Romantic Christmas Ideas

Looking for romantic Christmas ideas for the upcoming holiday season? Want to make this year’s Yuletide the best ever? You don’t have to buy an expensive gift to have a romantic Christmas holiday with your lover. Here are five ideas to get your romantic Christmas started.

1. Share the twelve days of a romantic Christmas — Everyone knows the Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, the song where a list of curious gifts is repeated ad nauseum until everyone’s had enough egg nog to pass out. Consider sharing a special “twelve days of Christmas” with your romantic partner. Here’s how you do it:

  • On December 14th, give your lover one piece of their favorite candy or chocolate. If you can, slip in a romantic note.
  • On December 15th, you and your lover can share a bottle of nice champagne or sparkling wine out of two new champagne flutes. Reminisce about your first days together, or the first time you shared bubbly.
  • On December 16th, cook three meals for your lover, making each one special and specific to your relationship.
    You get the idea. Continue on, adding one special item until Christmas Day, when you give your final gift, a calendar featuring all twelve months of the year, covered with special photos and highlighted special dates that the two of you will share.
    This is a very unique and romantic gift, and though it requires a lot of time, your partner will never forget it.

2. Give a romantic gift — Alright, let’s get this out of the way. A romantic Christmas doesn’t have to be about gifts, but if you’re going to rely on gift giving as your sole source of romance this Christmas, give a gift that screams romance. A gift that requires the two of you to spend time together is ideal — season tickets to the opera or to a local theater troupe, a pair of bicycles, a lengthy vacation in an exotic locale, or something along these lines will show your lover that you want to be near them.

3. Share Christmas Eve together — Some people overlook the romance of Christmas Eve in favor of the excitement and celebration of Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is one of the most romantic evenings of the year, a time when couples are encourage to stay up late in front of a roaring fire, singing songs together or just enjoying each other’s company. The only ingredients necessary are a couple in love, a crackling fire, a few snacks to eat (or maybe a nice bottle of wine), and a comfy snuggly blanket. Taking this time out of the busy holiday season to share time with just you and your sweetheart is a guaranteed way to prove your love in an otherwise overly commercial time of year.

4. Head to the Tropics! — Sure, this idea can be a bit expensive, but there’s nothing like a trip for two to spark romance in a pair of lovers. If you can afford it, schedule a vacation to a warm climate and get a tan while your friends are at home shivering under a foot of snow. You and your lover can wander a beach in the Caribbean or take a trip to an exotic spot like Africa to celebrate Christmas. There’s no rule that says that Christmas has to be about snow and ice and hot cocoa — this yea, you and your sweetheart can celebrate Christmas with tropical drinks, sand, and snorkeling.

5.  Make your own list, together! – Get together with your lover and make your own list of 5 romantic Christmas ideas you’d want to share together. Sit down with a pen and paper and talk it out. This gets communication going, and the two of you can have fun putting together a list of romantic Christmas ideas. The best part is — after you’ve built your list you are guaranteed to have figured out the perfect event for the two of you. Time spent together is the most important time of all, and your lover will appreciate that you wanted his or her input.

Make Christmas special this year by making it unique. When you’re looking to spend a romantic Christmas with your lover, think outside the box and keep the lines of communication open. Merry Christmas!

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