How To Act on a First Date

1. Arrive on Time – Don’t be late to your first date. That is simply rude and it shows you have a bad attitude about your date.

2. Dress Nice – Look well-groomed on your first date. Look nice and look like you are trying to look nice. If you decide to go super-casual or torn up, that’s probably not going to come off as charming nonchalance. You’ll look like you don’t have enough self-respect to care what you look like, and you’ll look like you don’t respect your date enough to try. If your date dresses nice for the first date, you can bet that she (or he) expects you to do the same.

I’m not talking about you wearing a tuxedo on the first date. I’m talking about wearing clothes that look nice, that match and aren’t wrinkled. Don’t wear a t-shirt. You don’t have to cut your hair, but either get a trim or look like you have a style you’re going for.

3. Show Good Hygiene – Along the same lines, wear a cologne or body wash that smells nice. Don’t use too much, or that overwhelms the senses. Brush your teeth and try to have fresh breath. If you don’t smell right, your date is not likely to find you very attractive.

4. Relax and Have a Good Time – You might think that I’m preparing you for a job interview, but you actually should approach a first date as anything but a job interview. That is, don’t get too nervous. Try to get comfortable and have a good time. If you’re having a good time, that’s going to come off to your date and make you more attractive. Don’t be disapproving of everything you see or do, unless the date is particularly unpleasant to you. Try to have a good attitude.

How To Act on a First Date – Dating Tips

How To Act on a First Date5. Smile and Have a Positive Attitude – Smiling is important. Studies show that people of the opposite sex are more attracted to people who smile. If you give the sullen routine, you’re date is less likely to find you attractive. Smiling shows that you’re at ease and you have a pleasant, engaging personality. Frowning shows you have a negative outlook and that you probably aren’t going to be a lot of fun to be around.

6. Remember Your Manners – Use your table manners when eating. Don’t talk with food in your mouth. Don’t eat too fast. Eat with the proper utensils and don’t eat with your hands when you should use a fork. Don’t smack your food. These are all things that make a really bad first impression.

7. Listen Up – Just as important, don’t interrupt when your date is speaking. Listen to her (or him) and follow what your date is saying. Not only is it rude to break in when someone else is speaking, but it also shows you aren’t too interested in what they have to say. Maybe this person is talking too much, but that’s no reason to be rude and interrupt. Wait your turn.

How to Act on a First Date – Cell Phone Habits

8. Turn Off the Cell Phone – You might think that receiving several phone calls when you’re on a first date makes you look important and well-liked, but it also shows that you aren’t taking the date very seriously. It shows you don’t have the good sense or good manners to turn off your phone during a date. And unless you are a doctor on call or unless you’re Donald Trump, answering business phone calls during a meal or movie is not going to make you look like a big shot – it’s going to make you look like you are low enough down the totem pole that you can’t keep people waiting.

9. Avoid Certain Topics – There are some topics that should never come up on the first date. Certain subjects have all kinds of potential for disaster, because they are hot-button issues where people’s self-image and identity are personally tied. It’s a general rule that you should never discuss politics and religion. If you agree, all the better, though political discussions between people who agree are seldom interesting. As far as religion go, it’s going to be rare that you agree entirely with someone’s religious views, and whatever differences you have will stand out.

Also, don’t discuss sex. Sex, sexual attitudes and sexual histories are another emotionally-charged topic that can blow up in your face. Discussing sex will certainly allow you to discuss attitudes, but many sexually healthy people will find sex questions from a relative stranger to be intrusive and ill-considered, and possibly forward. So avoid discussions of sex, politics and religion on the first date.

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