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Online Dating Simulations

Do you want to practice your dating skills without doing any damage to your psyche or adding “baggage” to your dating life? Then, boy, do we have a game for you. Yes, there are “Dating Sim Games” on the internet to allow people to simulate a real dating life online.

Talk about the ultimate in escapist fun.

Dating Sim Games – Losers Edition

I know what you’re thinking: I thought the same thing, too. Who in there right mind plays a dating simulation game, instead of going out and getting a date for real? What kind of enjoyment or fulfillment can you possibly get from a computer simulation of a real dating life? Most importantly, do these online dating sims get anywhere close to simulating a real romance (just joking)?


But think about this: a dating simulation probably has a certain psychological validity to it. Psychologists often have people perform visualization tasks, where they imagine themselves succeeding at a particular skill, task or situation. These visualization exercises are meant to get a person “thinking positively”, learning how to think and perform in a hypothetical situation, which allows them to relax and perform when a similar real situation happens. Visualization techniques are used for everything from pro sports to couples therapy.

So maybe a computer simulation dating game has a valid aspect of the visualization technique, allowing a person to visualize a date or a romance, do the right thing and “win” at the dating game. Do this enough in sims and you might actually get it right when it comes to a real date.

Practice Simulations

Besides, other skills are honed in simulations. People taking a driver’s education class run themselves through driving simulations, while pilots learning to fly sometimes use flight simulators. If driving and piloting can in any way be compared to dating as a learnable skill (and I think dating skills can be learned), then a dating simulation, once again, might allow someone to get a little practice doing the right things and behaving in the proper manner. My question is whether a dating sims game in any way accounts for proper behavior, or if a dating sim is to dating what Grand Theft Auto is to getting around a modern city.

Which brings me to the real point of this “Dating Sims Blog Post”.

Simulated Dating is Fun

Maybe sims dating is simply fun. People need to blow off a little steam every once in a while. No one thinks a thing about someone taking a few minutes for computer simulated boxing (Fight Night Round 4) or mixed martial arts games (XBox UFC), so what’s wrong with someone taking a few minutes for simulated dating. If it’s okay to imagine yourself beating someone else in the head, why is it wrong to imagine yourself (or your on-screen avatar) getting lucky on a date, or even telling off your bossy sim-girlfriend and breaking up with her?

The answer: nothing.

My only request is that those who are playing online dating simulations don’t substitute sims dating for live dating. I mean, cybersex never really replaced that live sex thing, so don’t expect sims dating to be all that fulfilling. Maybe in a couple of generations, when we have android companions walking the streets like in all those “dystopian future” fictions. Of course, all of us will be 70-80 year olds in a retirement home somewhere, still wearing around tattoos and implants and still playing some version of XBOX. Ah, the retired life…

Dating Game Sims List

For those interested in a dating game simulation, you might Google in the following phrases: “Speed Dating Game”, “College Romance Game”, “Other Age Game”, “Naruto Dating Sim Game”, “Galaxy Angel Date Sim Game”, “Final Fantasy Date Sim Game”, “Seven Deadly Sins Game”, “Love Hina Dating Sims Game”, “Gangura Girl Game”, “Festival Days Sim Date Game”, “Elliv Island Game” and “Sim Girl Game.”

Dating Sim Games – A Retraction

You know, on second thought, most of those games involve anime subjects. Maybe this is a really bad idea for anyone serious about dating. :-)

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