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So why am I blogging about “love stories”? Every week at “Dating Online”, I’m going to choose another theme and blog about it. This week, I’m going to start with one of the basic parts of dating: love. Sure, dating isn’t always about love and romance, but it is a large part of the time. Most people who date eventually encounter love in one form or another, or they hope to eventually find love. So “love” and “love stories” are subjects that just about all of us have in common.

Eventually, I’ll have blogged about all kinds of dating themes. When you read Dating Online, you’ll be able to find articles that inform or inspire you. For now, we’re talking about love and love stories.

Hollywood Love Story

Some people have love stories that read like the script of a movie. When you read the storybook romance stories, I wouldn’t go out into the dating world and expect to have the same happen to me. Most of the time, Hollywood movie romances are written by people who wish they had something that cool happen in their lives. Throughout the course of this dating blog, I want to emphasize to the teens out there just getting into the dating scene that you shouldn’t take a movie as your guide to love and romance. Don’t expect you’re going to be the slightly dorky guy who gives the cheerleader a speech about how much you’re loved her for four years and she’s going to realize you aren’t so dorky after all. In real life, that’s a little creepy.

That being said, great love stories happen every day. When you’re reading dating stories online, though, it’s hard to know which are the true love stories and which aren’t. Here’s an example. Below is my favorite recent true love story, along with two that are either fictional or exaggerated. You might write realistic love stories and see if others can tell which one is the real love story and which are just nice fictional romance tales.

Send Me Your Personal Love Story

I want to encourage readers to send me your own personal love story. Maybe these will be inspirational love stories about how you found your soul mate or your long-lost love. Or maybe these are stories about heartache and love lost. Either way, your personal love stories can inspire others who are having their own love triumphs or love troubles. Sometimes, it’s better to get these things off your chest and get a little affirmation or consolation. So send in your love story and let me know when you do whether you want me to publish it or reply in private.

First Kiss Stories

Submit the best first kiss stories in your life. There’s nothing more special than a first kiss between a couple, and people reading on the internet about dating love to hear about first kisses, first kiss opportunties and missed first kisses. If you have a botched first kiss, that’s even better.

Or if you want to reach back into your teen years and tell us about the first kiss you ever had, that’s something that particularly interests the bloggers at Dating Online. My first kiss came (when I was 16) in the front driveway of my parents’ old home, with a girl I didn’t even know had a crush on me. I played it cool. You would have been proud of me.

Unlikely Romance Love Stories

There’s nothing more romantic than the unlikely love hookup. I would like to hear about peoples’ oddball romances and love stories against all odds. Have you ever been in a Romeo and Juliet romance, where your friends or family didn’t want you to date this guy or girl? Have you ever had a love story with someone who was your complete opposite? Did you start a relationship with someone on the other side of the country, or the other side of the world? If so, let us know about your unlikely love story and share it with the world.

Breakup Stories – Love Gone Bad Stories

If you don’t have a juicy romantic story, send me your bad breakup story. Frankly, I would like to have a Hall of Fame of the worst breakup stories on the web. Let other people going through heartache know there are other people feeling their pain. I had a friend whose girlfriend broke up with him the day of his mother’s funeral, for instance.

Dating Online Privacy Policy

I’ll never publish your email address or contact information of any kind. Change the names and details to protect the innocent, or instruct me to do the same. This online dating blog is here to entertain and inspire people who are out there dating – not to embarrass them in any way. Speaking of entertainment and inspiration, I hope everyone will return for the dating blog posts I’ll be putting up later this week.

Love Songs – Love Quotes – Love Poems

Check back later in the week for more blog posts about “love”. I’m going to write about some of the best love songs, love poems and love quotes in the English language. I’m thinking of writing about “100 Great Love Songs” or something of that sort. Romantic music is great when trying to get in the mood with your loved on, so I want to include a wide selection of great love songs.

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