How To Get Over Your Fear Of Women

I think the average guy has some fear about approaching women. Of course it is irrational but you can’t help it. You may go out at night with the guys and someone points out an attractive lady to you. Yeah, you may find her beautiful and all so your friends tell you to go over and talk to her. But you can’t. That fear just won’t let you. What if she shoots you down before you open your mouth? What if she doesn’t like you or she finds you unattractive? You don’t want to get embarrassed or have your self-esteem crushed but you don’t want to be alone, either. That fear can take you over and prevent you from meeting someone special. How do you get over your fear of women? How do you learn to approach a woman and start a conversation with her? It can be done using some simple techniques and with a few key things in mind.

Why Are Men Afraid Of Approaching Women

Before you can fix a problem, you need to know why there is a problem. What is the cause for a man’s fear of women? The main reason men are afraid of meeting women is the fear of rejection. No one wants to be rejected by someone they are interested in or trying to impress. It is painful and can shake up your ego and self-esteem. You don’t want to embarrass yourself or seem ridiculous so you don’t want to put yourself in any situation where that may happen.

Other reasons that men are afraid of women are that these types of men lack confidence with women and they are afraid that if anyone finds out (their buddies or the women they are trying to impress) then it will be embarrassing. Sometimes men are afraid of starting a conversation or keeping one going. A lot of guys just don’t know what to say to a woman. They might also be afraid of the unknown such as not knowing what will happen when they approach a woman. The unknown can be very scary for many people.

There are dozens of other reasons to be afraid of women, each unique to the individual. Identifying them is the first step in learning how to approach women without being afraid.

The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear Itself (Do What You Fear)

Get Over Your Fear of WomenUsually the worst ting about being afraid of approaching women is the feeling of the fear itself. But it is just an emotion. Just because you feel that the worst will happen does not mean that it will. A good method of conquering a fear is to do that which you are afraid of. So in this case, if you are afraid of meeting women, then you should gout and meet as many women as you can. Go to parties, to clubs, or any social event, and walk up to women and start up a conversation. Don’t have the idea of asking them out on a date. Just concentrate on talking to them and getting to know them. By doing this, you will get use to the idea of talking to women and find out that there is nothing to fear.

Learn How To Interpret Body Language

If you want to get over your fear of women, you need to understand women. Now, there is nothing in this world that will make a man understand a woman but you can learn how to interpret clues by reading body language. Body language is a great indicator to a woman’s mood and intentions. For example, a woman that is smiling and leaning forward or has her arms to her sides is more open to someone approaching them. But if a woman is not smiling, has her arms crossed in front of her thus creating a barrier against people approaching her, then that is a sign that she doesn’t want to be bothered or is in a bad mood. By learning to read body language, you can tell which women would be more acceptable to being approached.

Do Your Research

If you want more clues to what women think or how they think, you need to do your research. How do you do this? Read what they are reading. You can check out any number of magazines and books that are full or articles on relationships, how women can look their best, how to attract a guy, and other stuff. Cosmopolitan is often the go-to mag for anyone interesting in reading what women have to say. Computer tech and muscle car magazines are not going to be much help to you. You can also check out numerous dating sites on the internet. There are forums and advice columns for women that cover a wide range of topics. Once you start reading this material, it can help by letting you know what most women are interested in.

Forget The Cheese

One thing to help you get over your fear and lessen your chances of rejection is to quit using cheesy pick-up lines. Sure, some of them may be cute but most women have heard just about every line there is. Plus, once you have delivered your line, you will still be at a loss for a conversation starter. So skip the cheesy lines and just get to know her. Act like you are interested in what she has to say and respond accordingly.

Think About Yourself

If your hair is dirty and uncombed or you have bad breath or your clothes are rumpled and in need to cleaning, then you are setting yourself up to get rejected right off the bat. Take care of yourself. Think hygiene and be clean. Evaluate yourself in the mirror. Dressing nice and wearing a subtle cologne will do a lot to increase your chances with the ladies. If you don’t like the way you look, then do something about it. Get a new haircut or a new wardrobe. If you need to lose a few pounds then work out. By improving your image it can help your self-esteem which in turn will improve your confidence with women.

What Is The Worst That Could Happen

Lastly, what is the worst than can happen if you approach women? You may get rejected but even if the woman is rude about it, so what? She cannot take anything away from you. Only you can do that. If being rejected embarrasses you it is because you let it. But more often than not, if a woman rejects you she is not going to be rude. Most will be straight forward but gentle about it. If this happens, then hey, go on to the next woman. But if you prepare yourself, look your best, and stop being nervous, then you are very likely to find a woman that will be receptive to you when you approach her.

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