How to Know if Your Online Date is Into You?

How do you know if your online date is into you? First dates are (at best) nervous and unsure, even when the two of you seem to hit it off. Online dates are particularly odd, because you know one another only from the internet and you probably have a preconceived idea about your online dating partner. When the two of you meet in a live setting, both of you will be comparing your date not only against their general expectations about a good date, but also this imaginary online date.

So even if you have what you imagine to be a great date and he said, “I had a great time with you” or “I’ll call you”, you might get home and be unsure of yourself. Do you know if he really likes you?

For those women who just love that extra reassurance, we’ve compiled some simple questions-and-answers to tell if your online date is really into you.

Online Dating – How To Know If He’s Into You

  1. Is your online date into you?First and foremost, the biggest give away is the way he looks at you. As the man said, the eyes are the windows to the soul. If he looks deep into your eyes when you speak, he’s probably into you. If you notice him staring into your eyes when you’re not looking at him or talking to him, that’s an even better sign that he really likes you. Eyes rarely lie, so if a man looks intensely at you, you can be pretty sure that he likes you. There are some men, especially salesmen and public speakers (lawyers, teachers) who make it a habit to look into peoples eyes when they talk. So this isn’t a can’t-miss sign that your date is into you. Here are other signs, though.
  2. He’s probably into you if he smiles whenever you make an eye contact with him. Once again, eye contact is a big tell in the dating world. The smile is especially important, because the smile is often an autonomic response. That is, smiling is often an unconscious act. If he’s smiling, that’s a pretty good sign that he really likes you. (Once again, this is in the “probably” category. Some people smile to be polite. The kind of smile I’m talking about is one where the eyes squint, because that’s considered a “real” smile.)
  3. If a man watches you walk, then he’s attracted to you. When women walk, their hips move and a man that’s attracted to you wants to see that movement. If he watches you all the way out of the room, your date is a success. If he quickly loses interest and his eyes wander, that’s not a good sign. (Remember that a look back in his direction is seen as a sign that you are attracted, so don’t check out where his eyes are unless that’s the signal you want to send.)
  4. Online Date Close to YouHe tries to stick close to you when you walk together or when you are in a public place.
  5. If your new man closes his eyes and breaths in deeply, then he’s trying to smell you. That’s a sign he’s enjoying being near you. A man who is not attracted to you is not very likely to want to want this kind of intimate sensual information.
  6. Another possible explanation when he takes a deep breath of air when you are close to him is that he might be calming himself. Once again, this is a good sign. Your presence makes his heartbeat fast and he tries to stay calm by breathing deeply very often.
  7. A man that keeps digging about your past relationships is interested in you. He wants to know more about you and your past and that itself says a lot, doesn’t it? The man wants to know what he’s up against, or shall we say who you’re comparing him to. When a man isn’t interested, he’s not very likely to be interested in your past relationships.
  8. When he talks about the next date already, he’s into you. This is the simplest and most direct of giveaways. If he’s not interested in you, he won’t be planning the details of your next date.
  9. When a man slowly strokes a woman’s palm when talking to her, that man is showing affection for her.
  10. A man who agrees to watch a cheesy chick flick you both know will bore him off to death is likely to be into you. He’s willing to make the sacrifice to spend more time with you. Don’t let yourself be fooled, though. If the date appears to be going badly, he might agree to watch a movie just so he doesn’t have to talk to you for an hour and a half. He might see a chick flick as preferable to conversation with you. So make your judgment based on what has gone on before the movie suggestion.
  11. If he tries to avoid other calls when he is with you, that’s a really good sign.If he doesn’t like you, he would pretend to be busy with calls to avoid your boring or annoying date conversation. But if he avoids all those intermittent calls and silences the cell phone like a gentleman should anyway, he doesn’t want you to be bored and feel ignored during calls. You might meet the guys who is attracted you, but who doesn’t see the endless cellphone conversations as rude. In this case, he might be attracted to you, but you should reconsider if this is who you want to date. Whatever his feelings, he’s sending signals that the person on the other end of the phone is more important to him than you are.
  12. He offers to walk you to your door. Not only is he not ready to let you go, he’s concerned for your safety, and probably pretty interested in that first goodnight kiss.
  13. When your date keeps suggesting reasons to extend the date, that’s a good sign. If a guy tries to cut off the date as short as possible, that’s a bad sign. He’s trying to get out of the date as soon as possible. A guy who has been waiting for weeks or months to meet you in person and who is really into you won’t want the date to end. Even if he has a supposedly good excuse like an early morning, that’s still a bad sign. He should be energized by his excitement over finding a potential partner enough that he is willing to forego a little bit of sleep to be with you longer. This little bit of dating logic has a point somewhere in the night that it no longer applies, of course.

Don’t look at any one of these online dating attraction rules as the ultimate decider of whether your internet date is into you. Any one or two incidents on this list can be chalked up to personal idiosyncracy or erratic behavior. Look at the whole date and put the pieces together. If you’ve found five or more of the above traits in your online date, then you can be pretty certain that your online date is into you. If you come away from the date thinking he was into you and the date passes the test on this list of signs that he’s into you, you can expect to hear from your online dating partner again about another date.

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