Dating Experts on Twitter – 100 Dating Experts Who Tweet

Twitter is a huge part of the social networking world, and I was interested to see which dating experts have gotten into the Twitter scene.  Some dating experts are ahead of the game, while others are still not tweeting. Dating, relationships, sex and online dating are subjects you can find a lot of mentions about on Twitter, but you might have a hard time finding the people who focus specifically on dating and relationships. So I’ve compiled a list of dating experts who blog on Twitter and bloggers on Twitter who claim to be dating experts.

Dating Experts on Twitter – Dating Resources I wanted to start with various dating resources and online dating resources. These resources help with self-improvement or get advice from a whole community of fellow daters, or simply give you the tools you need to write a good profile on an internet dating site.

  1. @datingexpertWoman Savers – Tweeting done by Stephany Alexander, the CEO of a screening service for women named “Woman Savers”.
  2. @singleteaseSingle Tease – Kristen and Tamera offer up “clever conversation starters” for singles and bring a sense of fun to your dating world.
  3. @UnderarmStickRelationship Underarm Stick – Maturely discusses all the issues that daters today might encounter: STDs, bad relationships, insecurities and deal breakers.
  4. @onlinedatingproOnline Dating Profiler – “E. Foley” is an online dating expert who can show you how to write the perfect online dating profile.
  5. @DatingTips101Creative Date Ideas – General dating advice and suggestions for both men and women, including creative date ideas.
  6. @loversloveLovers Love – Dating, romance and relationship advice from bloggers still in the scene. “Lovers Love” is like a support group for daters.
  7. @onlinedatingwebOnline Dating News Blog – Joe Tracy’s “Online Dating News Blog” gives updates from the dating industry, as well as dating tips and relationship advice.
  8. @blushgirlBlush Girl – BlushGirl offers something really useful: real reviews of online dating websites. Blush Girl also gives out dating advice in a Question-and-Answer form.
  9. @recklessstudioProject Infinity – This dating website is a blog that also offers sections on lifestyle, style, self-help and women.
  10. @MagazineBLUEBlu Magazine Blog – Blu Magazine is a source book for discriminating singles, helping you improve your dating and lifestyle. Offers multiple blogs.
  11. @mytweetheartMy Tweetheart – This site offers bios of Twitter users who want to hook up with other tweeters, and the Twitter blog has over 4,000 followers.

Dating Experts on Twitter – Dating Advice and Relationship Coaches When people are looking up subects like “relationships” and “dating advice” and “singles tips”, they’re usually looking for some human contact in an area of their life that is mystifying, or simply positive reinforcement of their own attitudes or decisions from someone who knows about dating. These twelve dating experts on Twitter offer a wide range of perspectives and experience.

  1. @ScotMcKay – Dating coach and author Scot McKay is one of the most-followed dating experts on Tweeter.
  2. @AprilBraswellApril Braswell – April Braswell is an online dating coach and dating expert, who also happens to give tips for finding people on Tweeter.
  3. @sparklifeSparklife is a dating blog from Surrey, England with a tips, analysis and book reviews.
  4. @nick_khWorld Traveling Entrepreneur – Nicholas Kho is a dating coach, as well as co-founder and CEO of Real Social Dynamics, a global dating coach company.
  5. @kathrynlordKathryn Lord – This former psychotherapist puts her talents to work as a romance coach these days, after finding her own sweetheart on the internet.
  6. @datingguideBonny Albo Dating Guide – Bonny Albo offers free dating advice, relationship support and singles information at About dot com.
  7. @wiseleoLeonid S. Knyshow is an IT expert also offers online dating advice on his blog.
  8. @masterdaterMaster Dater – Mike Masters is a dating coach and funny relationship blogger from Santa Barbara.
  9. @twofousorgTwo of Us – Dr. Les Parrot and Dr. Leslie Parrot operate “TwoOfUs”, a site which covers dating, exclusive dating, engagements, marriage and parental questions and has reader blog entry q&a’s.
  10. @ScubaDateScuba Date is operated by “Scuba Steve”, who acts as an online dating coach for both men and women.
  11. @joetaylorsJoe Taylors gives relationship ideas, love and relationship advice and dating tips.

Dating Experts on Twitter – Dating Experts For Women Women have specific relationship needs and dating concerns, so some dating bloggers focus on the woman’s perspective when it comes to relationships. Most of the expert dating bloggers below are women themselves who give their dating wisdom to other women.

