How to Be a Better Lover

Who couldn’t improve their sex life? Almost everyone wants to be a better lover, have more sex, have better sex, whatever. This guide tries to cover all aspects of becoming a better lover, including what to do about boredom in the bedroom, where to find romantic or erotic literature, and places to go for help.

Solving Boredom in the Bedroom

1. 10 Secrets to a Better Sex LifeThis lengthy article from WebMD features opinions and ideas from health professionals and relationship counselors alike.

2. Love Tips from Ask MenAimed mostly at men, this article from offers guys bedroom advice without any of the shame associated with looking through women’s magazines at the grocery store.

3. Several companies offer what are known as “Pleasure Parties” or “Girl Parties” – gatherings where adult toys and even videos (or other sex-related miscellany) are available for demonstration and sale. You can find one such website here.
Find one in your area and set it up today. You and your friends will have a blast.

4. Married Couples Get Rid of Bedroom Boredom – In this article, married couples share how they got rid of the bedroom boredom. Trust me, if married couples can spice things up, anyone can.

Supercharge Your Sex Life5. What Women Find Boring in BedAimed at men, this article attempts to let men know what women find ‘boring in the bedroom’. Of course, this is just one woman’s opinion. Did I mention that one woman is the proprietor of one of the largest adult toy shops in the Southern hemisphere?

6. Solving Boring Bedroom Syndrome – Attempting to solve “Boring bedroom syndrome”, the author of this article consulted polls, doctors, and even makes reference to her personal life.

7. Tips & Techniques for Better SexYou turn to for advice on everything else – why not sex? A wide range of topics includes sexual positions (many I’ve never heard of) and even intellectual discussions on sexuality.

8. The Women’s Health Mag’s Guide to Better SexWomen’s Health Magazine has gathered a variety of sex-related articles in one place for easy perusal.

9. Understanding the Female Anatomy – Thanks to Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Laura Berman (a sex therapist) offers “instructions” for men (or women) on “Understanding the Female Anatomy”. No va-jay-jay talk here, it’s all clinical.

10. Sex and Diet – Spice Them Both Up – Most of us probably don’t consider our diet a big part of our sex life. This article from begs to differ. Spice up your sex life by spicing up your diet.

Romantic Date Ideas

Romantic Date Ideas11. 101 Romantic Date IdeasThis long list (“!01 romantic date ideas”) tends toward the cliché. A hot air balloon ride? Still, its as good a place to start as any.

12. Frugal Date Ideas – Looking for romantic date ideas on a budget? Check out a site called; they can’t possibly steer you or your wallet in the wrong direction.

13. Unique Date Ideas –  It’s always a good idea to get to know your partner better- whether you’ve been married for fifty years or you’re just planning a first date. Ideas like this, and many more, can be found here.

14. More Unique Date Ideas – A few more original date ideas for you to consider.

15. Unique Ideas For Dates – Advice from the experts at Yahoo! Personals – the dates are listed by category for your convenience.

16. Winter Date Ideas – Looking for unique dates when it’s cold outside?  Sure, the advice seems a little obvious. But if you’re pressed for time, this advice could be a datesaver.

17. Dating Horror Stories – After reading through the date horror stories found here, you should feel a lot more confident about your dating style.

18. Thirty Dollar Date NightIf you live in any of the 6 major cities profiled at this site, you’re in luck. Cheap and creative date ideas that will be sure to get your foot in the door. So to speak.

19. Dressing For a DateDressing for your date can be as important as what you do on the date. Check out this nifty blog for advice.

20. Weird Dates – Maybe you’re a little bit weird. If so, check out this page () for stories and experiences of some equally weird people.

Good (and Bad) Pickup Lines

Pickup Lines21. Good and Bad Pickup Lines – I would advice you against using many of the lines found here – but a bad pickup line can teach you as much as a good line can.

22. Categorized Pickup LinesA wide variety of pickup lines, organized by category. Everything from “Christian pick up lines” to pick up lines for the Star Wars fan.

23. Pickup Lines That Work, Sort Of – A video example of how NOT to use pick up lines . . .

24. Pickup HelpMore lame pick up lines that just might accidentally work . . . if you can get a laugh out of your potential partner.

25. Why Not Use a Cute Pickup Line?Solid advice here – the author suggests you don’t use lines at all. But in case you still want to, she provides a list of lines that “probably won’t get you slapped”.

What Men Want

26. What Modern Men Want – The author of this article offers a long list of what “modern men want”, for better or for worse.

