Love Letters of Great Men

Have you ever wondered what the love letters of great men read like?

If that fascinates you, consider picking up the 2008 book by John Kirkland: Love Letters of Great Men, Volume 1. The 138-page book features love leaders written by famous historical figures, and retails for abround $20. Twenty dollars is a little expensive for a paperback book (I think that’s the book in question being offered for $20), but you might be able to bargain hunt and find a better deal on The Love Letters of Great Men. These letters were featured in one of the big dating movies of 2008: Sex & The City.

Love Letters of Great Men – The Book

This is going to sound like an advertisement for The Love Letters of Great Men book, but I’m simply calling this to the attention of the readers here at the Dating Online Blog who might be interested in such things. One of my favorite things is reading about historical figures, since I assume these are the most interesting and notable people in history. We hear about how these “Men of Battle”, “Men of Vision” and “Men of Words” (as they are categorized), but now we get to see how these men react to being in love. In my mind, this somewhat humanizes the men in question, though their love letters are sometimes as over-the-top as their lives were.

Love Letters of Great Men – The Great Men

The “great men” featured in the book include Henry VIII, Napoleon Bonaparte, Voltaire, Lord Byron, Ovid, Vincent Van Gogh, Ludwig von Beethoven, Mozart, Goethe, John Keats, Sir Walter Raleigh, George Washington, Count Leo Tolstoy, Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Admiral Peary, Woodrow Wilson, Pierre Curie, Robert Browning, Lewis Caroll, Nathaniel Hawthorne and John Keats.

I would be interested in reading the love letters of all of these historical greats, but some stand out more prominently than others. I’m sure Lord Byron wrote quite a great love letter, but he was always in love with someone. What interests me is reading what Vincent Van Gogh sounds like in love. And while Voltaire in love is probably a good read, given that he was one of the most prolific letter writers in history, I would be more interested in seeing how Goethe or Tolstoy produces a love letter.

Seeing what a love letter from 2,000 years ago would be interesting, which you could see when reading an Ovid love letter. Seeing the love notes produced by the man who wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland would be fascinating.

I had read some of Napoleon’s love letters in biographies of the man, so I knew how violently passionate and eccentric Napoleon in love could be. You’ll probably find the Napoleon love letters entertaining, though I’m not sure if they’ll endear him to you.

Love Letters of Great Men – Sex & The City Movie

Those who saw the Sex and the City movie might remember the love letters of great men which were read in the film. Apparently, all of the love letters which appeared in the Sex & the City movie appear in this book. So those who want to learn more about the excerpts from that movie, or who want to complete their Sex and the City collection, might consider collecting Love Letters of Great Men.

About John C. Kirkland

John Kirkland is a corporate security lawyer from Beverly Hills, California, who also doubles as a traveling adventurer. Mr. Kirkland’s biography reads like the story of the “Most Interesting Man in the World”: dog sledding across the Arctic, pulling crocodiles out of the Gombe River, knife hunting in Haleakala for wild boar. But he grew fascinated with what the most active minds in history sounded like when they were in love (or pretending to be in love), so he collected this nice resource of great men’s love letters.

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