How to Use Body Language to Attract Women

Body language has a lot to do with how men attract women. I’m in a book club, and a couple of the books we’ve read recently were chosen by women and were written by women. Read part of a fiction book written by your average female author sometime and you’ll realize how much body language and facial expressions mean to women. You may not think you’re body language is saying much about you, but every movement you make (or don’t make) tells a woman something about you.

More than anything, your body language tells a woman how confident you are. Projecting confidence may be the single most important skill you can have when trying to attract women. So work on your body language when you talk to women, because it’s just that important.

How To Use Body Language To Attract Women When You Walk

How to Use Body Language to Attract Women1. Use Good Posture – Like they say in the military: arms forward, chest out, shoulders back. If you keep your head and eyes up and your shoulders back, that shows you have tremendous confidence. If you’re posture is slumped, even if you are a confident man, it looks like you are worn down and you lack confidence.

Men who are developing a gut or who carry too much weight tend to have bad posture, since their backs aren’t built to carry that kind of weight. Do a few exercises to build your back muscles, such as push-ups, and your posture will improve a lot. That might sound like a pain, but we’re talking 5-10 minutes a day. The improvement in your posture will be huge, and women will be a lot more attracted to you if you have good posture.

2. Walk Confidently – When you walk, don’t just have good posture. Take big strides when you walk. Big strides once again shows you’re confident about yourself and where you’re going. Stride purposefully and confidently and women will notice you. Show that you are the master of the situation and the master of your surroundings. But mostly, show in your stride that you have a smooth gait and you have confidence.

How To Use Body Language To Attract Women When You Talk

3. Don’t Fold Your Arms or Legs – Folding your arms or legs is a sign you are defensive and “closed” to interaction. It’s a sign to women that you don’t want any part of them, and that you are disapproving or uninterested. Even if you give the idea that you are attracted to a woman, folded arms shows a certain insular nature that isn’t likely to attract women.

Keep your arms and legs unfolded. Don’t be afraid to take up space. Show that you are open to interaction and you are an open person in general. Speaking of “taking up space”, let’s get to the next body language tip.

4. Take Up Space – Don’t be afraid to spread your body out and take up space. A man who spread his shoulders wide and takes up a “man’s space” shows confidence. He is at ease with his surroundings and is confident about his own personal space. Don’t be afraid to rest your leg on the bottom of the next chair. When sitting on a couch or in a car, fill out the seat. Women don’t want you to be dainty. They want you to be a man.

5. Maintain Eye Contact – About the worst thing you can do when talking to a woman is to have the shifty eyes. Keep eye contact when you talk to a woman. This shows you have confidence in what you say and that you are ready to engage with her. Whatever you say, it’s likely to have a greater impact when you look a woman in the eye when you say it. (This goes for all people – not just women.) One, you look more honest. Two, you look more confident, because you don’t look like you’re searching for answers. Three, looking a woman in the eyes means you aren’t learing at her cleavage.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Smile – Once again, a man who smiles shows that he’s comfortable in his setting, that he is having a good time and that he’s confident. Don’t be afraid to smile when it’s appropriate, because people are more attracted to people who smile than people who scowl all the time.

7. Take Your Time – When you move and gesture, don’t jerk around. Slow down your movements slightly. Be smooth. Show purpose. Have a certain calculation to your movements. Grace never hurts, even with us big, oafish men.

Also, when you talk, make sure to pause every once in a while and take in the reaction of your audience (the woman you’re talking to). Give her a chance to reply and add something. Don’t act like your giving a rehearsed speech. Pause for a second, then proceed if she doesn’t add anything. Slight pauses also add to the dramatic effect of what you’re saying.

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