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Playing Internet Love Games wants to give online daters tips on every aspect of their lives which touch on dating, so I wanted to list a few of the dating online games you can play for free on the Internet. Online dating games might include anything from a virtual dating simulation to a personal romance quiz. Whether you want to learn about your perfect mate, figure out how to improve your current relationship, practice your dating skills for the next big date, or get lost in a fanciful and escapist electronic love affair, here’s your source for free Internet dating games.

First Date – Online Dating Games

Help your virtual character get ready for her big first date by selecting the proper clothes and makeup. Point-and-click to make the right choices. This game actually gets pretty complicated, with all the eye shadow and other accoutrement choices. I could see this helping a young girl train to make the tough decisions in mixing and matching styles for her own outfit making.

Outfits Today – Dating Online Games

Along the same lines as “First Date”, you choose what you’re going to wear today. This game isn’t specifically about dating, but the challenge is pretty much the same.

Love Tester

Let’s move on to the most basic of dating games: testing to see if you and your love are compatible. They don’t get much more basic than this, because you put in your name and your boyfriend’s name, and it tells you what percentile the two of you rate on compatibility. That’s it.

I’m not sure I can recommend this one. After testing to see how regular names rated, I tested similar names like “Julian” and “Julia” (93%), as well as “Cameron” & “Cameron”, which broke the game (0%). Ironically, the highest rating was for “Jane” and “Cthulhu”, which came up 95%! Who would have thought elder entities were so ripe for love.

Festival Days Sim Date

In this sim dating game, you spend 30 days before the festival, trying to find the right boyfriend. Gain EXP and relationship points, which help you to do things like give gifts or go on a date. If talking to the guy doesn’t work at first, keep trying. A warning on this game and the next one, because you may have to weather ads by those kids from the Suite Life of Zach & Cody.

College Dating Game – E-Dating Games

Someone’s idea of College Dating is answering a lot of questions, like dating people at university involves a lot of pop quizzes. This one’s a fairly slow game, which is disappointing, because I had high hopes for it. Maybe my mood was affected by the slow load times.

Naruto Date Sim – Internet Dating Sims

If you have a favorite animated tv show, anime, or manga, search to see if they have a date simulation game with those characters involved. For instance, I found a Naruto date sim with the most popular characters from the long-running Naruto series.

Beach Flirting Game

The Beach Flirting Game is about helping a bikini-clad girl pick up boys (slaves, as they call them) on the beach, but she appears to use some kind of heat vision to zap the guy with love energy. I’m this depicts a charm ray of some sort, because the men aren’t atomized. Their love meter begins to fill, instead. Watch out, though, because there are other girls on the beach with the same power.

Vampire Love – Electronic Romance Games

This one’s going to be popular in this age of Twilight. You (female) stalk through the castle, trying to sneak around your friends and other obstacles, hoping to steal a kiss from your handsome (and/or faeish) vampire lover. Fill up the kiss meter in time, or something tragic happens. The Twilight crowd should love this, because this is a vampire game with lots of sparkles all about.

Escape the Camp – Virtual Love Games

You’re in summer camp, you’ve met a cute guy (or girl), and the two of you are trying to escape camp for a romantic rendezvous. Escape the Camp mainly involves walking through the woods, touching the right objects to help you find your way out. Escape the summer camp. That’s what all the cool kids do. (Just joking.)

Professor Purse

Click on the purse that matches your personality that day and you might learn about life, love, and fashion accessories. Well, that might be laying it on rather thick, but Professor Purse is one of the most played dating-related online games out there.

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