How To Calm Your Nerves Before a Date

Tips For Calming Your Nerves Before a Date

Learn how to calm your nerves before a date, so you’ll make a good impression and not send the wrong signals to your dating partner. You’re probably getting prepared for a big first date or some kind of important early date, such as the one where the two of you take the next step. In either case, being too nervous to be a good date isn’t going to help. How here’s several methods for calming your nerves.

1. Be Prepared

You’re going to be less nervous if you have less to be nervous about. Be prepared for your date. Spend the time beforehand, so you don’t have to rush at the last minute.

Pick out what you’re going to wear on the date. Clean up and get dressed. Dress nicely and look nicely. It doesn’t matter what you look like, you can always look your best. When you do, you’ll be more confident and less nervous.

Dress nicely and smell nicely. Groom yourself and wear some nice cologne. Do the same for your car, if the car is going to be part of the date. Clean your car and have it smelling clean and fresh.

Also, make sure you have enough money for your date. Have some cash on hand. Make sure your credit card won’t decline. Don’t get into a situation where you have to worry about money and that’s another nerve-wracking part of the date out of the way.

2. Get a Perspective

This person said yes to going on a date with you in the first place, so you’re doing something right. Getting the date is the hard part. As they say, you have to get in the game, before you can win the game. The date is where you lay your card on the table.

If you were asked out, then they want to be with you. If they accepted your invitation, they decided to spend time with you tonight. So keep that in mind and don’t be so nervous.

3. Distract Yourself

Clear your mind by distracting yourself. If you’re nervous and on edge all day, you’ll be fatigued by the time the date comes. Nerves cause adrenaline to flow, causing nervous energy. Adrenaline is great, except it saps your strength after a while. So get the date off your mind and relax for a while.

Read a book or magazine. Watch tv or a movie. Clear your mind with a walk or some other form of exercise. In fact, exercise is probably the best way to burn off excess energy and clear your nerves. Exercising takes your mind off your worries and releases endorphins to the pleasure centers of your brain.

If you do it right, you can get some exercise and watch a movie at the same time. That can be your private time.

4. Take a Warm Bath or Listen to Music

Afterwards, take a warm bath, which relaxes your muscles. This kind of relaxation is soothing and purifies your skin.

If warm baths aren’t your thing, listening to music is a good way to get your mind off worries and relax. Music is a series of soundwaves which bounce off your body (including your ear drum), so music tends to have a relaxing quality that we underestimate, because we don’t realize the sounds hit more than our ears. In many ways, listening to music relaxes our muscles like taking a hot bath does.

Combine the two. Better yet, listen to music once you’re out of the bath and it will reinforce the relaxation.

5. Go Over Your Plans

This dovetails with “Be Prepared”. One way to get your mind set for the night is to review your plans. This helps you tweak the date and make it better, while taking your mind off of the abstract notion of impressive this person.

6. Don’t Fear Gaffs – Have a Sense of Humor

Everyone who has ever lived has gaffs. The perfect date is a Hollywood invention. You’re going to say something or do something that he or she doesn’t entirely like, enjoy or agree with. That’s okay, though. People like a challenge and, if you agree on everything, that’s does not make for much of a challenge.

One way Hollywood gets it right is that a good sense of humor can wipe away gaffs. If you have a gaff, have a good sense of humor about it. Make a joke, laugh it off and then move on. Don’t dwell on your failures. Don’t call undo attention to them. Don’t let it derail the evening. Show you’re cool by showing you have the confidence to let your mistakes pass with a smile, a word and maybe a chuckle. Then go about enjoying your date.

In fact, while I wouldn’t suggest planning one, look at gaffs as an opportunity to show off your sense of humor and your confidence.

It doesn’t help to have a few laughs while you’re waiting for the date. Once again, laughing is a great cure for nervousness and insecurities. Humor will be a big weapon in your arsenal. It will show you have no fear of looking foolish or standing out. So learn how to calm your nerves before a date by being prepared, having a perspective and a sense of humor about this whole “dating thing”. Those three things are called being confident.

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