How to Become a Better Lover (for Men)

Since nobody else has ever put together a complete guide to becoming a better lover for men, I decided to do it myself. These 75 sex resources for men will allow you to improve your lovemaking techniques, find a lover in your area and explore new and exciting sexual positions.

Become a Better Kisser

Foreplay is an important part of becoming a better lover. Kissing is considered highly erotic by most cultures on the planet, and the following resources will enable you to become a better kisser.

1. Art of Kissing – A comprehensive resource on the art of kissing. Includes how to kiss on a first date and advanced French kissing techniques.

2. Secrets to a Great First Kiss – Written by men for men, these tips reveal proven strategies to make that first kiss an event to remember.

3. How to Kiss a Woman – Offers step-by-step instructions which will leave your partner wanting more. Also includes common mistakes that men make during a kiss.

Become a Better Kisser4. – Covers a wide array of topics on how to become a better kisser. Includes kissing with braces, French kissing, and vacuum kissing.

5. Kissing Advice Videos – A number of videos offering kissing advice are available for free. Includes tips on creative kissing, kissing passionately and giving a goodnight kiss.

Improve Your Diet

Improve your diet by drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. When the blood is clean and flowing properly, an erection can be maintained longer.

6. Food Pyramid – The Mayo Clinic offers suggestions on how you can use the food pyramid to improve the quality of your diet. Also offers tips on low-fat cooking, choosing dietary fats and more.

Eat Better, Become a Better Lover7. The Better Sex Diet – Details and discusses methods for improving your sex life through diet. Increase your energy and circulation by following these steps.

8. Eat Better America – An online guide to eating healthy and nutritious foods. Includes recipes, an online forum and articles on diet and nutrition.

9. Michigan Surgeon General – The Surgeon General of Michigan offers a healthy eating quiz, as well as numerous recipes. A collection of links to better eating resources is also available.

10. Save Money on Healthy Foods – If you’re going to improve your diet, there’s no reason to pay an arm and a leg. This article offers 10 ways that you can save money while shopping, despite the rising cost of groceries.

11. AOL Health – Learn about sexual foods like chocolate, oysters and strawberries. Other articles include men’s fitness and celebrity diets.

12. Improve Your Diet at Work – Many people neglect their diet while at work, but that doesn’t have to be the case. These tips are specifically meant for the hard-working individual, and the site also includes articles on everything from teen obesity to guides for healthy snacking.

13. Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet – Simple tips provided by Dr. Katz, a columnist for Oprah Magazine. Also includes a list of healthy 10-minute meals.

Increase Your Sexual Stamina

Exercise Increases Sexual StaminaYou can increase your sexual stamina by exercising. The longer you can perform, the more pleasure you can bring to your partner. This is one of the keys to a man becoming a better lover.

14. Treadmill Reviews and Ratings – A site dedicated to rating and reviewing treadmills. Prices are listed, and an equipment expert is available to provide customer assistance.

15. American Fitness – In business since 1998, this online fitness supplier carries home gyms, bikes, rowers, treadmills and much more. Products can be shipped to all states in the U.S.

16. Workouts for Leg Muscles – Numerous leg-strengthening exercises are presented. Exercises are also included for the arms, chest, back and abdominals.

17. Running and Jogging – Training advice is offered, as well as nutrition and proper apparel. Tips are also offered on preparing for a marathon.

18. Learn to Box – A professional boxer offers advice on the proper way to throw punches. Useful for anyone considering taking up boxing as part of their exercise regimen. (Also see our article 10 Surprising Dating Lessons You Can Learn From the Sport of Boxing.)

19. Learning Meditation – Besides having the necessary energy, a good lover also need to make sure that he doesn’t peak too soon. Meditation will help you control both your body and mind.

20. 50 Tips to Increase Stamina – Resource offers 50 different ways which you can improve your stamina. Site also offers articles on other fitness topics.

21. 6 Pack Abs – Abdominal exercises designed to increase your stamina and give you six-pack abs. Videos, forums and additional articles are also available.

22. Swimming World Magazine – Whether you’re swimming or performing water aerobics, this monthly magazine offers a number of suggestions and techniques. The world’s leading independent resource for swimming.

23. Calorie Count – Includes a list of activities and how many calories they will burn. Running is covered, as is dancing, bicycling, fishing and working in the yard.

Work on Your Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk and Love PoemsAfter sex is over, it’s important to communicate with your partner. Work on your pillow talk, and your woman will immediately rate you as a better lover.

24. Love Talk Forums – One of the keys to becoming a better lover is what you say when the physical act is over. This forum allows men and women to share their thoughts and desires concerning pillow talk, sexual health, love advice and marriage.

25. Love Poems and Quotes – Features hundreds of love poems and love quotes. Romantic ideas are also available.

26. Best Love Poems – Includes a selection of famous love poems and those submitted by the online community. Poems are ranked by their rating.

27. Become a Better Listener – Simple advice for listening to your partner after sex. Advice on being single, rekindling your romance and body language is also offered for free.

28. 101 Things Not To Say During Sex – One way to improve your pillow talk is to know what not to say. The same is true during sex, and this lighthearted list details 101 comments to avoid.

Be Open to New Sexual Activities

People’s interests and tastes are constantly changing, so it’s crucial to be open to new sexual activities. While some might seem odd at first, you may find that they are surprisingly pleasurable.