  1. @shmittenkittenShmitten Kitten – Proudly calls itself the funniest dating blog in Philadelphia. A recent set of blog posts featured Schmitten Kitten’s “hottest nerd” types, where these gals really dish it out to men.
  2. @attractaguyAttract A Guy – Felicity MacKaye gives women advice and information about how to attract a guy.
  3. @The_Single_GirlThe Single Girl – “The Single Girl” claims to be an honorary member of the “Man’s Mind” and lives in “Singles City, USA”.
  4. @DivaofLoveDiva of Love – “Relationships Queen” is a single mom from Louisiana who offers her own fun and funny relationship advice.
  5. @RuthADonaldsonRuth A. Donaldson – An Ontario-based expert on women’s health and general sexual health. Ruth Donaldson’s blog focuses on support and encouragement.
  6. @sensoviSensovi offers sex counseling and relationship coaching (and relationship classes) by Becky Knight of Charlotte, North Carolina.
  7. @LoveCoachRinattaLove Coach Rinatta gives advice on dating, marriage, heartbreak, relationships and singles.
  8. @TheeDatingCoachDeAnna Lorraine offers relationship coaching as a tv personality and radio talk show host in San Diego.
  9. @KathrynAlice1Kathryn Alice is the author of books on dating and relationships, and has her own blog to help her readers find love and fulfillment.
  10. @StephHarringtonRomance And Love – Stephanie Harrington has been married for 15 years and never had an argument, and her blog “Romance & Love” offers advice on how to have similar results. Steph Harrington tweets often, too.
  11. @kirasabinKira Sabin is a pop culture addict and a spunky dating coach from Madison, Wisconsin.
  12. @CocktailChicCocktail Chic – Blog about drinking and dating, with regular features like “What Guys Hate” and “Booty Call”.

Dating Experts on Twitter – Dating Experts For Men Since men are still expected (or expect) to initiate a large percentage of the hookups in dating land, single men have to learn the secrets of relationship building like they learnbusiness skills when they’re about to go on a job hunt. These relationship bloggers focus on the single male, giving them dating advice and relationship coaching for when relationships begin and end.

  1. @RobbieLee411Robbie Lee is the author of The Straight Man’s Pocket Guide to Picking Up a Hottie and her blog continues to give guys advice from a woman who has picked up a lot of women.
  2. @JusticeMarshallJustice Marshall gives advice to men who want a marriage or meaningful relationship.
  3. @DaveandEthanVideo advice on dating and relationships from two serious-looking dating guys in New York. “Girl Tested. Grandmother Approved.”
  4. @GeekyDatingGuruDushyant Ray is a geeky relationship adviser from Los Angeles who offers back-to-basics blog posts and a few dating how-to video links.
  5. @OpenYourFutureLaw of Attraction – Mark Andres blends aspects of Asian philosophy with his own experience as a relationships coach and midlife transition counselor.
  6. @geeksdreamgirlOnline dating blog about “helping guys like you” get a date with girls like “Geek’s Dream Girl”. Her background picture shows a pile of d20’s.
  7. @jade_marcelJade Marcel is a self-described “hot chick” living in Singapore and giving her two cents worth on dating, including tips for dating girls and relationships.
  8. @zentropikCEOThe CEO of Zentropik Research calls himself an online dating expert and a professional philosopher.
  9. @BlokesLibAustralian man’s blog that seeks to liberate the modern man.

Dating Experts on Twitter – Pickups and Seduction Some dating experts focus entirely on turning men (and some women) into pickup artists, or otherwise teaching the arts of seduction. Just think of Tom Cruise from Magnolia sitting in a chair tweeting from his Blackberry and this is pretty much how these eight seduction experts are. Actually, I’m sure they’re nothing like Tom Cruise. They have all kinds of great seduction tips, none of the angst and certainly no frogs raining from the sky.

