Internet Dating Stories

Online Dating Stories

Internet dating stories range from the funny to the inspiration to the downright shocking. Singles your meet online are going to have the same quirks and neuroses as the singles you meet in a bar or at work. Everyone is carrying around some kind of baggage, so it’s natural they’re going to bring along some to their dating life.

At the same time, human beings need relationships. Humans crave companionship, so despite all the starts and stops and obstacles to love the world has to offer, restless singles occasionally become happy couples. For every online dating horror story, you’ll find a cute dating story or a dating success story. People do find love on the Internet. As they say, you can find love anywhere.

We here at “Dating Online .org” recently have been collecting our own dating story archives. I wanted to direct our readers to these stories, most of which I think you’ll find are good motivation for other singles to continue the search. This week, we’ve had pieces on online dating stories, speed dating stories, cute dating stories and dating success stories. Somewhere amidst these, romantics should be able to find some tale of romance that lights a fire in their heart.

Speed Dating Stories was about one guy’s experience at a speed dating event. Thomas met 17 eligible women (and 1 non-eligible woman) over a course of 90 intense minutes of dating tension. On the other side, he found a few single women who might be the one. Along the way, we get a snapshot of the speed dating scene.

Cute Dating Stories relates the story of how two couples came through two cute situations to a better understanding of one another. I would say the two young ladies in these funny little romance tales have the right attitude. Remember, all you heartbroken singles out there, a good sense of humor goes a long way in love, and in life. A laugh turneth away wrath.

Online Dating Stories gives three stories about the online dating scene: two bad, one good. Like live dating, Internet dating is going to have its hits and misses. Generally speaking, the idea is to end up with that one great person, so I suppose most dating stories aren’t going to be successful ones. But life is about collecting good stories until the happy ending comes along.

Dating Success Stories are for those readers who want no suspense in whether the couples is going to make it or not. We write about three couples, Stan & Stacy, Eric & Lucinda and Brian & Brandi, and how Cupid appeared out of nowhere to bring these couples together.

Internet Dating Stories

So all in all, most of our romance tales this week have been uplifting and hopeful, with a couple of scary spots and a number of near-misses along the way. Dating is a mysterious, sometimes frustrating, sometimes heart-rending subject, but singles have to remember they’re on a journey to a destination, not at the destination itself. If you don’t like the story you’re in at the moment, just turn the page and start a new chapter.


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