Love Is Respect

I wanted to talk about teenagers and abusive relationships today. is a national teen dating abuse helpline that was founded by Liz Claiborne Inc. and is partnered with M.A.D.E. (Moms and Dads For Education to Stop Teen Dating Abuse) and “My Time To Shine”. LoveIsRespect has everything from relationship makeover quizzes to personal peer advocate assistance via phone or internet.

Love Is Respect Website

If you’re a teenager in an abusive relationship or you are a teenager who thinks you might be in an abusive relationships, you can contact Love Is Respect to get answers and personal assistance.

Love Is Respect Phone Numbers

If you want to contact “Love Is Respect” via phone or cellphone, dial 1-866-331-9474 or 1-866-331-8453 TTY to contact a peer advocate.

Live Chat Breakdown – Love Is Respect

Those who want “live chat” about their teen abuse situation can use the IM-style live chat option at the loveisrespect website. This online teen abuse peer advocate assistance is not a public chat room and your information will remain confidential. All you do is click on the “live chat” icon and begin to ask your questions or otherwise get assistance.

No question is considered off-limits at Live Chat, so don’t be embarrassed to ask whatever questions you need of the Love Is Respect peer advocates. If you want to know the kind of questions that are commonly asked, here’s a list of some of the most common questions on Love is Respect IM.

  • “Is this abuse?”
  • “Will he ever change?”
  • “How can I get him to stop?”
  • “What should I do?”

When it comes to abusive relationships, these people have heard it all. So don’t be afraid to contact a peer advocate for assistance and support.

Love Is Respect Mashup Movie Maker

Those who want to encourage friends and family members to get the help they need can use the Love Is Repsect Movie Mashup Maker to create messages of encouragement to their acquaintances in an abusive teen relationship. Show your creativity and your love and support for this person by crafting a personal message of hope.

Is This Abuse – Love Is Respect

“LoveIsRespect” has a q&a section that helps teens learn about what is considered abuse in a romance or relationship. Learn that abuse doesn’t have to be physical, but might be a pattern of controlling behavior that one partner uses to isolate, insult and control the other partner.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to keep you isolated from your friends or family, you might be in an abusive relationship. If your lover constantly insults you or calls you names, that person is verbally abusing you. If your love partner constantly wants to control what you say or what you wear, that’s considered abuse. Of course, there are forms of sexual abuse you don’t have to put up with.

The fact is, love is about respecting your loved ones – not controlling them. If someone seems motivated by jealousy or contempt for you, they aren’t in love with you. They might lust after you or want to control you for their own psychological needs, but just because abuse is coupled with occasional loving words does not mean this person loves you. Love is respect. Love is not abusive.

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