  1. @PickupPodcastLearn how to pick up girls and other social dynamics from podcaster Jordan Harbinger of New York City.
  2. @Entropy PUA – Entropy is a dating coach and pickup artist who offers dating guides and videos on his blog.
  3. @KingDavidHogan – Coming from Las Vegas, David Bollea offers advice on everything from making money, MMA, “hot chicks” and threesomes. What more is there in life?
  4. @seductionsecretRahn Naro offers “secret seduction” advice as both a pickup artist or a relationship expert.
  5. @Darius_Greindl – This Germany-based pickup expert gives men video lessons about dating and the art of seduction.
  6. @solidgameReal world attraction secrets and social dynamics from down South Africa ways. The Solid Game is survival of the smoothest.
  7. @thedatingdoctorPeter Spalton of Worchester, England gives you his advice on flirting, psychology, seduction and body language.
  8. @RonaldMMWRonald Lee, touted as Canada’s #1 dating expert, gives blog advice and courses on seduction and picking up the opposite sex.

Dating Experts on Twitter – Womens’ Dating Journals Some people on Twitter love to blog about their own dating scene. The best of these focus on the crazy dates they have and learning from mistakes of the past. Some of these dating bloggers consider themselves experts worthy of giving relationship advice, while others are people willing to share their dating stories so you can avoid the same relationship pitfalls.

  1. @SimoneGrantSimone Grant writes about dating, sex and relationships in New York City.
  2. @wittybitchBlog about living, shopping and dating in New York City. If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.
  3. @SingleGalNYC – Dating, relationships and life in New York City must be interesting, because a lot of people (like Melissa) are blogging about it.
  4. @glamourgirlnowGlamour Girl has a site all about herself, including relationship blog posts about her experiences in the dating scene.
  5. @imsosorryI’m So Sorry – The blog of a serial dater who is also described as a heart breaker, love maker and soul shaker. Sounds like a Pat Benatar song.
  6. @kkbokovayDoggone Good Advice – K.K. Bokovay wrote a book discussing what her dog taught her about finding a good man, and now she blogs about the same.
  7. @musiccitysingleMusic City Single – Offers dating stories, bar and restaurant reviews and relationship advice from Nashville, Tennessee.
  8. @SingleMomSeekinRachel Sarah is a single mom who juggles kids, a career and an active dating life.

Dating Experts on Twitter – Mens’ Dating Journals The mens’ dating blogs tend to fall into one of two categories: “Watch what I can do” or “Damn, this is hard”. In either case, single men out there dating will get something from reading these blogs. One, you can see what’s working in the singles scene. Two, you can find solace in the fact that not every guy out there appears to be a dating guru.

  1. @BillCammackBill Cammack discusses everything about life in New York City, including NYC nightlife, making friends and getting laid.
  2. @Hammer86“Hammer Time” is blogging about his search for a quality girlfriend on his “Hammer86” site.
  3. @idatewhiteI Date White – Blog by Eathan, an African-American living in Texas and who dates white women 98% of the time. Eathan gives his advice on interracial relationships and interracial dating.
  4. @datebandit – This electronic dating journal from the “Dating Bandit” follows his successes and disasters in the online dating community.
  5. @gonedating – “Gone Dating” is a 31-year old single guy dating in Atlanta, Georgia and tweeting about his experiences.
  6. @AreyoudancingAre You Dancing, Luv? – A 30’s-something Irish geek in Colorado gives you his report from the modern dating scene.
  7. @dadshouseblogDads House Blog – A single parent blogger about dating and relationships as well as cocktails, recipes, kids and teens.

Dating Experts On Twitter – Sex and Dating Some dating experts focus specifically on the sexual aspects of dating. Once you’ve reached this point of your dating relationship, a lot of people want advice on taking it to the next level. These six sex experts are happy to provide their talents.

  1. @pleasurehappens“The Pleasurist” is a 19-year old sex expert from New York that gives the lowdown on sex toys and other bedroom enhancers. I found this one off “twittlate”, which is a Twitter page with erotic tweets and semi-erotic tweets.
  2. @sacredsensualAndrea Semple is passionate about teaching women to explore their sensuality and she blogs at the “chaise lounge of sensuality”.
  3. @EmilyGraceblog –  Adult Dating Articles – Emily Grace offers dating articles and suggestions on her blog, which she promises is PG-13 on the homepage.
  4. @SassySexpertThe Sexpert, Krystal Massoula, has both a blog and Tweeter page that gives pillow talk as well as future relationship advice.
  5. @lovehowto“Love How To” is a guide to love, sex and online dating, with advice on intimacy, dating services and moving on.
  6. @AdultTwitFinder – Offers tips and heads-ups on discreet affairs, swingers, fetishes and all that stuff. Warning: lots of tweets.
  7. @susanyaraSusan Yara and Love/Sex – Calling herself “Love/Sex” on Twitter, Susan provides a love/sex column in her blog, as well as videos and contests.
  8. @SpicyPrincessThe SpicyPrincess is a self-described sexpert and pleasure peddler, who just so happens to be a wine-lush, too. She’s got to know a thing or two about relationships.

