Meeting People on the Internet

Meeting people use to be harder. Before the Internet, the only way to meet others was to get out there and be social. This meant going to all the clubs, bars, parties, and social events. There was a lot of competition because there wasn’t any other alternative to meeting people and dating. Even those who normally would prefer not to mingle had to do it or else spend their nights and weekends alone.

Then social dating and networking changed with the arrival of the Internet. Through emails and social sites, it was now so much easier to meet people. It allowed you to connect on other levels besides physically. Suddenly it was like a whole new game and everyone could play.

Meeting people online has a lot of benefits. There are millions of people everyday who chat with others miles away. Distance is no longer a factor. But meeting people online has its own obstacles, too. There are some things you need to know such as etiquette and what sites you can go to meet people online.

Meeting People Online: How To Be Safe

Meeting people online is easy and convenient. You can look up dozens of potentials and filter through them quickly. The internet also gives you a chance to get to know someone without the awkwardness of talking face to face. With out the physical interaction, you rely more on conversation which is the best way to find out about a person.

Meeting people online also has its dangers. The Internet is full or predators. At the very least, the people you are talking to are not entirely honest about who they are. That hot 20 year old woman may really be a 60 year-old housewife. That lifeguard with the six-pack abs may be an overweight guy who works at the city sewage plant.

When meeting people on the Internet, always use caution. Never post or give out your address or personal phone number to anyone. If anyone tries to get provocative with you without asking if it is okay, then you should back off and possibly block them. And never, ever make plans to meet an Internet friend alone. Take a friend and meet in a public place. Get to know then better before going off alone with them.

Where To Meet People Online

Meeting People Online1. Online Dating Sites – If you are looking for romance, check out the online dating sites. There has been a boom in sites that specialize in helping people to meet their perfect soulmates. By comparing each other’s profiles, these dating sites match up profiles for the best compatibility. Some examples are eHarmony,, and Yahoo Personals.

Many of these sites require paid memberships. These sites filter their members through background checks so they are a little safer to surf. But paying a membership does not guarantee success.

Other dating sites are free. Anyone can register and create a profile with no filtering. The risks are a little greater but if you don’t find someone within a month, you are not out any money.

2. Social Networking – If you are looking more for friends than a date for the evening, social networking sites are the places for you. There are a ton of them out there. Some examples are Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.

On social network sites, you get to post information about yourself along with current happenings in your life. You create a list of friends and can go read about what is happening with them. These sites are a great way to reconnect with old friends, keep up with new ones, or make contacts you can use for business.

3. Chat Rooms – If you are interested in starting up a conversation with people, visit some chat rooms. Many social sites have these features.. Chat rooms are great for carrying on live chats and many rooms have certain topics or are intended for certain demographics.

Before you hop into a chat room, though, you really need to be aware of the topic (if any) and the proper way to conduct yourself. Some chat rooms are not very friendly to just anyone. And if you don’t know a lot about the topic being discussed, you will be ignored.

4. Hobby and Special Interest Sites – Hobby sites are good places to find people with the same interests. Whether it is music, movies, cars, or fashion, you can find just about any site with your interests. While you may not find a romantic interest at one of the websites, you can still meet new friends, gain resources, and have stimulating discussions.

5. Online Groups – Some groups have an online site for updates on group activities. These sites have email lists, forums where you can post discussions, and moderators that oversee the site. Online groups are great places to just hang. Some groups even get together in person occasionally nd enjoy some ‘live’ time.

How To Meet People Online

1. Read other posts and join in on the thread. You don’t have to wait for an invitation. Read some of the posts in the forums of a social site and see which one catches your eye.

Introduce yourself when you first post. It lets people know that you are new and they will be more likely to help you with any forum issues or questions you might have. This is one of the best ways to start talking with others and gives you a chance to share your views.

2. Don’t be too aggressive trying to find romance. This is a common mistake many people make when online. You come across as too desperate and actually end up scaring off the ones you are hoping to meet.

No one likes getting emails that are too aggressive. Keep it friendly and easy. Let things take their natural course. If the other person is looking for romance and interested in you, they will tell you.

3. Don’t get into any flame wars. There is something about the Internet that causes some people to disregard normal courtesy. Perhaps it is the anonymity. Maybe it is easier not having to look someone in the face. Whatever the reason, too many people are just plain rude or insulting.

Don’t start an argument with one of these people. Don’t give an excuse to start an argument. Forum moderators can delete threads but you may find yourself blocked from a site completely if you get out of hand.

4. Know the dangerous sites. Any site that caters to adult material, social taboos, or otherwise socially unacceptable behavior tends to draw unsavory personalities. Know the risks and avoid these sites.

5. Post a flattering and recent photo. Never post provocative pictures of yourself on social sites. There are other adult sites out there if you are into that. Otherwise, if you are just trying to look sexy and provocative, it is going to send the wrong message to anyone looking at your profile.

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