Online Dating Stories

Internet Dating Stories

Online dating stories are as varied as the people you’ll meet on the Internet. Ten years ago, people looked at people involved in Internet dating like they were socially inept, nerdy or just plain strange. Even five years ago, the movie Napoleon Dynamite depicted virtual dating involving oddballs and misfits.

These days, though, online dating is mainstream and tens of millions of Americans are a member of an online dating website. Nobody thinks a thing when someone mentions they have a date with someone from eHarmony or Match Dotcom.

The dating stories themselves can still be strange, though. That’s because people aren’t always compatible. When two people meet for a night out on town, trying to have a good time, trying to impress one another, full of nerves, but full of anticipation and excitement, there’s really no telling what’s going to be said and done. Of course, that’s no different than dating out in the “real world” or dating people you meet in a bar.

In fact, if you’ve met online, built a relationship in a forum or chat room and have found compatability at least in a virtual setting, the two of you have something to talk about and share. It’s not quite the same as meeting on a blind date, or even dating after the two of you met in a loud bar over a few drinks. Online dating stories can end really well, because you probably know one another better than you would otherwise.

To show the wide range of Internet dating stories you might run into dating online, here’s three examples.

Online Dating Stories – The Good

Crystal was attending high school half the day and working at a job the other half midway through her senior year. She worked a menial job and didn’t like the “losers” who hit on her at work, her were either 25 years old and creepy or 16 years old and not really much of a catch for an 18 year old playing out the string in high school.

Crystal had plans for college and was easily going to graduate, but her domestic situation (sick father) meant she needed to work extra hours to save for college. Because she was only at school for a few hours a day, she never had the time to meet boys in her high school – they seemed immature.

So Crystal joined several online dating sites and began chatting in a couple of their chat rooms. It was no time that Crystal met Noah, who also went to a local high school and was also fast approaching graduation. The two were planning to attend the same university the next fall.

They both loved movies, reading manga and studying French (Crystal wanted to study political science and become a translator). Soon, the two were meeting to attend a local indie film festival. Noah was cuter than he pretended to be online and he turned out to have been humble about his knowledge of movies and manga, though he overestimated his French speaking skills. (A forgivable sin, since Noah wasn’t planning on majoring in French.)

The two became closer over the summer, though work kept them from spending too much time together. The situation changed the next fall, as they were living on the same college campus together. Noah and Crystal, in fact, slowly began to grow closer to one another. Now in their senior years, Noah and Crystal plan to get married and move overseas to pursue their careers.

Online Dating Stories – The Bad

The typical bad date story is the person you meet who lies about their looks. That was certainly the case with Chad, who turned out to have been using a photo at least 10 years old for his profile picture. Though he had a good job and liked the same music as our heroine (Kathy), the two had almost nothing else in common. In fact, Chad brought up politics and religion, two of the big first date no-no’s and the two ended up arguing.

Then Chad started talking about his “boss” and his ex-girlfriend, which is when Kathy decided this was going nowhere. She looked at her watch and decided to end the date right there. Luckily, Kathy had brought her own transportation and is the assertive type, so Chad quickly agreed they weren’t compatible and the bad date story ended quickly.

Online Dating Stories – The Ugly

This comes from a woman friend of mine. We’ll call her Ann.

Ann met a guy online and chatted with him. This guy – we’ll call him Kevin – lived near Ann and had good looks, which was a good start. Also, Kevin told Ann he loved dancing and music and water sports while they were online, which were things Ann was into. They decide to go to a nearby resort lake for some fun on jet skis, with plans for a later dinner and dancing at a lakeside club.

When Kevin picks Ann up, he is blaring his rap music and begins telling her why hip hop culture is the only culture that matters anymore. Ann said she thought, “Fine, he was lying about his musical tastes. At least he enjoys water sports.” Once they got on the jetskis, though, Kevin began showing off by running his jet ski near to a boat full of skiiers. To make matters worse, Kevin began flirting with one of the girls on the ski boat.

At dinner, Kevin began asking inappropriate questions about Ann’s sexual history. She shut him down, which seemed to anger Kevin. That’s when Ann said she knew the date was a disaster. It got worse when they got to the club, because Kevin ended up having words with the guys from the ski boat earlier that day. They didn’t like his buzzing the boat and making eyes at their girlfriends. After Kevin got into a shoving match with one of the guys and was escorted from the club, Ann decided she’d had enough.

This brings up three mistakes Ann made. One, Ann planned a first date to last most of the afternoon and night, setting herself up for a hell date if things went badly. Two, they booked a room for use of the shower, which sent Kevin the wrong signals. Three, Ann didn’t meet Kevin out, but let him pick her up.

Luckily, Kevin wasn’t a psycho – just a jerk. Also, Ann wasn’t far from her home, so she simply called a friend on her cellphone to pick her up. She actually stayed in the club until her friend was in the parking lot and had called her back, so she didn’t need Kevin to take her home. (According to Kevin, he waited on her a while, then left her at the club.) As you can imagine, that was the end of Kevin and Ann’s dating career together.

Now don’t think that, just because two of these three stories end badly, that the odds are against you.  The odds are no more stacked against you in online dating than “live dating”; I suppose most dates aren’t going to lead to a serious relationship or “happy ending” anyway. But don’t think of the good, the bad and the ugly dating stories to be the only reality out there in online dating: it’s only a format for this article.

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