Romantic Halloween Ideas

Halloween doesn’t have to be about costumes and candy; the ghoulish holiday CAN be about romance. Here are six romantic Halloween ideas for you and your lover.

    1. Corn maze – Many communities have local farms or co-ops that organize and run mazes made out of corn or other crops. You’ve probably seen these mazes, or you may have visited one or two in your childhood. Guess what? If you click the link above, you’ll find a directory of corn or other “mazes” for all fifty states. These mazes aren’t just for kids. The “maize maze” in my area (New Mexico) even includes a built in “adult night” — imagine wandering around a dark maze with your partner, no children allowed, perhaps finding a few dark spots to share a kiss along the way. A corn maze is a traditional and romantic way to spend time alone with your lover.
    2. Dressing up as a famous couple – Halloween means Halloween parties. Adults like to dress up and get together to celebrate. Since you and your partner are most likely already committed to a Halloween party or two, consider dressing up as a famous couple. The link I’ve provided goes to a huge list of famous couples, some funny (Tina and Ike Turner), some disturbing (Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun), and some classic and classy (Rhett and Scarlett Butler). Make sure the costume choice you make fits the theme of the party, and that you don’t go too far and offend people. Dressing up like Hitler may be funny in some circles and offensive in others. After the party, you and your honey can head home and act out the best part of being a couple . . . with your costumes still on.
    3. Roasting pumpkin seeds — Pumpkins are a traditional fall vegetable, a symbol of Halloween, and a tasty treat that can be prepared many different ways. If you and your lover have access to an open fire, consider sitting together and roasting some pumpkin seeds. You can tell ghost stories, talk about the first time you met, Halloweens you’ve spent together in the past, or make out as the seeds sizzle over the flames. As an added bonus, pumpkin is an aphrodisiac, and the smell of pumpkin is  a known source of sexual excitement for men. Roast the night away.
    4. Secret costumes — If you and your sweetie are going to a costume party, keep your costumes a secret from each other and try to find eachanother at the party. Yes, this means you have to arrive separately, and it means you’ll have to do some work to locate your lover, but the hunt is what makes this idea so romantic and sexy. The link provided heads to images of masquerade ball costume ideas just to get you started.
    5. Romantic drive and picnic — This link from the Travel Channel only provides a handful of romantic drive opportunities, but the examples should get you thinking of a romantic drive near you. Halloween comes at a beautiful time in most parts of the country — leaves are changing and falling and the weather is turning a bit stormy and chilly. This is the perfect time for a long drive through the back country topped off with a Halloween or Fall-themed picnic. Serve fall vegetables (like squash and pumpkin), hot coffee flavored with fall flavors, and make sure and bring a nice thick blanket. It’s chilly out there.
    6. Halloween proposal — If you’re wanting to go all out and be romantic this Halloween, and you are ready to commit to your lover for life, Halloween is a unique and memorable time to pop the question. Maybe you could hire a barbershop quartet to serenade your lover at the door before surprising him or her with an engagement ring. Another idea — popping the question at a Halloween party dressed in full costume. You want your engagement to be memorable, and a Halloween engagement is one thing your honey will never forget. Follow the link to more ideas about how to “pop the question”.

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