Love Psychics

Let’s talk about “Love Psychics”. You know what I’m talking about: those “free psychic networks”, “live phone psychics” and “live astrologers” who give psychic readings online and psychic readings by phone. These people claim to give insights and answers on love and relationships by using astrology, tarot readings, free horoscopes and numerology love calculators to give relationship advice to callers and visitors to their psychic websites.

Love Psychics – The Skeptics View

I’m wondering how many people in the online dating community use online psychics for free psychic love readings?

Now, let me tell you up front, I’m not a big believer in astrologers giving love readings to people for $1 a minute. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen enough about “cold reading” to know there’s a trick that psychics use to get people to reveal their secrets to them, while seeming to conjure that information from thin air.

Or maybe it’s because I assume that psychics and astrologers mercenary enough to take peoples’ money for seances and psychic love readings could use those powers to make a whole lot more money playing the stock market or gambling on sports.

Love Psychics in Spain

Whatever the case, I’ve never given my money to have my love horoscope read, though I did consult a free tarot card reader for kicks in Barcelona once. She was good at what she did, but she didn’t tell me anything about myself that I didn’t tell her first. Or at least I think I didn’t.

But I guess I’m a skeptic, so I’m going to say that about psychic love readings.

Why People Use Love Psychics

Another question I ask myself is how many people who consult love psychics actually believe these psychics can see their future? Do people really take love advice from psychics on the telephone? Or do people want positive reinforcement for decisions they are going to make anyway?

Do people talk to live phone psychics because they assume everyone on staff has the answers to their love questions, or do they have favorite love psychics at every online psychic network who have hit on past psychic love readings? And if these psychic love advisers are that accurate, why haven’t they led you to your soul mate yet? Maybe psychic love doesn’t work that way.

How Often Are Love Psychics Correct?

Many ads for love psychics on the internet use phrases like “accurate psychic readings by live psychics”. I’m wondering how accurate you have to be to be considered an accurate love psychics. Is a 50% accuracy rate considered good? Do you require 75% accuracy before you trust your online love psychic?

Or do you only consider that a love psychic truly has the power of foresight when they are 100% accurate in their love predictions for you?

Psychic Family

One of the top networks of psychic readers listed on Google is described as a “Psychic Family”, and their website offers 217 different psychic readers you can consult about life, love and relationships. This psychic family’s online site is actually a little frightening to visit. There appear to be a whole family of psychics, including a white-haired couple, along with a slightly older blonde daughter and a twenty-something women with tattoos and shaved head.

Also, on the home page video, there’s a grim reaper type ghost in a black robe and glowing eyes. The psychic family offers tarot readings, (presumably) seance “mediums”, clairvoyance, astrology, relationships, “mind body spirit” (whatever that is) and angels (aka readers you can trust).

Apparently, this British family of psychics will be debuting their own tv show coming up on the Bio Channel soon. This is a great psychic family, because even the family pets have psychic powers. Apparently, even the uncles in the family are psychic, though I’m not sure if the 217 psychic readers are the aunts and cousins of the family.

Psychic Wisenheimer

I know: I’m being a smart aleck again. These psychic readers and astrologers are probably perfectly nice people who make people feel better about the love decisions they make. Of course, if the love decisions lead to heartache and strife or a cycle of bad love affairs, I’m not sure if positive reinforcement is exactly what people should be paying for.

But if you insist on getting an online psychic reading from a love psychic, let me provide you with a free love reading.

Free Psychic Reading

You’re going to meet someone in the next year. The letter “s” is going to be important somehow. This person is going to be coming out of some kind of a bad relationship: maybe a painful breakup or marriage with many arguments. This person is going to be reluctant to get into another relationship or going to have baggage associated with something in the past. This love interest is also going to have a family member who complicates their life in some way. But if you have patience and make a love connection, you could turn this into a love match.

Or Cold Reading

Or maybe I’m just using cold reading techniques to make you think I’m psychic. You decide.


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