Dating Success Stories

Date Success Stories

People love dating success stories, because they want to be encouraged in their own search for love. People hearing about successful date hookups can enjoy feelgood stories, while enjoying the escapist aspect of thinking what it might be like to meet that perfect guy or girl.

When you think about it, many of the movies we watch boil down to dating success stories. I’m not just talking about the so-called “chick flicks” out there. Many of the “chuck flicks” are romantic comedies of one sort or another. Jane Austen movies or the Lifetime Channel movie of the week aren’t the only love stories you’ll see: films like “The Hangover” and most of those Judd Apetow movies involves men and women making a love connection, beneath all the cursing, weed references and outrageous situations.

Men and women enjoy seeing, hearing or reading about successful relationships. It’s as simple as that.

Successful Date

Of course, those going online to read about a successful date story are going to be looking for different things. Maybe your idea of a perfect date is meeting your soulmate and beginning a serious relationship that ends in marriage. Or maybe your idea of a dating success story is practicing your pickup artist schtick and then getting lucky on the first date.

The bulk of dating success stories are somewhere in between, since we live in the real world and not some Hollywood movie. A successful first date is best described as a first date that leads to a second date. The two of you enjoyed each others’ company; the two of you had a good time; and the two of you are interested in each other enough to get together, go out on the town and learn more.

With that in mind, here are some dating success stories I’ve heard about recently. Most of these people are my friend or a friend-of-a-friend.

  • Stan & Stacy
  • Ages: Early 30s.
  • Met At: Mutual friend’s party.
  • Relationship Status: Dating 14 months and engaged.
  • Story: Stan dated a woman for 5 years, but the two never tied the not. Stacy was in a 2-year marriage that ended over finances and her inability to have children. The two met at a 4th of July cookout and Stan asked Stacy to go with him to a Coldplay concert. That went really well and they’ve been dating ever since. Stacy says she knew Stan was the one right away, because he asked her out despite her sweating most of her makeup off in a volleyball game on the 4th. They have plans to get married and Stacy is considering fertility drugs, while adoption is waiting in the wings.
  • Eric & Lucinda
  • Ages: Mid 20s
  • Met: Online
  • Relationship Status: Dating 2 Years
  • Story: Eric was a digital artist who posted his art on Deviant Art and Renderosity. Lucinda was an art student looking for inspiration. When she contacted Eric to ask him for advice on something called “raster fills”, Lucinda saw his picture and thought he was cute. Then she realized he lived in a town 45 minutes away. They become friends for a few months online. Then Lucinda asked Eric to go to a movie festival with her. The next thing you know, Eric and Lucinda are making great art together.
  • Brian & Brandi
  • Ages: He’s in his early 40s; She’s in her late 20s
  • Met: Local Bar
  • Relationship Status: Married for a year.
  • Story: Brian is a cop who, after 10 years of marriage, learned his wife was having an affair on him with another cop. Brandi was a tomboy studying to be a veterinarian. When her friends insisted Brandi go with them to the bar “boot scooting”, she was reluctant. Because of his work, Brian generally disliked bars, but he went with his sister and her husband (also a cop) to “get away from the job” one Saturday night. There, Brian met Brandi, when the two groups sat at tables next to one another. At first, Brian disliked Brandi’s seemingly drunk friend, Kat, but Kat broke the ice and, soon, Brian and Brandi were talking with each other. Two dances later, Brian had Brandi’s number and they were dating within 10 days.

So dating successes happen. If you want to read about more dating success stories, read our recent post from a contributor, who tested out the growing “speed dating” scene.

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