27. What Men Want According to Their AgeAnother long article, this one focusing on what men want at different ages – 20, 30, and 40.

28. How Men Should Ask for What They Want – Rather than trying to teach women what men want, this article from attempts to teach men how to ask for what they want.

29. What Your Man Wants in Bed – That perennial favorite, Redbook, weighs in on this important issue.

30. Cosmopolitan’s 20 Favorite Sex Tips of All Time – Now you can stop buying the magazine. Why do I file this under “What Men Want”? Its easy – men want you to read Cosmo and put their advice to good use. Makes us feel important.

31. What Men Really WantThe experts at WebMD offer a hilarious list of what men “really” want – including things like “His own shelf in the medicine cabinet”.

32. Pop Culture and What Men WantA lengthy and rather strange article advising women on what men want using pop culture references.

33. Cool StuffHere’s a list of what men want . . . under the Christmas tree or for their birthday. Cool gadgets and technology, along with price and where to buy info. May not make YOU a better lover, but if you buy your man something off this list he may turn into a wild man.

34. What Real Men Really WanteHarmony offers real advice from real men (and women) – even better than learning from some doctor or article writer, you can scan these answers and find out what real men say they want.

35. More Advice From eHarmony . . . and if you like the responses to that article, here’s the original, also from eHarmony.

What Women Want

What Women Want36. What Women WantPlenty of advice available here – a coherent article about women supposedly written by a man.

37. What Women Pet Lovers Want – is a site full of non traditional dating advice. Their article on “what women want” offers a unique perspective.

38. What Older Women Want – A hilarious take on “What women want in a man” comes from – read along as women’s standards drop over time.

39. What Women Really WantA no nonsense approach to “what women want” – including articles on attraction, sex, and even anatomy.

40. A Masculinist’s Guide to What Women Want – Advice for men about women can be found everywhere these days. Men’s News Daily has a series of podcasts on the topic that approaches the subject from a seriously masculinist position.

Attraction Tips

41. The Player Society – If you don’t mind a little pig headedness, has all sorts of advice on attracting women – and much more information for sale.

42. A Woman’s Perspective on How to Attract Men – Women, you aren’t left out in the cold. Learn one woman’s perspective on how to attract men.

43. Attraction Rules – For a more scientific approach, check out’s wise (if a little dry) advice.

44. If the LiveScience article wasn’t brainy enough for you, here’s “The Nonverbal Symphony of Attraction” from a British journal called PsyBlog.

Attraction Tips45. Language CluesAnd this section wouldn’t be complete without a tabloid style entry – language clues for women that give away when a man is attracted to them. Really? Really.

Help for Couples

46. Sedona Couples Retreats – Offering a chance to “create a breakthrough in your relationship”, these retreats (run by a guy supposedly named Gregory Drambour) are set in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

47. Inner Care RetreatsCalled “Meditations on Love”, the retreats offered by Inner Care are based in couples meditation and other spiritual aspects of a relationship.

48. Soul 2 Soul: A Retreat for Couples – Down in Austin, Texas, Dr. Kate Bares-Johnson offers couples a chance to find “the living truth of their souls”. If everything’s bigger in Texas, maybe the two of you should head for Austin and give your sex life the opportunity to grow.

49. Rainbow Health Sanctuary and Retreat CenterAnother couples retreat from the Lone Star state – this one offering spa treatments and pampering.

50. Marriage Quest, run by a husband and wife marriage therapy team, takes place in beautiful Cabot, Vermont. They offer counseling in infidelity, intensive marriage therapy, and midlife crisis counseling.

51. Marriage CruiseThat’s right – a marriage cruise is available, for those couples having a rocky time but who still want to have a blast.

52. Dr. John Gray Marriage Retreat – Dr. John Gray, the author of the infamous Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, leads several marriage counseling retreats every year. Cost prohibitive? Yes. Practical? No.

53. Intimacy Retreats are like marriage counseling but focusing primarily on teaching you and your mate the Tantric philosophy. This means sex – and plenty of it.

54. The “Being Together” retreat series offers couples “an opportunity to enter deeply into . . . the experience of being present”. If you snickered after reading “enter deeply”, you probably shouldn’t go on this one.

55. The Tao of Intimacy is another Tantric based couples retreat that takes place in beautiful Hawaii.

Romantic Meals and Cooking Ideas

Sexy Cooking56. Cooking with a Romantic TwistOver a dozen links on this page will lead you to just about any type of cooking you’d like . . . with a romantic twist.

