How To Write an Online Dating Profile

Posting a Good Online Dating Profile

Knowing how to write an online dating profile is essential to launching a successful Internet dating life. Online singles are going to be browsing dozens, if not hundreds, of singles profiles at any given time. That means you get a few seconds to impress potential dating partners.

Your profile at an online dating website is the first and only chance you get to make a first impression. If you have a bad profile, you’re simply going to attract fewer potential dating partners. Online profiling is just like trying to make a good first impression in real life.

If you have your zipper open or a piece of food in your teeth, you’re not going to make a good impression. A bad online dating profile is like having your fly open when you a meet a girl; that might impress some, but it’s going to make most of them think you’re a loser.

So take some time on your profile, because it will be worth that extra little bit of creativity.

Have a Headline

Make sure your headline not only tells the person something about you, but catches their attention. Generic headlines like “Knows How To Have a Good Time” are bad enough, but bad headlines like “Make Me Laugh Again”, “Not Sure What to Write Here” and “Seeking a Soulmate” is going to tell your potential dates everything they need to know about you, and it’s not good.

When writing your headline, come up with a fact about yourself that is attractive and intriguing. If it makes you sound desperate, lonely, unimaginative, lame or perverse, it’s probably not going to attract many clicks. Remember, the rules of attraction are to be attractive. Most people are not attracted to desperate, to the boring or to the offensive. They tend to think these people are losers.

So when you write an Internet dating profile headline, be funny, be truthful and stand out from the crowd. But know your audience.

Keep Their Attention with a Great Opening Line

State something in your opening line that will keep their attention. Don’t restate what’s in your headline. Don’t restate what they can find in the dry facts of your profile. Given them someting that defines you, but is going to give a person a reason to keep reading. Many times, a profile’s first sentence is going to cause a single to click off your profile.

I understand, this is hard. Professional authors get stuck trying to come up with the all-important first line of their novel. Some of them fall flat on their faces. If the profile headline is the physical attraction they feel when they see you across the bar, then the opening line are the first words out of your mouth in that bar meeting. They are almost as important as the headline.

Stay Positive

Don’t be negative. Don’t go on at length about turn-offs, what you don’t want in a guy or what your last partner did that pissed you off. Talk about the things you enjoy and the things that make you happy. Bitter people aren’t attractive people. Remember, you want these people to come away thinking, “I’d like to spend time with this person.”

That’s the whole point of knowing how to write an online profile: attraction.

It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It

Along those same lines, if you have a preference or a deal breaker, write that information in the most pleasant fashion. Don’t say, “I only date guys with a master’s degree,” but say, “I like brainy types”. All in all, it’s best to leave negative words like “no”, “not”, “won’t” and “don’t” out of your profile. Those are turnoffs.

Don’t Overdo It – But Don’t Underdo It

Write an essay of about 300 words. People are going to stop reading at that point, anyway, to move onto the next profile. Besides, you want to leave a certain mystery to keep these people coming back. Anything more and you’re going to reveal too much of yourself.

Be Specific – Avoid Generalities

Avoid general statements like “I want to meet someone who will make me happy” or “I want someone to share a laugh with”. Instead, give specific examples of the kind of personalities who make you happy or what makes you laugh.

Cliched likes and interests are fine to have, but they aren’t going to stand out on a profile, unless you are so hot that the other person doesn’t care you are a cliche. “Romantic walks” and “candlelight dinners” are pretty much what everyone wants, so you can skip all that stuff and share something unique about yourself.

Have Realistic Expectations

Remember, we’re in the real world here.

If you are short, fat and out of work, you’re probably not going to attract a woman who is tall, beautiful and a successful career woman. Also, if you lie about your age, weight or money status, they’re eventually going to figure it out and realize you lied to them. So if you want to find a good relationship through online dating, it’s better to be realistic and truthful.

Cast a Wide Net

Decide on the outer limits of acceptability for things like age and distance apart and make those the parameters on your profile search. This increases the chance you’ll find someone suited to you. While I suppose there is a perfect mate for everyone in the world, that person may have gotten married two years ago.

So be prepared to be open-minded on minor points, if the person is great for you in other ways. If you put 20 mile radius on searches and Ms. Perfect lives 22 miles away, she’ll never see your profile.

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