How To Find A Young Girlfriend

Let’s get right to the point – some guys are looking for young women. Just typing that looks kind of filthy. No matter what it sounds like, it’s a fact of life. Men what young girlfriends, and especially as men age, you will find that they often date women much younger than they are. Here’s a quick quide to finding a young girlfriend.

Young Women Hangouts

To find young women who might want to date you, you need to go to young women hangouts. Young people today are more likely to have two or three jobs than they are to spend every night in a bar. Unlike the past, where maybe a young person could stick it out at work after a night of drinking, but this is a bit more difficult to do when you’re working two or three shifts a day.

While bars and clubs will always be a popular hangout for young people, you have to consider the quality of young woman you want to meet. The young women who you want to date are probably at work or in bed while their jobless friends are in the club all night. In this day and age, men have to look in some new places to meet worthwhile young women to date.

Just about every successful young woman I have known or dated have taken some sort of exercise class. From the young professional junior advertising exec who did weight training to the hippie performance artist who couldn’t go a=three days without a yoga class, women are hitting gyms, private dance studios, or health clubs to keep in shape. In this economy, young people want to condense their exercise into the most maintainable piece of time possible, so joining an exercise class at a gym or club populated by young people is a big step toward meeting classy young women.

Another idea is to take advantage of the multiple job situation – flirt with your young waitresses. These women work at the same restaurant on a shift schedule, so you’re likely to be able to find them when they’re working and simply talk to them. Start a dialogue. I have seen this method work for lots of older guys – waitresses will appreciate your pleasant conversation (and your tip money) and get comfortable sharing with you. After that, its yours to lose.

Convincing a Younger Woman of Your Value

How To Find A Young GirlfriendYou’re going to have to give a young woman good reason to ignore the field of able bodied, younger, probably more attractive guys approaching her every day. This means you’re going to have to treat this like a business transaction. There are benefits in convicing a younger woman of your value. If you display a “higher value” than the alternatives, she’s likely to want to date you. Trust me, proving higher value than a bunch of 19 year olds is easy.

If a woman senses you are more trustworthy or emotionally sturdy, she will immediately attribute a higher value to you. If you’re not really attractive physically, you’re going to have to do some pretty tough work to convince her of anything. You’ve chosen this woman because of her physical beauty – why shouldn’t she feel the same way about you? With your age and experience, you can easily convince a woman that you are a more valuable boyfriend than her idiot high school friends. Women are more strongly attracted to a man’s sensitivity, humor, and showing of emotions than a man is to a woman’s. You’re perfectly set up to convince this young lady that you would be a solid date – you’re simply more sensitive and understanding than they are.

If you want a younger woman to date you, you’re going to have to give her at least three good reasons why – maybe its your money, your fancy car, your nice clothes . . . it doesn’t matter. Getting your foot in the door at this stage is of the utmost importance.

Showing Off

Alright, so showing off wasn’t a good idea when you were the age of the women you’re trying to date. It wasn’t sensitive, it was crossing some kind of invisible line, and besides what did you really have to show off? Most likely at this stage in your life, you’re much more financially stable than anyone else this young woman knows. Its now okay to be flashy – some young women expect it. Buy that $300 bottle of Cristal, rent a sports car for a road trip, buy her clothes and other gifts, it is likely that the age of the woman you’re after is likely to appreciate your financial flash as much as your emotional maturity. Combine the two, and you are a certain target for her desires.

Dating A Young Woman

Remember that Cyndi Lauper song – “Girls just wanna have fun.” You can be the most sensitive guy with the biggest bankroll, but if you don’t show a girl a good time, you won’t be considered a good partner. Dating a young woman means you have to fun. Fun means a variety of things to a variety of women – think about the young woman you have in mind. Is she more likely to go to a bar or take a nature hike? If you’re honest about these women, you’ll know naturally the kinds of places they want to go.

Having said that, simply taking a young woman to a fancy club every night will bore her to tears. Consider asking the young women you’re after to go on a kind of trip she’s never been on before – go kayaking, or take her to a museum or art gallery, even present tickets to a play or an opera. Look – she already knows you’re old and less attractive than other people in her social group, so she probably expects you to really go all out. Come up with your own original date ideas, and sprinkle in those trips to the bar, or the movies.

Truly, dating a young woman should work just like dating an older female – you should have respect for all people, regardless of their age. When you decide to chase after a young girlfriend, just remember to look in the right places, do the right things, and keep a positive attitude. Many young women want to try dating older men, to expand their horizons. You could be just the guy they’re looking for.

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