Romantic New Year’s Ideas

New Year’s Eve is a classic time for romance — there’s no end of romantic New Year’s ideas found in Hollywood and popular culture. ¬†From meeting your lover at the top of the Eiffel Tower or the ¬†Empire State Building (requiring a dual trip to New York City or Paris if you don’t already live there) to traveling through multiple time zones and celebrating the New Year over and over again (also requiring some serious airline miles), a lot of “romantic New Year’s ideas” cost a ton of money.

Here are five solid ideas for a romantic New Year’s you can have with your partner without taking out another mortgage on your house.

  1. Find a camping spot in the woods near your home and celebrate New Year’s Eve low-tech style. All you need is a pair of people in love, the tools to start a campfire and roast marshmallows, a little hot chocolate, and a warm sleeping bag. It is always a good idea to spend time with just your lover rather than go to the same old parties every year, seeing the same people, and listening to all the boring small talk. Sure, you may not know exactly when midnight happens out under the stars, but you will have a romantic New Year’s Eve memory for the rest of your lives.
  2. Schedule a couples’ massage and have a quiet night alone together. Too many people overindulge in rich food, desserts, and alcohol between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Eve — it is probably time that you and your lover start to heal your poor overworked bodies. A couples’ massage is not exorbitantly expensive, there is probably a spa near your home (they’re popping up everywhere), and both of you will feel loose and relaxed after your treatment. If you’ve got the cash, schedule a whole spa day for the both of you, and you’ll start the New Year looking fresh and relaxed while everyone else stumbles into work hungover on cheap champagne and college football.
  3. Have your own fireworks display. Setting off firecrackers in your own backyard is a tradition that is sadly disappearing. I can remember setting off sparklers, Roman candles, M-80s and other loud and colorful little explosives from the age of about three. Now that most people use New Year’s as an excuse to go to a huge party and drink way too much, buck that trend and have an evening of fireworks in your backyard with your sweetheart. Get creative, and spell out both your initials in sparklers or serve a nice crisp champagne in front of a “big finale” display to make the night extra memorable. The whole point of this list is to increase the romance of New Year’s Eve by getting you and your partner in close quarters. There isn’t a much more private place than your own backyard.
  4. Take a long drive out in the country. I know — it is a romance cliche to “take a drive together”, but a long drive at New Year’s can be beautiful for its own specific reasons. There’s usually snow and ice to see, Christmas lights to enjoy, and the two of you can watch for fireworks popping off around you as midnight nears. Remember, being near your partner on this special night is supposed to bring you closer together, so you may want to bring along a warm blanket and a small picnic so you can stop and enjoy the scenery during the drive.
  5. Celebrate the New Year in a different time zone. Pick a time zone with your partner ahead of time (say, Paris) and celebrate Parisian New Year when their midnight happens, even if it is the middle of the day where you are! Serve themed food (for a Parisian New Year you may serve cheese and a nice wine, etc) and do things like watch a movie about that location or learn a few sentences in their native language to try on your lover. Spend this time together doing something out of the ordinary and you’ll make a New Year’s memory that will last forever.

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