Classic Romance Songs

Classic Romance Songs

Occasionally here on Dating Zen, we cover topics like love songs, love poems, and other works of art that deal with romance. Today, I offer a selection of classic romance songs, if you and your lover are looking for a little inspiration in your romance. As the song goes, set your life to music, making the joyful moments last a little longer and making the sad moments drip with pathos. Romantic love songs are written for lovers, wherever they are in their dating relationship or marriage.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Look at our discussion of the “50 Greatest Love Songs” or the “Top 100 Love Songs” for more ideas from American popular culture of the past 50 years or so.

Classic Romance Pop Songs

Let’s start with classic romance songs from American pop music, including selections from rock and roll, R&B, and even a little country. The following list ranges over the gamut of emotions, from happiness at getting together (or reuniting), sadness at breaking apart, and friskiness at the thought of being together.

What each one has in common is deep romantic sentiment, even in genres not necessarily known for expressing deep emotions (like the Zero 7 song). You see Robert Smith of The Cure in love, Chris Isaak accusing his lover of the worst crimes, and Barry White doing what he did best – wooing the ladies.

  • God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
  • At Last – Etta James
  • Crazy In Love – Beyonce
  • Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
  • Lovesong – The Cure
  • Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
  • Thank You – Dido
  • Destiny – Zero 7
  • Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers
  • You Were Always on My Mind – Willie Nelson
  • Allison – Elvis Costello
  • Breathe – Faith Hill
  • You’re My First, My Last, My Everything – Barry White
  • Unforgettable – Nat King Cole
  • When You Say Nothing At All – Allison Krause
  • Endless Love – Lionel Richie & Diana Ross
  • Save the Best For Last – Vanessa Williams
  • Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
  • Wicked Game – Chris Isaac
  • After The Love Is Gone – Earth, Wind & Fire

Classical Love Songs

When pop music just doesn’t set the mood you’re looking for, or when you want good background music with no words to spoil your romance, here’s a short list of classical love tunes from the huge repertoire of classical music. Not every one of these romance songs are going to be for every couple, but if you hit on the right song for your romance, it’s going to set the mood for a night you’ll never forget.

  • Serenade – Franz Schubert
  • Liebeslieder, Op. 114 – Johann Strauss Jr.
  • Romeo and Juliet Overture – Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  • Etude No. 3 in E Major – Frederic Chopin
  • Nocturnes for Piano, B 54, Op. 9: No. 1 in B-Flat Minor – Frederic Chopin
  • Nocturnes for Piano, Op 15: No. 2 in F Sharp Major – Frederic Chopin
  • Romeo & Juliet – Sergei Prokofiev
  • Scheherazade, Op. 35: 3rd Movement – The Young Prince and Princess – Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
  • Nocturne – Claude Debussy
  • Liebestraume for Piano, 541: No. 3, “O Lieb, So Lang” – Franz Liszt
  • Peer Gynt, Op. 23, No. 18, Solvejg’s Song – Edvard Grieg
  • Claire de Lune from Suite Bergamasque – Claude Debussy
  • Lullaby from the Chugoku Area – Kazuo Yamada
  • Moon Over Ruined Castle – Rentaro Taki

These classic romance songs are just a start. Many of these artists wrote other great romantic songs and/or hits, so listen to more great tunes from these artists, musicians and composers, and you’re certain to find the next great song for the soundtrack of your romance.

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