Romantic Thanksgiving Ideas

If you’re looking to have a more romantic Thanksgiving this year, don’t fret. Here are five romantic Thanksgiving ideas to get your late November romance fires burning and not just the Pumkpin pie.

  1. Make dessert with your lover — After the food has settled and the family has returned to their homes, get back in the kitchen with your sweetheart and make a quick and easy dessert together. This not only takes some of the strain off the Thanksgiving meal (no dessert means no extra baking, hot ovens, or additional messy plates) but it gets the two of you alone after a hectic day of small talk and roll passing. The desserts I’ve linked to above are all labeled “quick” or “easy”, and many of them require only four or five ingredients. Make your dessert the sweetest part of your Thanksgiving meal by sharing it with your partner.
  2. Skip the family meal and eat together — Who says Thanksgiving has to be about a giant meal shared with relatives you barely know? This link — to — will help you easily find a restaurant in your area that will take a reservation for Thanksgiving (or around it) and do the cooking and cleanup for you. Plenty of restaurants serve Thanksgiving and Autumn-themed foods this time of year, and abandoning the hustle of family for a night out alone with your mate is a perfect romantic Turkey Day alternative.
  3. Take a horse ride in the country — You may not know it, but there’s probably a stable that can provide you and your lover a beautiful and romantic trail ride near where you live. Following the link above to find out if the possibility of taking a trail ride exists, and take your partner on a relaxing date through the autumn foliage on horseback. This would be a good stress reliever just before or just after the Thanksgiving meal, to get yourselves alone together and let the Thanksgiving drama fall by the wayside.
  4. Trip for two to Colonial Williamsburg — Skip out on the family business and take a romantic couples’ trip to Colonial Williamsburg. Visit the website above to find out about this remarkable vacation spot filled with beauty and history. Stay in a bed and breakfast together, enjoy the romantic nights alone, and during the day learn about the founding and early history of our country. Skipping out on Thanksgiving doesn’t have to mean staying at home and eating out at your local cafeteria.
  5. Have a “traditional Thanksgiving” with your family — Our modern version of Thanksgiving is nothing like early harvest celebrations of our forefathers. Why not try to celebrate your family’s Thanksgiving in an ultra traditional Thanksgiving? Eat boiled lobster and cornmeal pudding, Dutch cheeses, and hominy pudding. Visit the website above to find out some facts about “the real Thanksgiving” and push your family to learn more about our country’s past by reliving it. You and your partner will have fun cooking the strange recipes together, and spending time with one another is always romantic.

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