How to Avoid Gold Diggers

If you’re a single man, avoiding gold diggers should be one of your top relationship goals. To help you accomplish this, I’ve put together a list of 13 tips for avoiding gold diggers. With any luck, this guide for single men will allow you to bow out gracefully before these harpies get their well-manicured claws into you.

What is a Gold Digger?

I’m not talking about a 19th century prospector. Modern gold diggers are far more greedy and much better groomed.

A gold digger is any woman who enters into a relationship with a man primarily for material benefit. Maybe she cares about the man or maybe she doesn’t, but she absolutely cares about his money. As one slogan so eloquently put it, “Gold digger. Like a hooker…just smarter.”

Could She Be A Gold Digger?Famous gold diggers in recent years might include people such as Heather Mills, Kimora Lee Simmons, Anna Nicole Smith and the rare male gold digger, Kevin Federline. It’s possible that all these people married for love, but their spouses also happened to be conveniently loaded to the gills with money.

These women are a particular bane for professional athletes, musicians and actors. While they smell nice and probably have surgically-enhanced breasts, they’re also looking to latch onto a celebrity and never let go. Another popular gold digger tactic is to get pregnant and then live off of the child support payments.

The latter strategy was famously discussed in “Gold Digger,” a number one single by Kanye West and Jamie Foxx. According to the “Gold Digger” lyrics:

She take my money,
Well, I’m in need,
Yeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeed.

When these women are being talked about in songs, you know the problem is pretty widespread. Unfortunately, when a gold digger does land a wealthy man, it starts giving all of her female friends ideas of their own. Before you know it, the planet runs the risk of being overrun by gold diggers (like some zombie movie, but with a lot more cleavage).

13 Tips for Avoiding Gold Diggers

Here are 13 tips for avoiding gold diggers. While these tips can be useful, remember that nothing in life is certain. The best strategy is to use these tips combined with a lot of common sense.

Tip #1 – Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

By our very nature, guys are drawn to beautiful women. And the hotter the woman, the more we take leave of our senses. Most men will do anything when confronted with a pair of high heels and well-tanned boobs, and that’s where the problem starts.

Gold digging women count on single men (or married ones) giving into their animal instincts, so they often dress the part. It’s up to you to fight against your basic nature and avoid falling victim to the most basic of gold digger traps.

There’s nothing wrong with finding a woman attractive. There’s not even anything wrong with lust at first sight. Just make sure you don’t start thinking solely with the “little head.” Otherwise, the gold digger has scored a victory with her opening gambit.

Tip #2 – Observing the Potential Gold Digger

I’m not suggesting that you hide in the bushes outside her house or sift through her garbage. What I am suggesting is that you observe a woman before you make your move. This might help sniff out a potential gold digger before she does too much damage.

Does she only speak to men who appear to be financially well-off? Does she flit from man to man, perhaps looking to make the big score? These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself. Of course, if you’re observing the woman in a posh restaurant or club, then it’s going to make things a bit harder.

You might also try to get close enough to listen in on one of her conversations. That brings us to our next tip on avoiding gold diggers.

Tip #3 – Curiosity Killed the Cat…But It Got the Gold Digger a New Condo

Whether you’re listening in on a conversation or talking to a woman one-on-one, it’s important to pay close attention to what she says. Does much of the conversation happen to revolve around the man’s job, income, car and social status? If so, you can be pretty sure that you’ve discovered a gold digger looking for her next easy mark. Get far away, no matter how attractive she may be.

Tip #4 – Is She Living Beyond Her Means?

If the subject of employment does come up, be sure and find out what she does for a living, as this can provide a clue or two. If she has an average or even low-paying job, check out her accessories. People who don’t make much money probably shouldn’t have designer shoes and handbags (unless they’re squandering their paychecks on such things).

Also beware of women who only work “part-time.” If she’s single, how’s she paying the bills on a part-time salary? Chances are, the rest of her income is supplemented by a legion of male admirers. Don’t be the next one.

While this can be helpful, also keep in mind that there are many affordable accessories for women meant to look like the more expensive versions. Unless you’re adept at spotting such things (and if you are, there’s a chance you’re not interested in women in the first place), you might mistake a girl who just wants to fit in for a gold digger. Then again, you might be dealing with a novice gold digger who has yet to hit the jackpot.

It’s not an exact science, folks.

Tip #5 – Inquire About Past Relationships

Has the potential gold digger mainly dated older guys? Does she brag about dating a millionaire or football player? If so, proceed with caution.

If she talks about sailing around on yachts or going on long holidays with a wealthy suitor, all kinds of alarms should be going off in your head. A woman like this is probably looking to mount you in her den like a lion. Get far away and avoid being just another trophy.

Tip #6 – Enlist a Hidden Ally

If you’ve got a sister or platonic girlfriend, then this might be a decent option when meeting women in clubs or other public places. When the potential gold digger you’ve been chatting with goes to the ladies room with her pals, send your ally in behind them. This will allow your friend to listen in as the subject freshens up and get an idea of whether she likes you or your portfolio.

Tip #7 – Google to the Rescue

Find out if the girl you’re dating has looked you up on Google. Try to be casual about it, so she doesn’t get suspicious and feel the need to lie. If she has, then there’s a good chance she was running a background check to find out how much money you might make. See, gold diggers like to do their homework as well.

Be careful when using this tip. A normal woman won’t take kindly to accusations of being a gold digger.

Tip #8 – Paying the Bill

There’s nothing wrong with the man paying for everything on the first date. In fact, this behavior is considered perfectly acceptable in most cultures. Just be sure and keep an eye on her reactions during future dates. At some point, the woman should at least offer to pay for her share.

If she always seems to expect you to pay, then there may be a problem. If she acts as though she expects you to pay, then there’s definitely a problem.

