Dating During Football Season

Dating during football season can be tricky, because weekly football viewing requires a commitment of time and energy. Finding love for a single football fan during the football schedule is harder, because people assume they have to peel themselves away from football events to find a date. That’s not necessarily the case. Football events are social events, and people can socialize at a football game just like anywhere else. So here are 40 tips for finding love for football fans and dating tips for couples during football season.

40 Tips For Finding Love For Football Fans

Dating during football season can be difficult at times, and can actually put a strain on relationships where you’re already dating. Finding love for football fans during the football season can be next to impossible. To help alleviate some of the tensions and misunderstandings that arise when finding love during football season, I’ve made a list I call “40 Tips For Finding Love For Football Fans”. This list is meant to give ideas for integrating football into their dating life. I’ve added suggestions both for single men and women and for dating couples. Football is all about passion, so it’s sometimes hard to approach football reasonably when it interferes with a date. So I’m hear to suggest a rational approach to dating and football.

Sport Fans and Everyone Else

Dating During Football SeasonA lot of people just aren’t sports fans. They look at grown adults yelling or booing at athletes and think it’s just a little bit moronic. But studies show that being a sports fan actually is healthy socially and psychologically. Sports fandom encourages a sense of community among fans. Those people engaged in the outcome of a football season are likely to have higher self-esteem and less likely to suffer depression. That’s probably because football cheering is a social activity, and it encourages people to associate and empathize with one another more than otherwise.

That’s the heart of the football fan experience. Whether it’s a live football game in an arena, a private football watching party in your living room, a trip to the local sports bar to catch the game or just a conversation at work about last week’s big win, football is about a shared community. Being a fan of a football team is a relatively cheap and harmless way to join a group and identify with a goal. This goal might seem pointless to outsiders, but it gives the fans of a football team a shared sense of purpose.

As for football fans and dating, football gives people something to talk about. Football season is an ice-breaker. You get to talk about something that seems important, but isn’t really. You get a guy’s or a girl’s opinions and see some of their personality, but talking about the local college football program or the local NFL franchise isn’t as horrific as talking religion or politics. One conversation about football and you’ll know something about a guy. At the same time, you’re not forcing him to talk about his attitudes on sex, marriage or raising children. Football is a safe conversation, and one that is likely to show you more of his personality than subjects he’s going to be guarded about.

Football Fans and Dating

So here’s the list of 40 Dating Tips for Football Fans. I’ve broken the categories into men’s and women’s tips, as well as tips for “dating during football season” or finding love during football season.

Finding Love For Football Fans – Dating For Men

Okay, so you’re a guy and you want to watch football and find love while you’re doing it. You might as well try to negotiate peace in the Middle East while you’re at it.

Actually, dating during football season isn’t that difficult. Here are forty tips so football fans can find love during the season, or keep the love they have found. Dating and football can be a juggling act for a single guy, especially since both usually happen on the weekend. But there are ways you can combine the two and maybe find love while you’re doing it. You just have to get a little imaginative.

