How to Boost Your Libido

How to Boost Your Libido

The ominously titled Sexual Dysfunction Association made a big splash in the 90s by announcing that February 14th would be “National Impotence Day”. There’s another little holiday we celebrate on that day — maybe you’ve heard of it. The expected aim of capitalizing on Valentine’s Day was to raise awareness of the problem of impotence in both men and women.

Different studies into the prevalence of impotency report different findings, but most experts agree that around ten percent of otherwise healthy men and about the same percentage of women suffer from impotence. What are some ways people can increase their libido?


Some people swear by aphrodisiacs — food or drink that excite the libido and increase sexual pleasure — while others find them distasteful, ineffective, or even physically harmful. When we suggest using aphrodisiacs to increase your sexual appetite, we’re not talking about the mythical Spanish Fly (a poison called Cantharidin that is secreted by a specific beetle) or a bottle of red wine, though the latter may do the trick. Modern research into aphrodisiacs suggests that some things we eat and drink really do affect our ability to perform sexually.

Some aphrodisiacs go back as far as human civilization. Pumpkin seeds have been used at least since the time of the Pharoahs of Egypt to ignite both men and women’s sexual appetite. Egyptians also ate certain kinds of nuts (like Brazil nuts and almonds) to speed up the action in the bedroom. Science tends to support these three foods’ aphrodisiac claims, as all three are rich in an amino acid called arginine which increases blood flow to the genital area. Called “natural Viagra” by some nutritionists, pumpkin seeds are all the rage when it comes to increasing female sexual appetite. After a nutrionist made an appearance on a popular American talk show to discuss the value of pumpkin seeds in female sexual activation, grocery stores reported shortages of the seeds all over the country.

Medication and Medical Treatment

The commercials are impossible to escape — magazines and television are so full of ads for drugs meant to cure erectile dysfunction (or ED) you’d think every man in the world had trouble getting an erection. A decade after the apperance of Viagra, more and more couples are finding that a little blue pill is all that stands in the way of sexual enjoyment.

Viagra is the greatest single success story in the history of pharmacology,at least from a business perspective. It is the fastest-selling medication ever, and for good reason. be careful when pursuing better sex through chemistry, as often male sexual dysfunction and ED are caused by a physical problem such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Doctors say that ED can be the first sign of trouble in the blood vessels, since the veins in the penis are the smallest in the human body.

Rather than just asking your doctor for Viagra, make sure your health is okay if you start experiencing erectile dysfunction. Medication like Viagra works well to increase blood flow to the penis, making it easy for men to enjoy sexual activity.


Though it may not sound as exciting as eating a fistful of Brazil nuts and turning up the Barry White, sometimes mental health counselling is required to get a person back to their optimum sexual health. Just like with depression or other mental health issues, medication is not always the answer for libido problems. Medication is almost never the complete answer to our sexual problems. The manufacturers of Viagre have even admitted that a full 50% of men who start a course of Viagra (or another ED treamtnet like Cialis) stop taking the medication within one year. Viagra is a miracle drug for many men with libido problems, but it doesn’t act as a cure all for relationship ills that may be at the heart of your sexual problems. Communication, often in the form of couples counselling, is sometimes required.

Confronting the problem of impotence can go a long way to curing it. Because of the stereotype that men are virile and think about nothing but sex it can be difficult for them just to admit that they have intimacy problems. The best aphrodisiacs and ED drugs can’t replace good old fashioned love. Even if all of your body parts are in working order, it is common for an emotional problem to prevent two people from enjoying their love life. Simply being able to maintain an erection doesn’t mean your libido is up, but counselling with your partner in cooperation with a doctor approved medication regimen could be the silver bullet for your impotency problems.

Meditation and Spirituality

If you’ve already tried aphrodisiacs, medication, and couples counselling, the final tactic for increasing both male and female libido is the simple act of meditation. The old saying goes that our largest sex organ is our brain — sex happens in the brain (even for men) before it ever happens in the genitals. This means when you’re feeling upbeat and happy, your sex life functions fairly well and it is easy to become aroused. When you suddenly find your libido hitting the floor, it is likely because of a psychological problem such as depression.

Boredom is the enemy of sex, as is low self esteem, tiredness, and physical changes like the birth of a child or a problem at work. Meditation and focus on the spiritual aspect of your life can clear your mind of these problems, or at least make them seem easier to deal with.

Though most of us will continue to think of February the 14th as Valentine’s Day, National Impotence Day is an important way of keeping the complex issue of impotence at the forefront of medical science. Impotence is more than just an inconvenience, it can destroy relationships and self esteem. By establishing National Impotence Day, people hope that men and women will stop pretending they have a problem with impotence and be more inclined to do something about it. If you are suffering from the condition of sexual impotence, you have plenty of avenues for support and treatment. Gone are the days when impotence wasn’t spoken about in polite company, and we know have more ways to deal with sexual dysfunction than ever before.

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