Online Dating Success Stories

Internet Dating Successes

Let’s focus on some online dating success stories. We featured “Bad Dating Stories” the other day, which focused on the dark side of the singles scene. There are good dating stories to focus on, though.

We only have two love matches to report today, but both of them are wonderful tales of love and romance. The online dating singles forum sometimes lets people get to know one another better than any bar conversation will, because you have time to think about your feelings and the anonymity lets a person open up more than they might otherwise.

Online dating chats are all about, as Hamlet said, “words, words, words”. You have nothing to hide behind, as long as both people are honest. As you can see, that was the case in both of these instances, as two women each met a friend, lover and companion through web dating.

Online Dating Success Story #1 – Three is Enough

I was skeptical about Internet dating, because those people were always portrayed as freaks in the movies. So when my marriage ended in divorce and work and two kids didn’t leave me a lot of time and energy to meet guys, I decided to try an online dating website. I figured no one would know but me.

First, I filled out a profile at Match dotcom. Feeling embarrassed, I left it there for a few months. Months later, feeling lonely and not having many prospects for a relationship, I logged on to see what it looked like.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and the kids were at their Dad’s, so I had the rare time to read the comments and browse. One guy (Robert) who had tried contacting me the previous month caught my eye. Turns out he was online at the same time and we ended up chatting on IM for a couple of hours. Soon, I was laughing and having a good time.

Turned out that Robert was an hour and twenty minutes away and he was raising a daughter as a single father. That didn’t sound good to me, so I put the breaks on a face-to-face meeting. After about 6 weeks of chats on Match and Facebook, we decided to meet. The chemistry was immediate.

We dated off and on for a year. Our families met. Robert’s daughter wanted to move to a bigger school to play on a better sports team (tomboy) and we lived in a good school district, so the next thing you know, Robert got a transfer to move within 10 minutes of the house. The kids got along and everyone has a good attitude, so Robert and I will be married this June.

Online dating works.

– Elizabeth

Online Dating Success Story #2 – Forged in Tragedy

So I rejoined one of the big online dating communities after my relationship came crashing down in flames. I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship, but I wanted to jumpstart my social life again.

The next thing I know, I’ve met Travis. Turns out the two of us went to rival high schools in the same area and graduated the same year. Then it turned out we went to the same university, but never met. Travis and I had the same interests in music and movies and he looked hot in his profile pictures.

We took it slow at first, though. Travis was driving out of town on the weekends because of a family illness, so we became online penpals. Because of his family situation, Travis spent all his extra time on the road. We would each log on at 11pm and talk almost every night, sometimes for 2 minutes, sometimes for 2 hours.

In that time, I helped Travis deal with the loss of his mother to cancer. We became a whole lot closer than any online friends have any right to be, which was strange, since we had never seen one another face-to-face. Somehow, the impersonal nature of our connection let us connect in a way I never had with a man. I became his amateur shrink and his own personal clown, to help him through the bad times and give him something good to look forward to. At a point, I would give Travis his IM joke-of-the-day, which he asked for.

So his mother dies and I felt bad not attending the funeral, because I felt like I knew her. (I sent flowers.) Travis told me he didn’t want that to be our first meeting, but we agreed to meet about a month after.

We agreed that we had a good friendship, but neither of us knew whether we would have any romantic chemistry at all, after the way we met. The two of us discussed a date, but we also discussed expectations and how we might be better off as friends. Travis and I decided we would be totally honest with one another, if the sparks weren’t there. That’s an odd way to meet a romantic partner, we both agreed.

When we did finally meet, it took five minutes to realise there was tremendous chemistry. The physical attraction was wild, while the two of us felt like old friends. It was like some love affair in a movie. Once we met in person, it was only a matter of filling in the blanks: getting to know the voice, the touch, the smell.

That all came soon enough and Travis and I haven’t been apart since that first date. I couldn’t ask for a better relationship, one forged at a vulnerable time in one of our lives.

– Kira

Online Dating Stories

If you have any online dating success stories, or some only dating horror stories, feel free to send them to us.

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