  1. Football Watching Parties – Turn football watching into a party atmosphere. Many people don’t need an excuse for a party. Others only throw parties around holidays and birthdays. But if holidays are a reason to celebrate, why not a big football game? The Super Bowl is a big party every year, so there’s no reason that your football game of the week can’t draw a crowd. College football is a terrific target for a football party, because many of these games take place on Saturday night these days.
  2. Campus Watching Party – If you are college age, post fliers to your football watching party. Mention it’s bring your own snacks (byob if in a private spot) and you want to meet other students who enjoy football watching. If you’re a guy, specifically mention that girls are encouraged. If you’re a girl, specifically mention you’re a girl (because that’s all it will take). If you don’t have your own place, simply invite people to watch in the dorm’s tv room and make sure you have it reserved for the game.
  3. Football Costume Party – Throw a football party, but have it be a costume watching party. Everyone has to come dressed in some kind of football attire. Some people might dress in pads and helmet. Others might come as a coach or referee. Still others will just wear a jersey and some face paint. If you’re lucky, several will come dressed as cheerleaders. (Hopefully, this won’t be the guys.) In the end, you have a good time watching football and celebrating the football life. And the costume party aspect should draw in a crowd. Print up fliers, if you’re having trouble getting enough of a crowd.
  4. Get a Game Plan – If you plan a social event around watching a football game, do it a long time in advance. The better prepared you are, the less time you have to act as host and the more time you can socialize at your social engagement.
  5. Sports Singles Online Dating – Yes, there are online dating websites which cater to people interested in sports, sporting and fitness. Some of these have over 1 million members worldwide. There are online dating communities that appeal to people from just about every group. If you’re interested in a sport, you’ll find members of the opposite sex interested in the same things. Many of the sports dating sites involve meeting other people who are into fitness. Guys need to remember that they will outnumber the women prominently on these sites, so the competition is fierce. Don’t get frustrated, though, because there are women who know that and will flock to these sites, too.
  6. Don’t Go Crazy – I know some guys who go absolutely nuts when their team loses. Now, one of those guys is married and the other one isn’t. The point being, if you’re out on the town watching a football game AND trying to pick up a date, no matter how dumb your team’s coaches are or how bad the refs just screwed up, you just can’t overreact during a football game. People who don’t know you — including the women you’re trying to impress — will not be attracted to that behavior. At best, people will think you’re childish and, at worst, people will think you’re crazy. So don’t give them a reason to think that.
  7. Homecoming Date – If you’re in college, ask a girl to the homecoming game. Most people associate homecoming with a high school dance. At the college I attended, the homecoming football game was an afterthought for most students. But there are all kinds of fun events around college homecoming and it’s a good time not only to get to know your date, but to get to know them over football.
  8. Homecoming Float – College campus groups often build their own homecoming floats. If you’re college age, join one of these groups and volunteer to help build the homecoming float. Most of the time, college guys really don’t want to get involved in this kind of time-waster in college. But that means there will be some club on campus with a lot of girls building a homecoming float. Join that club and get to know those girls. You’ll end up meeting someone attractive who might be in the football spirit.
  9. Watch What You Eat – Football season is full of tailgating, hot dogs and lots of beer. But if you’re trying to find love during football season, the last thing you want to do is pack on the pounds. So have a good time, but don’t have too much of a good time. Avoid that 4th quarter hot dog. Wait until the game is over and have something outside of the stadium, which is likely to be a little less fattening.
  10. You’re Never Out of the Game – Football players and coaches use the term, “Never say die”. All that means is the game is never over. The moral is that when you’re looking for a date during football season, don’t give up if things aren’t going your way at the moment. If you don’t give up, you never fail. That’s the most important lesson .

Finding Love For Football Fans – Dating For Women

Finding love for a female football fan is easy. It’s a big fantasy for male sports fans to meet a woman who’s “one of the guys”. That is, guys would love to meet a woman who is interested in what they enjoy. A woman who can talk intelligently about football is too good to be true.

If you don’t enjoy football, then you’ll have to work at it. Football will probably seem like a pointless game at first, but you if you take the time to learn a few of the basic rules and a few football personalities, you might start to enjoy it. Give football a try like you would any other hobby or pastime. If you don’t enjoy football, at least he can’t say you never tried.

