How To Enjoy a Blind Date

Enjoying a Blind Date

Believe it or not, you can learn how to enjoy a blind date, even if you normally cannot stand for your friends setting you up with someone you don’t know. Believe me, most people find blind dates to be a beating, which reflects itself in the common negative portrayal of blind dating in the pop culture. But if you and your blind date have a good attitude, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your night out on the town with this complete stranger.

Whether you’re on a blind date or your 20th date with the girl of your dreams, remember to be on time, groom yourself, smell nice and look your best. Those are pretty much commandments for dating.

1. Have No Expectations

Go into the blind date with an open mind. Don’t expect this to be the love of your life or a rare beauty. At the same time, don’t assume this person is going to be a psycho or a hundred pounds overweight. Get rid of your preconceived notions and try to enjoy this other person’s company for the sake of getting to know someone better. If it works out and you have chemistry, then start to build your expectations.

2. Don’t Lie

On the other hand, don’t build expectations about yourself. If you talk to this person beforehand, don’t make up stories about your age, your job, the money you make, your marriage status, your height, your weight or whatever else. When the two of you meet for the first time, that’s going to be pretty disappointing for your date – just as it would be for you – and that’s going to start things on a really bad note.

If that’s a problem, just keep the discussions to a minimum before date night. If you don’t say anything, you won’t say anything stupid.

3. Plan a Little Conversation

Have some date questions planned and don’t just wing it. When you know somebody well or you’ve at least talked to each other a few times before you meet, you have something to discuss or an idea of where you want to take things. Blind dates are the most stress-filled dates usually, because you’re essentially meeting a complete stranger for dinner. Long pauses are common, which serves to build the tension and the feeling of being uncomfortable.

To combat that, have a few conversation topics planned. Keep them light, breasy and not so serious. Maybe make a list of fun questions, that allow you to get a reaction from this person. Talking allows you to get to know one another and learn about potential compatability issues.

4. Be Polite

Be polite to this person. Understand they are going through the same uncomfortable emotions you are. Remember, the two of you have one thing in common: you’re both on a blind date. Also remember that politeness reflects on you; if you don’t show respect, you’re the jerk, not the other person.

This goes even if you realise quickly that the two of you aren’t compatible. It’s assumed some friend set the two of you up, so stay in the date for a polite amount of time and thank the person for the date, whether you’re ever calling them again or not. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out, but don’t be jerk.

5. Have a Good Attitude

Many blind dates start when a mutual friend decides to single friends of their, usually of the opposite sex, should meet one another. This third person in the hookup makes for a weird dynamic, because they might have a totally different idea about attractiveness and beauty, or about compatibility. There’s no accounting for taste.

Point being, your friend might not choose for you what you would choose for yourself, so have a good attitude and a good sense of humor about their taste. Remember, this person likes you and wants you to be happy, so that’s the motivation here.

Don’t get insulted if you think you’re “out of the league” of your blind date. This person must have positive qualities that your friend knows about, so don’t dismiss this person. Even if you have no physical attraction and it’s “not going to happen”, this guy or girl could become a friend or a business contact. You never know, so have a good attitude, share a laugh and a story and walk away with a friend either way.

How To Survive a Blind Date

If you do all the things above and your blind date is the complete opposite, you aren’t obligated to stay around all night. Your friend probably hasn’t dated this person, so they might not have seen this side of them. Politely disengage from the date and go on about your life. Thank your friend and explain to them why it’s not going to work, or if that’s an uncomfortable topic, simply say you weren’t interested in dating this person.

Having a good attitude about a blind date is about having a good time and bonding over the tension of a blind date. When the other person isn’t playing along, then nothing you do is going to allow you to enjoy this blind date and you might as well end it.

Most of the time, that won’t be the case. Most of the time, you’ll find certain traits about this person attractive. Your first date will have its tense moments and its fun moments and you might have some chemistry. The physical attraction is less likely to be there than if you asked this person out yourself, but otherwise, this person is likely to be nice and pleasant to talk to, perhaps moreso than if you had gone on looks alone.

In other words, your about as likely to have enjoyed your blind date at the end of the night as not. Sure, you might ask yourself why this person is still single, if they’re such a catch. But you could ask that question about anyone you’ve just started dating.

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