Online Speed Dating

Speed Dating Online

I’ve never tried speed dating online, but I wanted to mention it to those online daters really looking to jumpstart their love life. Internet speed dating take the concept of live speed dating and brings it into the 21st century.

What Is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is a way to meet a lot of potential dating partners at once. A “speed date” occurs at a round-robin venue with an equal number of men and women (or people interested in dating one another). These people go into a room or setting and agree to spend a certain amount of time (usually 3 to 8 minutes) chatting face-to-face, one at a time. When this time is up, the people split up and find a new partner. You continue to rotate until every potential date has had a chance to speak with you.

When you are finished with the speed date rotation, you submit a list of people in your speed dating sessions whom you are interested enough in to give your personal information to. The rules of the speed date do no allow you to exchange information during the speed date, saving either side from the embarrassment of a rejection.

50 First Dates…in One Afternoon

Well, maybe not 50 first speed dates. Probably more like 5 to 10.

To keep the numbers even, speed dating events typically require one to register in advance. If there’s a no-show, walkups might be allowed. Some events are rigid in the number of participants, while others foster a party atmosphere where the two genders only approximately have the same number. In either case, if two people submit each other’s name to the speed date organizers, that information is given to both parties, so they can continue to interact and get to know one another.

The speed date allows you to meet a lot of people, yet move on quickly if there’s no connection. Typically, a speed date event will involve a handful of uncomfortable conversations, along with a few really good speed dates. You get a mixed bag with a speed date, but you do get to speak with a lot of people in a date-like situation.

Speed Dating History

Speed dating is a relatively new concept, even younger than the worldwide web. In 1998, the first speeddating event happened at a cafe in Beverly Hills. Soon, commercial enterprises sprung up throughout the US offering speed dating events. After live speed dating was portrayed on Sex and the City, rapid fire round-robin dating exercises became a mini-fad. Now, speed dating is available online.

Online Speed Dating

Online speed dating differs from live speed dating events, since you either use online chat or webcams for your speed dates. Some are exactly like the original speed date events, while others are something as simple as “Five Minutes, Five Dates” formats. In either case, you pair off with someone else somewhere out there in the world, then you rotate to the next person in the speed dating forum.

These days, there are internet speed dating websites that offer virtual speed dates as part of an online dating community. These are easy to find simply by Googling “Online Speed Dating”, and have a wide variety of internet speed date formats.

I’m amazed these haven’t become bigger than they are, since we have the technology to make virtual speed dating more convenient than live speed dating could ever be. I supposed many people still don’t want to deal with webcams when they date, or simply aren’t aware that online speed datign sites exist.

I suppose that might change if they have an internet speed dating event in the next Sex in the City movie.

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