  1. Get In The Game – Pick a team and learn about its key players. It’s a great ice-breaker, especially when you’re a female. Remember that local teams get more coverage. If you are looking for a default team to cheer for, it’s probably better that you choose the local football team. Pick the rival team and you might be labelled a hater.
  2. Dress To Impress – If you’re a girl hoping to find love among the football guys, buy a team jersey. Guys love women in their favorite team’s colors. Just like a woman who enjoys talking sports, it’s a great ice-breaker.
  3. Meet Over a Football Game – Women who are tired of the movies or “coffee” should suggest meeting at a local sports bar to watch the game and talk. Sports bar tv viewing is a public place where you can meet a stranger, but it’s a casual place where you’ll see more of his personality. If he’s a fan of the team the two of you are watching, you’ll also see how he handles both success and adversity. And he’s likely to be impressed with a woman who suggests a first date watching a football game.
  4. Ask Him Why He Loves Football – Get him to talk about why he loves football so much. You’ll learn something new about this guy you’re interested in. He might tell you about how his father would take him to watch the local high school game. He might tell you how his grandmother listened to games on the transistor while he played around the house. He might tell you about the scholarship he would have received, had he not blown out his knee in the high school playoff game. Or he might tell you that he used to watch games with (insert family member) and, the year that they died, football was the only thing that kept him going. The point is, when you ask him about football, he’ll talk about himself. That’s good information to have, and it might explain something about his connection to the game you never would have guessed at.
  5. Watch the Big Game Live – If you don’t get why a guy loves football so much, suggest watching a live event together. Go to a local college or high school football game, where the passions are local and raw. If at all possible, make your first experience “the Big Game”, where something is on the line. Soak in the crowd, the marching bands and the fan support. Hope it’s a close, hotly-contested affair. Maybe if you have the perfect storm of football, you’ll see why people enjoy football and live sports so darned much. If not, you still went out to a social event and you can try something else next date.
  6. Avoid Too Much Alcohol – Football and beer seem to go together. And there’s nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks to lighten the mood or enjoy on a hot early autumn day in the stands. But don’t drink too much when watching a football game. Drinking to excess means you’re likely to do things you normally wouldn’t do. You’ll be in the stands with a significant number of other people who have had a little too much to drink. Given that football fans can be aggressive both in victory or defeat, you don’t want to be out of control of your senses when watching football live. And when you get home or somewhere approximating home, you want to be fully in control of yourself.
  7. Ask Him to Explain the Game – If you’re wanting to get to know a guy, he’ll talk all night about football. Having him talk about something he’s passionate about is a good window into his soul. His personality should come out, for better or worse. Guys love when women do this kind of stuff, especially when they don’t know the girl.
  8. Study the Game Yourself – When dating a guy who loves football, study a little bit about the game. You don’t have to become obsessed. Maybe look up one football term or football story per week. You can do this easily online, either reading a news article from or, or maybe a general football information article on That way, you learn a little bit as you go. You show him you’re interested in his football passion and, over time, you’ll find you can talk in a more informed way about the game. Heck, you might even buy a used book on the subject of football.
  9. Set Limits – Most guys will agree to certain limits, if they feel like you’re working with them. Appear reasonable and see if he’ll be reasonable, too. If you have started dating a guy and he wants to watch football all weekend, tell him you’re happy to let him watch part of Saturday, but Saturday night is for going out on the town. Don’t shut down his football watching altogether, because that’s unlikely to be an activity he’ll give up permanently. At the same time, if he is the type who insists that every Saturday and Sunday every fall of every year, he’s going to be in front of that tv, then you should consider this might not be the guy for you. In other words, be firm yet reasonable.
  10. Throw the Ball Around – You might associate football with out-of-shape guys sitting on the coach and having a beer. If you want to appreciate football, make it an activity. If you can’t figure out what to do on a date, but you know he loves football, suggest the two of you go on a picnic to the park and throw the football around. You can show your athletic ability, or laugh about your lack of it. He can show you his moves. Don’t look at it as a football date. In the end, you’re spending time together and getting to know one another in a casual, carefree environment.

Dating During Football Season – Football Couples – For Men

You know that too much football is unhealthy. At a point, you can feel football is rotting your brain. So when you guys are in a dating relationship, try to rein in your worst football excesses. Communicate with her and let her know how much you love football. Set up a system where the two of you can get along in football season. This is going to require compromise, but compromise is an important skill if you want to date steady. Dating during football season will prepare you to compromise in other, more important, facets of your dating life. Consider the football debate to be like training camp for the real relationship issues that are to come.

