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What Are Internet Dating Schools?

I was surfing the internet the other day and came across several online dating schools. Not have ever “attended” a dating school online, I was interested in what this might involve. I did a little checking, but still have only a vague idea how you learn with internet dating training and what kind of instruction techniques are commonly used. So I’m encouraging my readers to write in with more information about online dating schools. Here’s what I learned.

Schools of Dating – Picking Up Women

Most of these virtual dating schools appear to teach men how to pick up women. Now, I’ve given plenty of dating advice here on the datingonline blog, so I’m not exactly opposed to the dating instruction and dating tips, but when I read “learning to pick up women”, I think of Tom Cruise’s character from Magnolia.

One prominent school of dating for picking up women is marketed to the “modern alpha man”, and includes an itunes Podcast with dating lessons from a guy named “Dean”. Dean is described as a “true natural player” and a man who “knows his shit”. Somehow, those qualifications don’t make me real confidence that Dean knows his stuff, but who knows.

One thing I did like about Dean is that he has a panel of “players” who discuss pick up techniques, give sex advice and cover all kinds of men’s topics.

Dating Shows – Sex Shows – Pillow Talk

This dating school also offers dating shows to give dating tips on romantic relationships that are supposed to dispell all kinds of dating myths. Also included in the dating instruction is “pillow talk”, which sounds kind of girly, from Steve “The Dean” Williams. Now, I’m now sure if Dean and The Dean are the same guy, but that could get confusing around the dating school if they aren’t.

The pillow talk discusses arousal, orgasms, sex toys, taboos and all kinds of other sex advice involving, as they say, the “vultures and hornets” (just bad, bad). Anyway, the Dean is supposed to teach you how to “get respect” in the bedroom, so that’s probably not a bad ambition to shoot for.

Men’s Dating Schools Online

After looking through the list of dating schools, I realised most are for men trying to pick up women. That’s probably natural, because it’s a skill that many men have no clue about. You either have it or you don’t, naturally, and even men who have skills picking up women always wish they were better at flirting and sealing the deal and those kind of things.

My Dating School

No, this isn’t my dating school: it’s just the name of the site. This is one dating academy that appears to be for men and women. First of all, it’s maintained by Dr. Paulette Sherman, so it’s not some guy talking to guys about how to pick up girls. This dating site offers dating quizzes, dating e-books and dating classes for both genders. I was drawn to the section called “unconscious dating”. It turns out that’s the dating school’s blog, where you learn about the unconscious meaning behind the things we do in our relationships. This section offers date suggestions, romance encouragement and discussions of whether you should focus on the past or present.

I like that kind of talk. This blog has been updated 2 or 3 times since the Fourth of July, so I’m guessing this is a love doctor who actually puts in the time to help out her readers. Good for her.

School of Dating Survey

So that’s a brief survey of dating schools online and what you might expect taking courses from them. If you’ve never heard of an internet date school, well, now you have. I could see how someone might want to get private instructions in dating techniques without sitting in a dating class looking like a dope. If that’s you, check out an internet dating school and see if it helps. Whether it does or doesn’t, send me your comments and feedback, because I want to know if these sites are worth a darn.

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