How to Create a Catchy Headline for an Online Dating Profile

Figuring out how to create a catchy headline for an online dating profile takes time. You can fiddle with word order and try headline after headline for years before finally settling on the perfect online dating profile that gets you hooked up with the man or woman of your dreams. Or, if you’d rather not wait that long, follow the advice below. Your online dating profile headline is literally the first impression you make on someone searching for dates online. Since we all know you never get a second chance to make a first impression, use the ideas below to build the perfect first impression.

  • The key to writing the perfect catchy headline for your online dating profile is striking a balance between a cliche and a bizarre and out of place line of poetry. In other words — you don’t want to go with “Fun-Loving Single Guy!” but neither do you want to put something in your online dating profile that is so obscure it will turn people off.
  • You know yourself better than anyone else knows you. You don’t even have to think very hard to conjure up a list of your favorite movie quotes, lines from books, song titles, etc.  Start yourself on the path to creating the perfect online dating profile headline by making a list of catchy phrases from your own personal favorite books, movies, etc. Once you’ve got this massive list of sayings, you can cut some right off the bat. That favorite line of yours from Ghostbusters 2 (“Better late than never”) might attract some people because of its honesty, but is probably too desperate for the general population. On the other hand, a phrase that popped up in your head that seemed dumb at the time (“What are you waiting for?”) now seems like a very viable alternative. By striking some lines and highlighting others, you can start to narrow down your choices.
  • The perfect catchy headline for an online dating profile walks the thin line between desperation (“LET’S GET MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES”) and vague disinterest (“Looking for Mr. Right”). Yes, this is difficult territory to navigate, but  there are some quick ways to tell if your line is successful. Ask a friend to look over your online dating profile, and catch what that friend has to say about your headline. You might even want to try your online dating profile out at a DIFFERENT dating site, one that you have no interest in using, before posting what could be a disastrous profile headline on your site of choice. The key is — practice makes perfect.
  • Most people don’t even consider asking a question for their dating profile headline, but this may be a great reason to try it for yourself. Since it isn’t common, your online dating profile will stand out. The most successful dating profile I’ve ever used had the simple headline “Wanna have some fun?” Sounds cheesy at first, but since no one else’s headline was asking a question, it got me a ton of attention.  If you’re really into a sport or a hobby, you can slip this into your headline question, so now you’re standing out for two reasons — your headline question and your hobby. “Looking for a workout partner?” or “Do you love to read?” are like filters for interest in your online dating profile — only people who are into the hobby you mention will respond.
  • As a last shot at creating a catchy online dating profile headline, you can try describing your ideal date or partner and making that your intro. “Looking for a down to earth cutey that loves to laugh,” or something along these lines will attract a certain type of person instantly, and at least get you on the right path to online dating success.

You don’t have to be William Shakespeare to write an effective and catchy headline for your dating profile. Just follow the above advice, be honest, and test out your headlines on friends and even other dating sites before you go “live”. Good luck.

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