Free Personals

“Free personals” are a big attraction in the online dating services. You’ll see the term on just about every online dating site. Each dating website offers its members the ability to access “free personal ads”, allowing them access to huge numbers of singles profiles free of charge. Presumably, the more free personal profiles you have access to, the better your chances of finding just the right person for friendship, love or “casual encounters”.

The Trick With Free Personals

If you’re just getting into online dating, though, you need to know that free membership at an online dating site generally allows you to browse the free personals and see the online profile of all the members, but your ability to interact with these people is strictly limited. For instance, if you have a free membership, you’ll usually be able to respond to emails sent by paying members of the site, but you won’t be able to initiate an email (or IM) conversation with them. So when you write your free personal profile, you better write something that is going to draw a lot attention. You better have a really seductive profile, I mean.

On many of these personals websites, you’ll find offers like “personals free for life” and “100% free online personals forever”. These are true statements, but you’ll probably find yourself wanting more access on the site after a time. Online dating websites like to increase their membership with free offers, so they can tout their site as having “2 million members and growing”. But you’ll need to remember that many of these members filled out a free membership profile and never did much more on the dating site besides that.

Testing Out Free Personals

Seriously, though, “free personals” websites are great, but you need to know the limitations going in. I would suggest you test out the free personals sites yourself. Join any three of your choice and write a profile for that site. Then find a reasonably-priced paid online dating site and get one month’s membership. Use the full services that paid membership gives you, then compare the results against the three free membership sites. Use the same dating profile with the same words, if you want to be scientific.

I would be interested to get some feedback from readers here at the Dating Online Blog how peoples’ tests would go. Maybe we could turn it into a real scientific study of free personals and whether free personals ads work on online dating sites. So email me and send in your free personals results.

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