Free Online Dating

One good way to learn about dating online is to join a free online dating service. Most internet dating sites have a free membership package, but I’m not talking about the free members section of paid dating service. I’m talking about a 100% free internet dating website. Believe it or not, this kind of site actually exists.

Sites like “okcupid” and “plentyoffish” make their money other ways, besides off of membership fees. A site like “OK Cupid” is a combination social networking site and dating website, which means the site can use the same marketing plan as other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Here’s how the free dating online works.

OKCupid Free Online Dating

OkCupid was launched in 2004 and has become one of the largest dating sites on the internet, despite its relative youth in comparison to eHarmony and Match dot com. OkCupid allows members to create their own love quizzes, dating blogs, emails, flirting mechanisms called “winks” and instant messaging. In other words, you have most of the tools available to members on paid online dating sites, with a few resources people in those dating communities don’t have.

You register like on any other dating site. Your real profile, though, is created when you answer questions on dating quizzes that are mostly submitted and edited by OKCupid members. Therefore, the dating community on okcupid is a great deal more interactive than on traditional romance websites. Many of these dating questions are multiple choice, or might allow you to assign a number value to a prearranged answer. As you answer more love quizzes, the okcupid software matches your answers with the answers of other members. By doing so, you begin to get a friends list, an enemies list and a match list.

When you see a profile that interests you, you can save it and place it in your “stalk” category.

Date blogging and personal journal writing are also important parts of the okcupid dating community. Those who take part in the journal writing often meet in real life for socializing. These meet-ups have been in New York City, San Francisco, New Orleans, Ann Arbor (Michigan) and London.

PlentyofFish Free Online Dating

“Plenty of Fish” is a hybrid free online dating site that gets revenue from advertising on the site, but does have a paid membership option. Paying members are “serious members”, while free memberships is not considered serious. Markus Frind started the site in 2003 and ran PlentyofFish dotcom entirely by himself until 2007, when he began hiring employees. Now Plenty Of Fish has three site administrators, who are apparently the grand sum total of employees at the site, as far as I can tell. Volunteers handle much of the administration of plentyoffish, even though over 50,000 photos are submitted to dating site every day.

Members of plentyoffish submit their photographs to the online dating community, and members can rate these pictures with the “HOTorNOT” fuction. Also, PlentyofFish members can join in on the dating chat rooms on the site. Members can flag inappropriate content in the pictures or chat rooms.

Plenty of Fish has won the Google AdSense earner ranking (May of 2002) and was the #1 dating site by ranking in both the United Kingdom and Canada in June of 2008. PlentyofFish has over 11,000,000 registered members.

All of this means is that PlentyofFish is a big dating website with lots of user loyalty. In fact, the Plenty of Fish dating community has members so loyal that they police the site. This should appeal to a certain kind of dating single.

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