If your suspicions are raised by her behavior, try taking your fact-finding mission to another level. Remember, sometimes you really have to work to smoke out a golddigger.

After a few dates where you’ve paid for everything, try conveniently “forgetting” your wallet. If she has the gall to seem pissed off about having to pick up the check, then it’s time to get the heck out of the relationship.

Tip #9 – Sex in Exchange for Gifts

If the only time you get laid is after buying her something more expensive than some sexy lingerie, then you’re getting screwed in more ways than one. Basically, this devious golddigger is conditioning you. The more you buy her, the more pleasure you’ll receive. The only way to thwart her schemes is to break things off and permanently forget her phone number.

Tip #10 – She’s Not Worried About a Condom

If your new girl doesn’t seem interested in making you wear a condom, she’s either stupid, a gold digger or both. The obvious strategy is that she’s trying to get pregnant, thus forcing you to pay child support (which she’ll probably spend on herself) for the next 18 years.

Otherwise, she’s just a fool, as the number of sexual diseases out there should be frightening to any rational adult. I know a lot of guys would rather go bareback for the heightened sensation, but it’s not worth dying over. Use the big head, not the little one.

Tip #11 – Multiple Cell Phones

Does your new love interest have multiple phones and seem to get a lot of calls unrelated to work? If so, she might be a gold-digging woman. Some gold diggers will carry a phone dedicated to each chump that she’s stringing along.

Don’t end up being just another phone in her collection. If she can’t give you a reasonable explanation for multiple phones, assume that something is very, very fishy.

Tip #12 – Gold Diggers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

While many gold diggers are blonde, tanned and busty, that’s not always the case. Gold diggers can be fat, thin, ugly or attractive. In fact, these devious manipulators come in all shapes and sizes.

And it’s not only rich guys who are in danger. If you’ve got a job and a steady income, then there’s probably a gold digger out there who would be interested in getting into your wallet.

For this reason, all single guys should watch themselves when trying to meet women. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself unhappy and with a lot less money.

Tip #13 – Get a Prenuptial Agreement

If you really can’t shake the suspicion that your woman is a gold digger, but you also can’t stand the thought of living without her, then you should definitely consider a pre-nup (or prenuptial agreement). Basically, this legal document is an agreement that both parties retain the money they came into the relationship with.

Money earned after the marriage may still be divided up, but you’ll get to keep everything you had prior to tying the knot. This is especially invaluable for men of wealth, as a divorce can financially cripple even the richest person.

Of course, you also run the risk of losing your woman when you suggest a pre nup. Many women will take such a suggestion as distrust on the man’s part, so be very careful how you bring up the subject.

So there you have it – 13 tips for single men to avoid gold diggers. Then are many more tactics you can employ during your relationship, but you’ll no doubt think of these as you go. These 13 tips are meant to get you started, as the unprepared man can be highly susceptible to the devilish gold digger.


  1. It’s NOT only women who are gold diggers. I lost literally thousands of dollars getting involved with a white trash piss poor bible thumper that worked in the same office building as I did. My gut instinct was that he was after money from the start, because he never showed any interest in me until I bought a new car. A fat slob/former “friend” convinced me that he was “moral” and the “devoted type” because of his phoney religious persona. He ripped me off for any amount of money he could, it didn’t matter if it was “borrowing” change for a cup of coffee or trying to sucker me into buying his 11yr old brat kid a $50 exotic bird for his birthday when I offered to buy a $6 parakeet at the swapmeet. I was going through a divorce at the time and wasn’t thinking clearly, actually hoping so much this creep was right for me. What a mistake that I paid for both financially and emotionally.

  2. I had two relationships with golddiggers. The first one was dating several men at the same time (I found out). I caught her on the phone once, asking one of her rich guys who had a collection of sportscars to buy her a condo if he really cared for her… I split when I caught her talking to one of her girlfriends saying she wanted to take all my money to the last drop… Second one, she was married at the time and was looking to divorce. I found out she had just married the first poor sod she could find in order to get the nationality and stay in the country. She left him, lonely and ruined. That was Step One. Step Two was finding a rich guy to marry. She was only in relationships with interests at stake. I found out she too was dating several men at the same time.

    Both had eyes like dollar signs as soon as you were talking about anything that had to do with riches. Easy to spot really.

  3. This problem is actually very easy to avoid, jut don’t buy anything for her/him, you just don’t have to, why would you need to give gifts to some one who hasn’t do anything for you? just because they exist? no! you will recompense them just for act like a bitch. if in some case you wanna spend a little be of money maybe go out to some nice place or do something interesting with her/him but never give her/him any material stuff and once in a while as her to cooperate for something that you both will enjoy.

  4. I suppose that not many people will be surprised to know that among gay men there are many many golddiggers.

    Older gay guys are usually exploited by young gay men who want a sugar daddy and as everybody knows, gay men have expensive habits (clothing, travel, fine dining…etc).

    But here`s the biggest surprise, there are young straight guys who exploit older gay men, they even have sex with them and they keep their “very straight” appearance to the world with girlfriends and even wives but they have their sugar daddy on the side.

    I know some young gay men who openly say that all they want is to find an older guy to support them and buy them everything they want. They have no interest in working and all they want is to enjoy life at the expense of another.

    So, yeah, it`s a problem among gay men too.

  5. Don’t be surprised to find gold diggers at your local church singles group. I knew a guy who dated a woman for six years. She never once paid a check. Her father had to give her money to meet her mortgage payment. The worst part is that this chick didn’t put out because she was “waiting for marriage.” Of course, she was never ready to marry my buddy during the six years they dated. She played the “I love Jesus” card and took my friend for quite a bit of money. He is no longer a Christian because of her. Christians can me dirt bags too. Watch out.

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