  1. Bring Her Along – Bringing your girlfriend along to a football game has a lot of negative sides to it, but there are advantages, too. One, you include her, so the two of you are spending time together. Two, you can share your love of football with her. If you keep a good attitude, this can be a positive experience. Three, she’s a built-in designated driver. If you and the guys expect to do some drinking, one of you doesn’t have to abstain.
  2. Set Up a Schedule – The two of you should make out a schedule when football watching happens. I have a married friend whose wife knows that Sunday in the fall is for watching the NFL. The rest of the weekend is hers, so the guys know not to call about watching some college football game. This means there’s no arguing over when the guy can watch football and when he can’t. This has worked for the couple for years now. You can do the same in your dating relationship. Sit down with your girlfriend and set a football-watching schedule. It will eliminate a lot of the fights over the television.
  3. Don’t Watch the NFL Draft Together – I love the NFL Draft, but I’m a die hard fan of the NFL. To me, it’s the only NFL event for six months of the year, so I get as much mileage out of the NFL Draft as possible. For people not like you and me, though, watching the NFL Draft is like watching the cows come home. It’s so boring that you’re watching it will be totally inexplicable to your girlfriend. So when you decide to introduce her to football, do it in a live stadium somewhere — not in front of the t.v. in April.
  4. Prepare Her For Football Season – If you started dating a woman in the football offseason, then she has no idea what’s coming in the autumn. So sometime before your behavior patterns change abruptly, sit down with her and explain this. Communication will help. Otherwise, you’re suddenly spending the entire weekend watching football. She may think you’re mad at her, you’re depressed, you’ve “changed” — all that stuff — otherwise. Let her know what’s coming and then maybe she’ll understand.
  5. Invest in TIVO – Get Tivo or a DVR recorder. Record the games you want to watch, so you don’t have to be in front of the television at a certain points of the weekend. When you TIVO the game, you’ll be able to watch it any time all week. Maybe you can watch it after she goes to bed at night, so you’re football watching habit isn’t nearly as intrusive. This may require some tiptoeing around party and social events to keep from learning about the game. Consider telling your friends to respect your need to not know the final score of the game, so you can watch it later.
  6. Explain The Game – I mean really make an effort to explain the game to her. Don’t ask her to watch and give her a few football hints and tips as the game goes. Don’t get annoyed when she asks dumb questions about the game. Actually take the time to answer the questions patiently and don’t ignore or dismiss her while you focus intently on the game. Do your best to make this a positive, welcoming experience. It will save you trouble in the end. In fact, you might consider giving her a tutorial on some early-season game you don’t care much about, so you won’t feel the need to focus on the game instead of her.
  7. Adapt to the Environment – Being in a dating relationship during football season is simply different than being single during football season. You’re going to have to get used to the fact that certain things change in a relationship. You’ll have to give up certain things to have a healthy dating relationship and something at the top of the list is 20 hours a week watching football. You won’t be able to sit in front of the t.v. all Saturday and Sunday and then Monday Night, unless you have an extremely understanding or docile girlfriend. You’ll have to pick and choose what you watch. Ultimately, once you find a balance, it will be worth what you give up to gain the benefits of a dating relationship. Just keep telling yourself that.
  8. Buy Her Your Team’s Attire – Buy her a jersey or t-shirt of your favorite team. She’ll identify better with the team. There are two other things to remember: it’s a gift and it’s new clothes. Sure, a football jersey isn’t actually what she dreams about, but she’ll probably interpret it as a “start”. The point being, she’ll feel the need to wear the clothes a few times, and when she gets comments on the “girl wearing football clothes”, she might decide that having a favorite team isn’t so bad.
  9. Have a Half-Time Show – Try to arrange a half-time quickie. When the two of you watch the game together, tell her it’s a fantasy of yours to have half-time sex. That’s corny, but maybe you’ll start a weekly ritual. And really, isn’t that about the perfect Saturday: watch State U. and get a quickie during the break.
  10. Distract Her With Her Own Hobby – If you can’t get her interested in football, encourage your girlfriend to take up her own hobby that can occupy her time while you watch football. You know what you’re girlfriend likes, but you’ll have a lot more peace if she’s not just sitting in the next room bored all day.

Dating During Football Season – Football Couples – For Women

For those women who find themselves in an established dating relationship with a football fan, you’ll know that football season is just a different time of year. Your man will become like an obsessed and emotional child, or just become a brainless slug sitting on the couch all weekend. If either of these scenarios apply to you, then try to approach football season with as good of an attitude as possible.

I’m not trying to get you to “convert” to football fanaticism. But if you want to find love during football season, then you’re going to have to be the rational one. Understand the game and the changes it has in a man. Try to share football with your man. And if you feel like you’re being asked to change for his love, then insist he make some concessions. Maybe you watch football with him for three hours a week and he does something you enjoy three hours a week. Either way, it’s better you show a little flexibility and the ability to adjust to the football season.

