Love Horoscope 2009

I came across my dating horoscope for 2009 today. A “dating horoscope” apparently gives everyone of a particular zodiac sign their dating outlook,

Dating Horoscope 2009

One site, “Horoscope Dating Signs”, offers dating and astrology predictions specifically for 2009. For instance, I’m a Leo, so I looked up my horoscope for dating this year. I was told that I have a “strong, careful and watchful nature”. I also apparently have a “forcible” nature, which I had to look up. I assumed the horoscope meant forceful, since when I think of “forcible”, I think of forcible entry. But it turns out that forcible means effiency or energy, as well.

Also, I was told I am laborious and possess one of those “austere, uncontrollable characters”. Now, I am laborious and at time austere, but I’m hardly what I consider uncontrollable. People can be efficient and laborious, but I don’t think of those people, or careful people, being uncontrollable. Maybe.

That’s all there was to this astrology prediction and horoscope, which frankly tells me very little about my dating situation for the rest of the year. So I moved on to another dating horoscope websites.

Horoscope Compatibility 2009 – Compatibility Predictions

Forever Horoscopes is more like it. This site gave me a Leo compatability with all 12 astrology signs. There’s also an explanation of how zodiac signs predict romance, as well as a little bit of the history of horoscopes. But the real eye-catcher is the compabitility report.

Free Leo Compatibility – Leo Compatibility With Cancer

I was told that I’m interested in unintentional romance. Cancer, on the other hand, wants a solemn relationship, some more than purely sexual. Cancer wants to be taken care of by their partner, while Leo wants admiration and love. If the two can’t meet each other’s needs, they won’t “recognize” each other.

That’s just crazy.

What kind of a prediction is it to say you won’t “recognize” one another. Are these horoscopes written by people who speak English as a first language?

Maybe these exotic predictive magics require some kind of foreigner to master them, then the translator has trouble translating the literal meaning or something. Because I want more than to learn that I’m not going to recognize my potential love.

So I decided to move on to the next option: sexual astrology!

Sexual Astrology

So I checkws out the Leo/Cancer compatibility under sexual astrology. “Sexual astrology” sounds good.

Apparently, good sex might turn my one-night stand into a marriage. But I have to watch out, because Cancer signs are so damned moody. Cancer gets clingy and I want a guy’s night out. This sign can provide me emotional security, though, and sex and love are “very possible”.

Sex is very possible with Cancer, though we’ll have to survive stormy moments. We get 3 out of 4 stars on the compatibility rating.

Leo and Aries Compatibility

Apparently Aries is most compatible for a Leo like me. We keep one another physically and mentally satisfied, while we have an intense sexual attraction. We’ll have a lot of prestige and fortune, but only if we tone down our aggressiveness.

Aries needs to give me the royal treatment, because we can match each other’s intensity. Once again, sex is “very possible”.

Dating Horoscope Site

So there you have it. I’ve found my personal love. All I have to do is find a woman who was born between March 21 and April 19 of any year, whether that year is 1940 or 1990. (I’m going for 1990, personally.) I mean, pretty much 1 out of every 12 women are the perfect match, so that’s pretty good odds. I always thought there was only one perfect soul mate for everyone.

Nope. It’s raining soulmates.

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