How To Dress For a Date

Dressing for a First Date

Knowing how to dress for a date is extremely important, especially when we’re talking about first dates.

Both men and women presumably want to make a positive first impression and dressing nicely for a date is a good beginning. At the very least, you should look like you are trying to make an effort.

No matter what you look like, you can always look your best. Here’s how you look your best on a date.

How Women Should Dress for a First Date

Men and women have slightly different concerns when dressing for the all-important first date, so I wanted to give distinct advice for our male and female readers. Some of the below can be applied to both sexes, while you’ll notice some is quite gender-specific.

Know the Itinerary

Decide beforehand what you’ll be doing on the date. This way, you’ll know exactly what would be appropriate to wear. If you are going to a nice restaurant, wearing khaki pants and hiking boots isn’t appropriate. If you’re going to the beach, an evening gown won’t get the job done. If you are going rock climbing, you probably don’t want to wear a sundress.

So learn exactly what the plans are and then dress accordingly. Now that we have that out of the way for males and females, let’s get on to specifics.

Project What You Want to Project

Decide what message you want to convey to him and choose your clothes accordingly. If you want to show yourself as fun-loving, wear something nice, but casual. If you want to be taken serious, wear something a little more businesslike. If you want to be sexy or feminine, where a dress that shows your curves. What you choose to wear says a lot about yourself, though, so ask yourself what you are projecting.

Whatever you do, look your best. Get your hair and your nails done. Smell your best. Even if you want to project casual, make it attractive and casual. You don’t know how the rest of the date will go, but in case you want to have a lot of stock with this guy for date #2, make sure you turn his head either way. Guys date women because they are attracted to femininity, so remember to accentuate your femininity, no matter what you wear.

Don’t Overdo It

Even if you go with sexy, don’t overdo it. Leave a little something to the imagination. You send a message with what you wear. When you wear the low-cut, revealing attire or a mini-miniskirt, you’re sending a certain message to the guy. There’s plenty of time in life and you can always take it to the next level next time, when you see how the first date goes. Don’t take it to the top floor just yet.

Be Comfortable and Confident

Dress in something that you’re going to feel comfortable in. When you are comfortable, you’re going to be more confident. Confident women are sexy, attractive women. Show him you have something going for you and you know it. I’m not saying you should come off as vain, conceited or arrogant, because those are turn-offs for a lot of guys. Just be comfortable in your own skin.

Smile and Have Fun

Smiling is attractive. A person laughing and having fun is attractive. These are the people we want to spend time with. So don’t show up with a scowl on your face. Don’t be overcritical, sarcastic or abrasive. Prepare to have a good time on your first date and enjoy yourself a little. Sure, dour women attract men, too, but that doesn’t mean they are going to attract the right kind of man.

How Men Should Dress for a First Date

Men are going to want to show off their masculinity on the first date, so wear masculine clothes and masculine cologne. When I say masculinity, though, that does not mean scruffy or stinky and so casual that you might as well be watching a ballgame somewhere. Be a man, but be a clean looking, well-groomed, nice smelling man.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

While tennis shoes and sandals are appropriate in many public settings these days, loafers and boots and other dressier shoe styles simply look better. Go casual up top if you want to, but a good pair of shoes shows you are serious about the date.

Be Yourself, But Enhance Yourself

Otherwise, be yourself. Hopefully, being yourself includes wearing some kind of button up shirt, but if not, wear the nicest pull over shirt you have. For a first date, casual should be how you where your clothes – not what you wear. That doesn’t mean you should wear suit and tie, but try to wear what you might to a business casual office.

Oxford button-down shirts are nice. Dockers are nice. If those just aren’t you, you don’t have to wear them, but don’t wear the old hockey jersey and those blue jeans with the holes in them on a first date.

Choose Your Colors

Get the colors right. Ask one of the women in your life what your best colors are, if you don’t know. This mainly has to do with eye color, hair color and complexion. Blue might draw out the color in your blue eyes, for example. If you prefer to let your voice do the talking, then wear muted tones and dazzle her with your sales skill.

Groom Yourself

Most important, a guy needs to look clean. Get a haircut. Shave yourself. Shabby and wrinkled is not manly. B.O. and bad breath is not attractive. Sure, guys might naturally be a little earthier than women in your everyday life, but that doesn’t mean women are naturally attracted to that. Masculinity is how your carry yourself and the confidence you project, not how scroungy you are.

So look your best and, especially, smell your best. They say the clothes make the man, but more than the clothes, I would say the smell makes a man. Take a shower, wear deoderant and put on a nice, masculine cologne. Your ladyfriend will love it.

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