  1. Meet Him Halfway – Try to get interested in his game, even if it seems pointless to you. Having a good attitude in life makes living a whole lot less difficult. Keep an open mind, watch every minute you can stand and really try to like the game of football. If you don’t think this is fair, tell him he has to try something you like as an equalizer. He’ll be willing to pay the price if he can depend on watching his football games in peace.
  2. Football Is Less Painful – If you have to put your foot down, draw the line at baseball and give in on football. This is just a number’s game. There are only 16 NFL football games per team every year. Most of the time, they play only on Sundays and Mondays. A college football schedule usually has 12-13 games per year. But baseball? Baseball has 162 games and another 20 for playoff teams. Basketball has 82 games plus playoffs, and hockey has the same. If you have to pick your poison, choose football every time. Ultimately, there’s just going to be a whole lot less football watching than baseball watching. It’s a numbers game.
  3. Encourage Team Loyalty – Along the same lines, encourage him to watch his favorite team while discouraging him from watching random football games. If you’re boyfriend likes Penn State, then let him watch every Penn State football game. You might even allow him to watch games of Penn State rivals, so he gets the full fun of the Penn St. season (pulling for his team and against their rivals). But when he starts wanting to watch West Virginia and UCLA and Florida, put your foot down. Once again, this is a numbers game. Following one lone team is a whole lot less tv watching then following the entire Division I NCAA football season.
  4. Make It a Group Event – Make your football watching a group thing. Bring more women into the picture. Invite friends over to watch the game with the two of you. That includes other couples and therefore other women. Sometimes, a party atmosphere makes a sport more fun to watch, even if you don’t normally like the sport. (Look at the Super Bowl, for instance, when millions of people who watch no other game of football all year decide to tune in.) If you decide you still hate football, then you have friends there to hold you attention while he obsesses about the stupid football game.
  5. Watch Anything About Football – Get him interested in “football lite” experiences, like movies and tv shows that involve football themes. For instance, the two of you can watch Friday Night Lights on television or dvd, or you can watch Hard Knocks on HBO. This is a middle ground, because one is a football-themed night time soap opera and the other is football-themed reality tv. Maybe the two of you can find something football you can watch together.
  6. Football Is Psychologically Valid – Football is a good emotional outlet for men. It lets them work through their emotions by “venting”. Essentially, football gives a guy a chance to blow off steam. Most women might find football pointless, but many men see football as something to get worked up about. Most football games are roller-coaster rides, with good plays mixed in with bad plays. This creates an emotional roller coast for football fans. You’re up one minute and down the next. Don’t think your man is crazy or emotionally unstable if you see him go through this cycle. Most of the time, he’s not really that emotionally fragile. He’s just blowing off steam. Sure, you might wish he was that passionate about other things in his life, but football is an aggressive sport. Guys work through their aggressive instincts by watching football. Since it’s hard to be aggressive in the stands without getting arrested, most guys become either giddy or angry — or both — when watching their team. It’s normal.
  7. Yeah, We Know It’s Just a Game – When he gets emotional over the football game, don’t tell him that it’s just a game. He knows that already. If you’re saying “It’s just a game,” he’s probably already angry or bitter. Antagonizing him at that moment is only going to start a fight. That’s no good for either or you. Football is a chance to let out both positive and negative emotions. If you keep him from venting, that has to come out sometime. If you don’t let it come out over a football game, then it might come out over dinner. Consider his football rants to be the male equivalent of a good cry. You wouldn’t want him telling you not to cry when you get emotional sometime? If you feel the need to confront him about his emotional outbursts, do it sometime after he’s calmed down. It’s probably best to talk about it a couple of days later.
  8. Don’t Let It Become An Obsession – This isn’t to justify an obsessed sports fanatic. If you’re date can’t get over the big loss all night, consider talking to him or her about it. If you think you’re boyfriend’s football reactions have to do with bets he’s placed on the game and you think it’s becoming a problem, discuss it with him. I’m not suggesting that every overreaction is healthy. I’m only saying that momentary, emotional reactions are a part of the football fan’s experience. These are natural. If football watching begins to take on a darker tone, you should address it with him. Consider talking with his friends to get a better understanding of his football life.
  9. Try Fantasy Football – This is the ultimate sacrifice and one I would only try in the most desperate situation. But if you’re boyfriend is a fantasy football freak, it might be best to at least try to understand this bizarre fascination. When one of his leagues is inevitably short one player, volunteer to take that last spot. You’ll spend some time together as he helps you through your first draft. It’s an efficient way to learn the players and which ones are best, because you’ll see their production broken down into one number (however misleading that might be). Most of all, fantasy football is about numbers, so anyone can play it. Given the fact that a huge amount of fantasy football is luck, your odds of doing well isn’t a whole lot worse than his odds. And if you happen to do better than him, you’ll have the sadistic pleasure of holding that over his head.
  10. Pursue Your Own Interests – Once you’re tried to like football, if you simply hate football, then give your man his space.

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