How to Know When to Kiss a Woman

A good kiss can leave a woman weak in the knees. It can communicate everything that you are feeling without ever saying a word. A kiss is a good way to gauge someone’s confidence and some men have even turned a kiss into an art form. But how do you know when to kiss a woman? Sometimes men get confused about the signs that women tend to give off. You may wait for the woman to give you the go ahead instead of just taking the initiative. Waiting for the absolute perfect moment can cause you to miss a good opportunity. Some men tend to get nervous beforehand and jump the gun, trying to kiss her when she is not ready. This is a really good way to foul up a first kiss. So when do you kiss a woman? There are some tips and strategies you need to think about before you go out and try to plant one on her.

Get Rid Of The Nerves

Before you can know when to kiss a woman, you have to learn to control you nerves. A lot can be riding on that first kiss and women tend to judge guys on such things. Many men get nervous and flustered when they think of kissing a woman. Not every guy has had a lot of practice, you know. Just the thought of locking lips is enough for them to experience performance anxiety. And it is not like it is something you can really practice at beforehand. Its more of a ‘learn as you go’ type of thing.

What will help you with that first kiss and to make it memorable (in a good way) is to get rid of the nerves and just relax. It is just a kiss. It is not a test that says whether you pass or fail. Relax, act confident, and do it slowly. If you go too quickly like a rocket blasting off, you are liable to miss the mark (and maybe even crack a tooth).

Don’t Rush Things

When to Kiss a WomanNowhere does it say you have to kiss a girl within five minutes of meeting her. You don’t even have to kiss her on the first date. Too many guys make the mistake of rushing a kiss. They might be nervous and just want to get it over with or they might be in a hurry to get it on. You should never rush a kiss because it can lose much of its potency. A kiss should be built up to and it has to be timed just right. You have to get the right mood going. If the mood isn’t right, the kiss just won’t work.

Right Place And Right Time

When trying to figure out when to kiss a woman, you need to find the right place and the right time. Holding hands at the top of a ferris wheel is a good place. So is a walk through the park at night. There is always that favorite spot overlooking the city where you can park your car. You need to be able to recognize good romantic spots because it helps set the mood for a kiss. Never make a move at the wrong places such as a family funeral, while at work, or while standing in line somewhere with a bunch of people watching.

The right time is also an important factor. Timing a kiss is everything. Most people save the kiss for the end of the date as a way to say goodnight. But you don’t necessarily have to do that. If the timing and place is right, you can go for that kiss at any time of the date.

Body Lanuage

Learn to read a woman’s body language. Body language is a big indicator that a woman is in the right mood for a kiss. Positive body language that shows that she is into you can be things such as leaning towards you, playing with her hair, touching her neck or face, or even a constant smile on her face while she stares into your eyes. These signs are good indicators that she is in the right frame of mind for you to make a move.

Negative body language is a sign that trying a kiss right now would be a huge mistake. If she is not meeting your eyes consistently or has her arms crossed are both negative signs of body language. She might even be leaning away from you or have her shoulders turned away from you. All of these signs show that whatever you are doing to impress her is not working and to go any further would only jeopardize your chances of success.

Don’t Wait For The Signal

Some women are aggressive enough that they will come right out and tell you to kiss them. If you are dating that kind of woman, then more power to you. You have just been spared a lot of nervous strategizing and confusion. But let’s face it. Most women like for the man to make the first move. If you are lucky, they will give you some sort of signal for the right time to kiss them. Don’t expect it to be a flashing sign and a arrow pointing to her lips. Ain’t gonna happen. Hopefully she will give you a signal such as leaning into you or titling her head up as she closes her eyes. She may give you a signal by only using her eyes. You get ‘the look’ which tells you that it is okay to kiss her.

The bad news is that some women never give a signal. They may be just like you and waiting for that perfect moment that may or may never come. They may not have a lot of experience with kissing and not know how to give a signal. If you are not getting a signal from your date but you find yourself in a romantic place and feel that the moment is right, then you shouldn’t wait for a signal from her. Take the initiative and move in for the kiss. Do it slowly and keep eye contact as you get closer. The worst that could happen is that she will just tell you no, the moment isn’t right. If that happens, then you should respect her wishes and wait for a better moment.

Make The Moment Happen

Too many people wait for the right moment before they kiss a woman. But you can’t be passive about this. You can’t sit around on a date and wait for fate. Sometimes you have to be more aggressive. This means that you need to make plans to set the mood. Take her out on a date to someplace romantic. Pick out the right music to play in the car while you go out. If you are cooking a meal at your place (or just ordering out) then spruce up the place with some mood lighting such as candles or soft lights. Do everything you can to help create the right atmosphere. This will make her more approachable for you when you decide to reach in for that kiss.

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