Love Icons

“Love Icons” are simply icons made for internet profiles on message boards and forums that specifically have to do with the subjects of love or romance. Often, love icons have a love quote or love phrase that encapsules a person’s own philosophy towards love and dating, or perhaps it has their favorite symbol or image of love. Many times, love icons are funny, ironic or sarcastic, depending on how that guy or girl is viewing love at the moment.

Online Icons

There are millions of different internet icons for just about every occasion – not just love icons. For example, if you Google something like “free graphic codes” or “Myspace icons”, you’ll find page after page of icons you can download for you Myspace profile, your online dating profile or just about any other online forum profile. Just a simple search turns up “animals icons”, “anime icons”, “celebrities icons”, “Christian icons”, “Disney icons”, “Gothic icons”, “funny icons”, “mood icons”, “movie icons”, “music icons”, “quote icons”, “school icons”, “sexy icons” and simply dozen of others. What I gave is just a small sampling of the kind of virtual icons you can download and use for your own personal profile, but I think you get the point. Of course, we’re discussing love icons, so let’s get back to that topic.

Love Icons – Love Quotes – Love Sayings

Most love icons have a saying or funny phrase you can use for your icon, such as “You’re the reason why I draw those stupid hearts all over my books” or “It take no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is”. Some love icons are simple, such as “you hold the key to my heart”, with a picture of a skeleton key in a lock. Others are bittersweet funny, such as “You’re an ass, but I love you”, with a butterfly depicted. Other are bittersweet love icons, such as “I love him. He’s happy. He makes me happy. He likes her. Life stinks.”

Keep searching long enough through the lists of love icons and you’ll find the one perfect for you. The great thing about a love icon is that someone else has thought the same thought you are thinking, meaning they’ve probably been in the same spot you’re in right now, lovewise and romantically.

Visual Love Icons

Of course, those are the love icons that contain love quotes or love sayings. There are so many great love icons that contain a timeless picture of a love affair. These evoke a feeling of romance and pleasure in the company of the one we love. It probably helps that this type of love icon tends to depict a pair of models posing in a romantic embrace, or some celebrity who conjures up images of desire and passion. For instance, there seem to a lot of Paris Hilton love icons, though I’m not exactly sure Paris Hilton exactly embodies either desire or passion. To me, Paris Hilton embodies vacuous celebrity life, but maybe that’s just me.

Better love icons are those of a tanned couple embracing on a beach at sunset, or perhaps a couple spooning on a beach as if they sleep in that spot at night. Another cute love icon is one of a teen couple holding hands (actually locking pinkies) while the words “You know what…I just love you” flash off and on. An even cuter one shows a boy and girl of 4 or 5 years of age rubbing noses, with the words “I need you” as a caption. The visual love icons tend to be the most popular ones you can get, probably because they fit so many occasions and they combine beauty and love – a deadly powerful combination in our culture.

Love Icons With an Attitude

Then there are the love icons with attitude. A favorite of mine is the one with the poison symbol (skulls & crossbones) flashing that says “I Won’t Change For You…Love Me…Or Hate Me.” Strangely enough, that’s a really good attitude to have when dating, at least if you follow certain grooming procedures and give the respect you demand. Guys out there should know that the attitude love icon is probably a better one to have than the one that says “My Heart Beats For You”. That’s giving in too easily, but I’ll let you read some other dating online blog posts for that message to get through.

Of course, love icons generally seem like girly stuff to me, which is who they are mainly marketed to. But it’s hard to say who is the market target of a love icon when it has a pretty girl with pigtails looking angst-ridden and depressed, with the words superimposed “If I Were To Die Tomorrow…Would You Even Care”. One love icons for guys I’m sure about is one with a girl in colorfully striped blue-&-White stockings bending over to take someone’s picture with her colorful camera. ( Sure, it has a cutesy girl ambiance, but it also shows cutesy girl legs, so teen guys are going to love it.

Another good unisex love icon is the black background with simply, grainy white letters saying “Love Is an Excuse To Get Hurt”. That may be my favorite love icon I’ve found recently, because it can mean so many things. Show that one in your online dating profile for a while and see the responses you get. You’ll have people ask you if you got hurt in a relationship recently. You’ll have people ask you if you’re a heartbreaker. Either way, it’s a multipurpose love icon.

Love Icons For Everyone

Whatever the case, there’s a love icon out there for everyone, so keep on searching. If you’re going to display a love icon on your internet profile, I would suggest having a small collection of love icons to suit the various moods you’re going to have while meeting people online.

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