29. Sex-Lexis – A complete dictionary of sexual terms and expressions. Words and phrases are arranged alphabetically.

30. All Sex Guide – Offers advice and tips on kinky sex, safe sex, solo sex and sex for couples. The author of this site has been providing online sex advice since 1999.

31. Ultimate Guide to Public Sex – Public sex, also known as “dogging” in the UK, is popular across the globe. This sex resource offers positions, stories, etiquette and frequently asked questions.

32. Swingers Handbook – The online guide for swingers, this sexual resource includes tips for beginners, personal ads, topical issues and bonus content.

33. Tantric Sex – Expand your sexual horizons by engaging in tantric sex. Learn to improve your sexual connection and give your partner the legendary one hour orgasm.

34. Healthy & Active – Offers a wide array of adult toys and sex toys. Everything from dildos and vibrators to massagers and sex swings.

Know Your Sexual Positions

Sexual PositionsIt’s important to know a wide variety of sexual positions in order to please your lover. The following sex resources for men will allow you to do just that.

35. Ananga Ranga Sex Techniques – A comprehensive list of techniques from the Ananga Ranga. Includes the lotus, the monkey, the lotus position and many more. Dark Girl and Plain Girl techniques are also included.

36. Sex Position Selector – Use this guide to find the sex positions which are perfect for you. Based on energy level, penis size and more.

37. 50 Worst Sexual Positions – A humorous look at 50 terrible (and fictional) sex positions.

38. Porn Star’s Favorite Positions – Porn stars discuss their favorite sexual positions. Video is included.

39. Best Female Sex Positions – If you want your partner to reach orgasm, you might consider one of the sexual positions listed here. Also includes links to the best and most outrageous sex positions.

40. Sexual Position for Baby-making – If you’re trying to conceive a child, these positions may give you the best chance for success.

50. Karma Sutra Sexual Positions – Quotes and pictures from the Karma Sutra, the bible of sexual positions.

Get an Erection or Increase Your Penis Size

Bigger isn’t always better, but it is important that a man be able to get an erection. For those looking for extra confidence in bed, you might explore options which increase your penis size.

51. Viagra – The world’s leading erectile dysfunction medication. Learn more about erectile dysfunction and find out how to get a prescription.

52. Levitra – Offers erectile dysfunction information and treatment options. Another popular prescription medication.

53. Cialis – Proven to work as fast as 30 minutes in some men. A free 30-day prescription is available.

54. Facts About Penis Size – Before you do anything rash, read these facts about the size of a man’s penis.

Know the Human Body

If you know the human body, then you’ll be better equipped to please your lover in bed (or anywhere else).

55. Erogenous Zones – Women have pleasure spots all over their body. Learn about them with this sex resource for men.

56. Human Anatomy Online – Learn about all parts of the human body, from the digestive tract to the central nervous system. Presented in full color.

57. Female Genital Anatomy – Each part of the female anatomy is labeled, and there’s a special section on the hymen. A video and article library is also available.

58. Sex Stimulation Techniques – Stimulation techniques designed to work the erogenous zones of a woman’s body.

The Perfect Spot for a Sexual Encounter

Romantic Places to Have SexLavish hotel rooms and exotic travel destinations can often serve as the perfect spot for a sexual encounter. Sometimes a change of scenery can take your love life in a whole new direction.

59. Fiji – Turtle Island in Fiji is a perfect location for honeymoons, romantic getaways and anniversaries.

60. Sandals Resorts – Exotic Caribbean vacations at Sandals Resorts. Ideal for weddings and honeymoons.

61. 50 Romantic Places – A guide to 50 of the most romantic spots on the planet. Use this resource to find the perfect spot for a sexual encounter.

62. Most Romantic Spots in the USA – If you don’t want to leave the country, this handy list provides a number of romantic spots right here in the U.S.

63. Romantic Places – Specializes in romantic inns, taverns and hotels across the globe.

64. World’s Most Romantic Destinations – This resource offers tips on the most romantic spots to take your lover. Suggestions are also offered for the man on a budget.

It’s Not All About Sex

Keep in mind that it’s not all about sex. Everything from massages to sexy letters can enhance the mood and make you a better lover.

65. Chocolate – Women love chocolate, and nobody does chocolate better than the people at Hershey’s. This site contains recipes, products and promotions. Order chocolate products online.

66. Tips for Cooking – Hundreds of recipes and tips for when guys enter the kitchen.

67. Romantic Music – has thousands of romantic CDs to set the mood. Search by genre or artist, and you can also download music right to your computer.

68. Pet Names for Lovers – Includes nicknames to call your lover, plus a generator which will create new pet names on the spot.

69. International Star Registry – Naming a star after your girlfriend is a unique way to show her how you feel. In business since 1979, this company offers a toll-free number and accepts international orders.

70. Flower Delivery – Order flowers over the phone and have them delivered by a local florist within 24 hours.

71. Diamond Jewelry – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and offers the best online prices on precious jewelry.

72. Men’s Style Guide – If you want to be a better lover, use this resource to look the part. Also offers advice on tailoring and fabrics.

73. Romantic Gifts – Over 450 romantic gifts to put your female partner in the mood. Order online with total privacy guaranteed.

74. Romantic Cards – Express your feeling with a romantic cards. Standard cards are available, as well as romantic e-cards.

75. Learn to Dance – As Frank Sinatra sang, “What is dancin’ but making love set to music, playing”?

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