1. Peter Henley says:

    These are all wonderfully useful tips. If anyone out there is interested in exploring group dating online and knows of a Christian site that offers such a service I would love to hear from you. I’ve done some research and have only found one group dating website,, and while not entirely Christian, it could prove to be an effective tool for the community.

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