57. Free Romantic Gourmet RecipesA few obviously romantic recipes to get you started down the path of romantic food. Champagne ice cream, anyone?

58. Romance at the Kitchen ProjectA ton of good ideas for romantic meals from the folks at The Kitchen Project.

59. Romantic meal planning for the Un-romantic maleEnough said.

60. A Romantic Meal for Two – From the popular Food Network program “Paula’s Home Cooking”, here’s a romantic meal for two.

61. Take the ultimate plunge in romantic cooking – schedule a course at the Creative Cooking School of Las Vegas.

62. A podcast featuring one man’s meditations on cooking a romantic meal.

63.’s recipe box is FULL of ideas.

64. offers a selection of wines that pair perfectly with romance.

65. If you really want to splurge on your partner, book a cooking and cultural tour of Barcelona through

Sexy Stories to Read with Your Lover

66. LiteroticaThough some of the material here may shock you (if you’re shockable), there’s plenty of mild material for those lovers with virgin ears.

67. If Literotica was too heavy handed for you and your partner, the Lusty Librarybills themselves as “Stories for the sexual intellectual.”

68. Adult Story promises their material is “adult fantasy” without being “too gross”.

69. Sex Stories – A wide variety of erotic stories can be found here, some raunchy, some tame.

70. Sex Tails – Harder edged than the other story sites on the list, also has one of the widest varieties of topics.

Kama Sutra

71. The complete text of the Kama Sutra, a sacred Hindu text on love and its practice.

72. Kama Sutra on the Web is a one stop shop for sex – featuring information and merchandise to help you in the bedroom.

73. Kama Sutra PositionsExplicit pictures teach you how to perform the most popular positions found in the Kama Sutra.

74. Kissing per the Kama SutraVideo and other resources for kissing as it is taught in Kama Sutra.

75. An excellent illustrated guide to the Kama Sutra.

Meeting Partners Online

76. – That site you’ve seen on TV might hold more promise than you think. After all, thousands of happy couples have wed after meeting through this popular site. A bit pricey, though . . .

77. – If you’re just looking for a good time in your neck of the woods, check out Craigslist. Be careful who you agree to meet with. I suggest at least talking to them on the phone beforehand.

78. – Featuring more members than (and available at a lower price), has made a name for itself as a real competitor in the online dating world.

79. – A free online dating service, offering plenty of opportunities for singles to meet at a very reasonable price – the best price of all, in fact.

80. – Create your profile, sign in, and start looking for potential mates. This popular “social networking site” offers more than just social networking, if you know what I mean.

81. Yahoo Personals – Their slogan is “Better first dates, more second dates”.

82. Webdate.comNot just personal ads – plenty of advice and discussion of important dating topics, too. I noticed there’s an abnormal number of “beautiful people” who are members of this service.

83. – A newer dating site with a unique and fun feature – pick three people you’re interested in, and have members of the site pick the one they think you should meet. Like a game show!

84. – Hundreds of thousands of members are looking for mates at this free site.

85. – Many dating websites will not match homosexual individuals to members of the same sex. Avoid this potential problem at

Poetry for Lovers

Love Poems86. Love PoemsA collection and a set of links for and about love poetry.

87. Poetry for LoversPoet Marc Duggan’s site. He writes nothing but love poems and poems about lovers.

88. Links 2 Love – The name of the site is just what it is – links to love poems and poetry in general.

89. Best Love PoemsFeatures classic and contemporary poetry on the subject of love.

90. Net PoetsA collection of love poems by a variety of authors. Links and resources also.

General Dating/Sex Advice

91. Mens Health on Sex and RelationshipsMen’s Health magazine hasn’t steered you wrong up to this point. This site is a wide open resource for all sex and relationship advice topics.

92. Sex Education for TeensAimed specifically at teens, this site offers REAL sex education . . . the kind of stuff you won’t hear in school.

93. Sex Info 101 – Sex AND dating advice in a one stop shop.

94. Dear SugarSex and dating advice columnist who answers weekly emails – also a great archive of past answers for your browsing pleasure.

95. More general advice on sex and relationships.

Romance Dos and Dont’s

96.Cruising the CubiclesDos and dont’s of office romance.

97. Dos and dont’s for internet romance.

98. Dos and dont’s for online dating sites.

99. Dos and dont’s for kissing and kissing techniques.

100. Dos and dont’s for men on Valentine’s Day.

See also: 75 Resources for Men Who Want to Become Better Lovers.

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