Dating Experts on Twitter – Alternative Dating Blogs Some dating blogs don’t fit into a category. These are relationship blogs that come at you from a different perspective, whether it’s focusing on a different aspect of the dating community (like speed dating), has a different end in mind (like marriage) or is tips from a dating coach who tap different wells of human wisdom (astrology). Whatever the case, you’re sure to get a perspective you probably hadn’t thought about yourself.

  1. @TWYSTVThat’s Why You’re Single is an online “dating show” for viewers to watch other singles squirm.
  2. @relationshipboyThe Toronto Speed Dating Blog is a dating blog advice and date ideas for girl and for guys.
  3. @AskMarsVenusThis Q&A blog offers dating articles, love advice, relationship tests, tips on online dating, and coaching via phone or email.
  4. @SusanAWalshHooking Up Smart – Susan A Walsh blogs about dating and relationships in what she calls the “hookup culture”.
  5. @thinkmarriageThis healthy relationship blog for singles, dating couples and married couples skips right to the chase.
  6. @imarriage –  Marriage Tweets – “imarriage” has both a blog and twitter page that offer relationship and marriage news and facts.
  7. @AstroDate – Find out what an “astrodate” is. I’ll give you a hint: it combines dating with astrological readings.
  8. @daveevansOnline Dating Insider – A consultant for online dating sites gives his insider’s commentary about the online dating scene.
  9. @ErikaAwakeningAwakening From The Dream dispels the illusion of separateness. This blog is devoted to both spirituality and seduction. I don’t know about you, but I’m buying.
  10. @NorineJacksonLove, Health and Fitness – Norine Jackson from Greensboro, North Carolina has a dating blog that also offers fitness advice.
  11. @coachgeoffRelationship coach Geoff Farnsworth offers relationship tips and advice on conscious living, emotional intelligence and personal boundaries.
  12. @evilwoobie –  Woman from Manila in the Phiippines who offers advice on dating, love & zodiac signs. Yep.
  13. @cupidslabCupid’s Lab touts itself as the dating site for people who hate dating sites. So if you hate everything else on this list, you’re sure to enjoy Cupids Lab.

Dating Experts on Twitter – Dating Community Blogs Finally, we have blogs from the dating industry and the dating community that support that industry. You’ll find extreme niche dating communties like automotive dating, rock music dating or food service dating. You’ll find a tweets by employees and consultants from the online dating sites. And occasionally, you’ll find Q&A opportunities with dating forums, so you can learn what other singles are thinking about your dating questions and relationship problems.

  1. @WheelDates – This site helps motor hobbyists find dates with other automotive enthusiasts.
  2. @FoodServSinglesFood Service Singles – In one of the nichiest of dating niches, this is an online dating blog for food servers worldwide.
  3. @RocknRollDatingRock-n-Roll Dating is an online dating community where you search for dates according to musical preferences.
  4. @ekontact runs dating sites in Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Their site offers foreign language dating advice blogs.
  5. @eHarmony_jack – Jack from Pasadena is an eHarmony employee who answers users’ dating questions on Twitter.
  6. @TRIBEster Tribester is a Jewish social networking and dating site in the New York City area that is operated through Facebook.
  7. @TheDatingDr“The Dating Doctor” Jennifer Oikle has her own online dating coaching community.
  8. @MatchDotCom – One of the world’s largest online dating personal ads sites offers tweets from Match PR agent, John Walls.
  9. @AmberFLPersonals Florida – This blog focuses on Florida dating connections, but also has news posts from throughout the online dating world.
  10. @theromanceceoMichael A. Bloomberg blogs about frequent “Fort Worth Date Night” events in the DFW Metroplex area.
  11. @CarlywithAXE – Carly is a member of the AXE Hair team and gives guys the perspective of a woman searching for men with great hair.
  12. @minglebarMinglebar is a social network and blog for singles to meet other singles.
  13. @soshableSoshable is a blog about where social networking sites, but Soshable often discusses situations where social networking and online dating collide.

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