How to Use Senior Dating Sites

If you’re wondering how to use senior dating sites, you’re not alone.  People age 50 and older have a hard enough time learning to use their email and web browser without having to figure out how to look for romance online. The fact is — using a senior dating site is easy, getting started is usually 100% free, and there’s no reason to be scared of jumping into the world of online dating. Here are the five things you need to know to get started using a senior dating site today.

  1. Find the senior dating site that matches your needs and interests — This link will take you to a Google search for “senior dating”. This way you can look over the options available to you. There are plenty of senior dating websites available for your use. From  (my personal favorite) to (an “exclusive” service for wealthy clients) there are senior dating websites to match any person’s needs. There’s no need to rush. If you’re into a particular hobby, or are a spiritual person, or are looking to date only people of a certain political affiliation, there are dating sites that will allow you to specify that. The point is — do your research before you join. You want to feel comfortable with a particular website before you plunk down your credit card information to access the necessary “premium” services. So don’t be afraid to look at dozens of sites before you find one that you really like. Don’t just jump in at the first reasonably priced senior dating site you find.
  2. Make the right “profile” – Once you’ve found a senior dating site that you’re comfortable with, it is time to make a dating profile. Much like writing a classified ad, making a “dating profile” can seem humiliating or just downright silly. Remember that your “dating profile” is the first impression most people will get of you. Select a photo that is up to date (so that if you do meet someone in person they don’t feel like you lied to them about your appearance) and attractive. Good photos for senior dating sites are usually of just you (no friends or family) in your everyday environment. Don’t get gussied up just for your dating profile photo — show the real you. After you’ve picked a photo, fill out any or all of the information the website asks for. Remember that you don’t have to fill out certain info if you don’t want to. Show a little humor in your profile and people will be drawn to you. Treat your “dating profile” like a job application . . . show your best side, hide any facets of you that you are nervous about.
  3. Be polite, but be careful — If you follow my advice and post an attractive photo along with (funny) and true information about yourself, you will eventually find some “matches”. A “match” simply means that someone is interested in you or that the senior dating site you’re using thinks the two of you will be compatible. The first thing to be aware of is the possibility of a  scam. When you’re talking to one of your “matches”, keep a look out for things that seem out of place. If someone  starts telling you they’re broke, or make hints about money, you may be being scammed. Another indicator of a scam can be a person’s photo — if your match shows a photo that is hard to see or seems “cropped”, it might be a scammer using a fake photo. Use your best judgement when first communicating to avoid scammers.
  4. Arrange “online dates” before real life encounters — Once you’ve “scam proofed” a person, just start talking with them. Communication is the most important part of an early online relationship — not only will you build friendship this way, but you can also get a feel for a person’s motivations for dating this way. If, for example, someone is impatient to meet you, won’t talk about themselves in detail, or only communicates with you every now and again, you should assume that something isn’t right. Regular, friendly communication is key to building early trust. The next step is dating. Plan “online dates” to play online games (the link above links to Yahoo’s game site, where you can meet other people to play games online) or chat live. Once you’re comfortable with a person’s online personality, it is time to meet them in person.
  5. Plan the perfect first date — You’re comfortable with someone’s personality. You’re satisfied that they aren’t scamming you. You may even be attracted to this person — now you’re ready for the first date. An ideal first date, when meeting someone in person for the first time, is short and in a public place. Plan to have coffee at a cafe conveniently located to the both of you, or meet up at a bookstore and browse together. You want to be safe, and plan a short date, so that if something goes wrong or if you decide you’re not interested, you can pull the plug.

There’s no reason to be scared of using senior dating sites. Use these five tips to help you on your way to your new dating life, and happy searching!

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