Dating Ideas For Teens

Teens looking for date ideas besides going to the movies or going out for dinner can read my 20 Dating Ideas for Teens that I’ve listed below. These include a number of traditional teenage dating ideas, as well as some that are not so traditional. I tried not to list anything that other teenagers (or at least teenage girls) are going to think are too freaky.

Now, all of these won’t be for everyone. Many of these date suggestions are outdoors activities, but if you are the kind of teen who enjoys staying indoors, I’ve offered dating ideas for teenagers who prefer culture to nature. Either way, you should be able to find an idea for your next teen date somewhere on this list.

20 Dating Ideas For Teens

1. The Big Dance – Okay, these can be a real drab if you don’t have a date or if you’re shy about asking someone to dance. But if you already have a boyfriend or girlfriend, there’s no better way to get romantic than snuggling at the big dance. Think about it, guys who are sneering at this.
2. Water Park – Now, this sounds good. What’s better than to take off to the water park, get some sun, splash around and see your girlfriend in a bikini.
3. Music Concert – Another classic kid event. You get the sense of adventure, because there’s so many older kids showing up to the event – many in crazy concert clothes.
4. Comedy Show – Cheaper than the music concert, but along the same lines. Go to a comedy club to see a comedian you’ve seen in a movie or on tv. Laughter is good on a teen date.
5. Ice Cream Shop – If you don’t have the money for a theme park or a concert, a nice trip to the ice cream shop is a good way to wind down a weekend of dating.
6. Water Skiing – Once again, I remember water skiing was some of my best fun as a teen, so long as someone you know has a ski boat. A great way to get into bathing suits and show off your skills.
7. Roller Skating – You’re young. You’re in relatively good shape. This won’t kill you. No one over 25 should even consider this.
8. High School Sporting Event – This is especially fun if the two of you have a mutual friend or mutual friends to cheer on. Some high school students find their athletics events boring, but the out-of-town trip to an away game can be a fun little adventure for kids just learning about the wider world.
9. Tennis – I remember as a kid, a whole gang of guys and girls would go up to the tennis courts and hit the ball around. Big rivalries formed. Awful me, but I remember serving a tennis ball crosscourt at my girlfriend instead of the service court when she (on the tennis team) started showing me up. My friends got a laugh, but I wasn’t good enough to actually hit her with the ball. Young men, do NOT follow my awful example.
10. Bowling – Another classic chance to show off your skills at something you probably arent’ very good at. Some girls might find it unstable slipping on rented bowling shoes, but you might suggest she can go in her sock feet.
11. Amusement Park – Fun fun fun. It’s only a whipping if you go on the weekend, when the lines will be huge. Make sure to go during a weekday.
12. Snow Skiing – That’s if there is a mountain nearby and it’s in season. An option only for a certain group of teens.
13. Riding Bikes – Go out together on a bike ride. You’re young, so get outside and enjoy it.
14. Exercising – Once again, working out together is a good way for a couple to spend extra time together. Also, you don’t have to worry about putting on a few extra pounds. This is especially important once you get out of high school and put on “the freshmen 10 pounds” in college.
15. Nature Hike – Find a local state park and go for a walk. This is a good way to have some private time together, yet still do something interesting. Take some refreshments and watch out for poison ivy.
16. Zoo – Once again, another place where the two of you can joke, have some interesting story about the animals and just enough one another’s company.
17. Historical Site – If there’s any local historical sites, check it out together. There are almost always in any kind of populated area, as well as a number of rural areas, too.
18. Horse Back Riding – If no one you know has horses, look in the yellow pages for a horse back riding business. You can rent a horse and go for a ride, which will be really exotic for all the city slickers reading this.
19. Roller Blade – Many places you can rent roller blades off a class on how to roller blade, if you’ve never done it before. Enjoy and watch out.
20. Museum Trip – There are all kinds of museums of art and natural history in most metropolitan areas. These are relatively inexpensive and gives you a chance to engage your mind for an hour or two that gives you plenty to talk about later. I once visited a local gallery of erotic painting (didn’t know it when we walked in) that was kept in a house off the arts district. We laughed about it, but there’s nothing wrong with serendipitous erotic art on a date.

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